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Archive of Did you know? facts for 2010.

Week 48

  • ... that Erika Stillpond was unconscious while she was being converted to the status of Death Knight, making her technically a living one?
  • ... that Brandon Farrow's always looking for ways to prove himself in front of his peers but will not go out of his way to do it?
  • ... that Aerindae Woeflame is a soldier born into a family of soldiers?
  • ... that, having trained as an engineer, Dunkhaan has adapted to examine and solve problems very quickly?
  • ... that Krek'Thar succumbed to his Bloodfrenzy only once when he learned of his father's death?
  • ... that Lyssera Embermaw is a slightly sexist creature, mostly due to the matriarchal nature of the night elves?
  • ... that Kannock enjoys the company of others and likes to include them into her shenanigans?
  • ... that Borislav of Telaar has bred elekks that all come from the same family line since he was given his first one over five-thousand years ago?
  • ... that Borok Darkhoof spent much time with his father, learning how to become a Tauren Chieftain?
  • ... that Flan Gebur now refers to himself as "Grand Marshal Flan Gebur, Supreme Commander of the Alliance Volunteer Army"?

Week 41

11 October 2010 - 17 October 2010

  • ... that Mogen Chandos still retains his penchant thirst for obtaining as much knowledge and skill of the arcane as possible and now he has the power to do so with his new found immortality?
  • ... that Coriv Aseldor's parents were traveling merchants so he was always with them, around Azeroth?
  • ... that Leeva'fon can occasionally find herself in more trouble than she bargained for?
  • ... that Emelyn Arlayas learned the virtue of power from her mother?
  • ... that Johnathon "Mordus" Irus started studying the arcane at a very young age, though he was mediocre at best?
  • ... that Iscaro Laveas picked up on the way of life in Booty Bay and quickly learned how to survive there?
  • ... that Glonick Spingear has a burn-scar on his right forearm, gained during an explosion from dynamite whilst experimenting and trying to create some explosive inventions?
  • ... that Patrick "Pops" Gillford is a gruff, brusque, and often grumpy individual?
  • ... that Amorthios now speaks in a baritone growl though it almost sounds as though there is an eerie echo laid over it?
  • ... that Lady Bruhara D'Argent possesses A branding of the letter 'F' on her chest?

Week 40

4 October 2010 - 10 October 2010

  • ... that Cole Mallius was the oldest of two?
  • ... that, as a result of her insatiable curiosity, Andra has the unfortunate tendency to approach things without caution?
  • ... that Dael'ar Falor'melorn showed an affinity for the arcane arts and was recruited to Dalaran to study as a mage?
  • ... that, although old, Lord Dalathar Blackstone still trains daily in both fencing and modern fighting and his full armor consists of that which he wore during the Second War?
  • ... that Gideon Sundale always wears a pair of goggles, to cover his eyes, because he does not like being judged because of his tainted race?
  • ... that Ognor the Mountain grew up fiercely believing in the fundamentals of honor, loyalty, respect?
  • ... that as soon as Swyll Dawnsorrow was able to walk she was trouble?
  • ... that Wilhelm Grimsong will refuse to aid anyone unless he is guaranteed a reward?
  • ... that Hrumn Heavyheart was raised to respect the living and honor the dead, even his enemies?
  • ... that much of Aurii's running taught her that life is an ever changing climate – one cannot predict whether fortune will bring rain or shine?

Week 39

27 September 2010 - 3 October 2010

  • ... that Voran Brightsun sees the potential in the shadow, believing that as the light can be used for evil, the shadow can be used for good?
  • ... that Don Bronco's signature letter B being lassoed has been branded on Neptulon's right hind leg?
  • ... that Scorpion is Jabtok's companion through the thick and thin?
  • ... that, as a scout, Torrek wears his tabard almost constantly?
  • ... that Allister Veresse thrives on other people's negative emotions?
  • ... that Mojo looks like every other cockroach, except for a hole in his shelling between his two carapaces?
  • ... that Ranko Stargazer became a pacifist like his mother?
  • ... that Athalbaug H. Nobelring's brother despised him for being raised by Humans?
  • ... that Nardor Leafrunner is an elf who seems to always want to prove something to everyone?
  • ... that Lilah Summer Stroghthorn likes certain food, such as pickles, and anything coated with sugar?

Week 38

20 September 2010 - 26 September 2010

  • ... that Taiga Serynzheri is fussy about her hair and will put it in a bun or ponytail when there is any possibility of it getting tangled?
  • ... that Yvakara Lifebringer is currently attempting to adjust to normal clothes?
  • ... that Cuzba has a small amount of blue-ish fungus growing upon him?
  • ... that, when he became a teenager, Aqwas Springheart joined the hunting and quickly won his respect in the tribe with the good quantities of meat that he was providing?
  • ... that Remington Faalstein's insanity and denial causes him to mistake his corrupt evil powers for pure and good?
  • ... that, even though she believes there can be peace in the world, Shauria Kyna is somewhat easy to anger?
  • ... that Aroes Blackstone holds many bad memories of the horrible acts he committed on Draenor?
  • ... that Chione Jadeleaf holds little respect to those who stand before her unless they have proven to her that they're worth her respect?
  • ... that, during his childhood, Teranis Laristar hung out at the docks and occasionally bullied smaller children?
  • ... that Grohn Darkhide was born into the Darkhide tribe, which now has few survivors and are all scattered apart?

Week 37

13 September 2010 - 19 September 2010

  • ... that Baron Ja'Thraze is cunning, deceitful, and devotes his life to bettering the life of trolls in the name of the loa?
  • ... that Ylvandre Darksorrow favors dual moon glaives as weapons, along with an assortment of light weapons?
  • ... that Demitrius Breadsmith enjoys the company of women and is quite the lady's man?
  • ... that, having grown up amongst her much more outspoken siblings, Lynn Selgore tends to be just as outspoken as the rest of them?
  • ... that Bregar Mortair Cimitero takes enjoyment from thinking of ways to torture people?
  • ... that Jacar Gallagher died alone in his house?
  • ... that, while he enjoys fiddling and tinkering with mechanical doohikkies and whirrlybobs, Professor Bista Yutri's passion remains with studying life or what was left with it?
  • ... that Kordek Jawcracker was raised in an internment camp throughout the majority of his life?
  • ... that Richtnel Bloodwing cares nothing for others and views them as little more than experiments?
  • ... that Clover was the only survivor of her family to get out of Gnomeregan, thanks to her parents self-sacrifice?

Week 36

6 September 2010 - 12 September 2010

  • ... that, to feed his obsession, Cortek Gildheart must be clothed in the finest of shiny materials, in addition to a flowing cape?
  • ... that Scooter Skitter Spinkbolt is a traveling salesman and now sells gnomish made goods to travelers all around the world?
  • ... that Randian has a strong dislike towards small creepy things like spiders, mice, and serpents?
  • ... that Josietta Anderson's mother still works as a barmaid, though she isn't a very friendly barmaid?
  • ... that Harold "Rhett" Plaguerat's bottom jaw -- made from dodgy Goblin engineering -- will occasionally make a small squeek?
  • ... that Eve "Evie" Spite was brought up a very sheltered and misguided child; as such she forms attachments very easily, particularly to men?
  • ... that Leonid was born on Argus and lived there for close to 1,800 years?
  • ... that Zilex Sunburst's training made him an ideal candidate for the royal guard, but it was not enough and he was rejected?
  • ... that Dedry Sweetsprocket is currently working on several delicacies and actively advertising them in the Booty Bay and soon Dalaran area?
  • ... that, recently through her tutelage as a Kirin'Tor apprentice, Alexas Lynn Kalter has acquired a murloc?

Week 35

30 August 2010 - 5 September 2010

  • ... that Phineus Q. Cromwell is completely bald, both as a result of his hair-style at death and his close proximity to the many dangerous chemicals he now works with?
  • ... that, though Lazlo Luthos Forbory was taught to fight at a young age, he decided not to continue as he thought that it would bring more harm than good?
  • ... that Anelli Blackscrew tries to be a practical gnome?
  • ... that on the inside of Skrog Faceripper's left forearm is a laughing skull tattoo?
  • ... that Abraham Sandius Windawood has enchanted decks of magical cards?
  • ... that at a young age Duron Bloodaxe lived with the Warsong clan in the northern reaches of Draenor?
  • ... that Erodora Ebondawn often wears a black and teal dress, woven of saronite thread?
  • ... that Berach McCallan has an extremely violent disposition, and he cares little for it?
  • ... that Gavint White looks thin, pale, ill, and uncomfortable most of the time?
  • ... that Lyia Duskvenom enjoys the company of a pet snake, finding it both a useful source for venom, and a presence with which to spend time?

Week 34

23 August 2010 - 29 August 2010

  • ... that Yurbere Deadbeard gladly joined the army after his training but he always did have that nagging feeling that he was cut out for other, more technical things?
  • ... that Troth Earthwaif long ago gave up his mace in favor of something more easily concealed: a set of angular brass knuckles made from a pair of large nuts?
  • ... that, after deserting the army, Skolir Ymirsson devoted himself to transforming himself from soldier to scholar, as to ward off military officials?
  • ... that, as a squire, Felix II Thompson has seen death, and mayhem from a young age and soon came to terms with such events making him tough, and fearless?
  • ... that when the plague of undeath began to ravage Lorderon Anabeth Faith Jostilen and her mother slipped out of the city and went on their way to Stormwind?
  • ... that Leanna West learned to keep her mouth shut, respect her elders, or find yourself simply punished again?
  • ... that Sondai Bladetongue has a love for haggling - not because of it's affiliation with money, but just the thrill?
  • ... that Haim Turfold Fizzlemink felt empty working in such a place like the Blasted Lands and wanted to adventure?
  • ... that Okem Bloodsky stayed in Thunder Bluff for almost two years, before setting off to the newly built goblin town Ratchet that everyone had talked about?
  • ... that Agro Protis Avar wants nothing more than to be stronger than his own fears?

Week 33

16 August 2010 - 22 August 2010

  • ... that Sasslyn Bronzeton has a thing for elves, particularly their ears, and this can often get her in trouble for making inappropriate remarks?
  • ... that Clem Steambolt tries, without success, to calm his hair?
  • ... that Darren Merand tends to carry around all sorts of odd things, like pieces of flesh and bone?
  • ... that, after the death of her father, Aroshka Heartrender decided that she wanted to be a great warrior like the old orc?
  • ... that the flesh around Odetta Sarah Mosley's face has rotted so that patches of bone can be seen?
  • ... that Aesthor Sunlight was unable to become a paladin due to his ‘lack of abilty to handle and manipulate the light'?
  • ... that, by the time her people began to populate Draenor, Paleran was a skilled and agile mechanic?
  • ... that, due to his nomadic roots, Saif Nasir Ibn Al-Essa can usually also be seen wearing a turban or fez in honor of tradition?
  • ... that Duaevihaani began working on little experiments of her own, believing that she would someday work alongside her mother as an engineer?
  • ... that Ruegar Skyfury seeks to be able to die a happy bull like his parents did, and now travels the world to find this death?

Week 32

9 August 2010 - 15 August 2010

  • ... that Doctor Harlech Kierdale's body has several areas devoid of flesh due to his failed attempts to use maggots to clean his wounds?
  • ... that, as a child, Jonoth Shyemlye earned a reputation amongst the other children for bravery, mainly by his unwillingness to back down from dares?
  • ... that Thalion Dawnwither is terrified of failure?
  • ... that Iscovar Lucane now believes that some of Forsaken are still normal human beings under the layers of rotting flesh and bones?
  • ... that, to most, Serenwylde Seartalon is a brash, boisterous drunken brawler with a heavy accent?
  • ... that Teca of the Oshu'gun claims to be fluent in over a dozen languages -- only two of which can be currently found on Azeroth?
  • ... that Averius Bloodstrike wears a metal mask to conceal his horribly scarred face?
  • ... that Christene Etearna continues to write and paint as she did before she became a death knight?
  • ... that Julianah Graven often went without a meal, and even sleep, to help her and her father make a subsistence living?
  • ... that Reka Bladetongue seeks to garner more respect, more contacts, and do everything in her power to maintain her independence?

Week 31

2 August 2010 - 8 August 2010

  • ... that, after learning that practicing the Shadow arts was forbidden, Alastor Ravengale decided to find a master that would instruct him?
  • ... that Arlak Rotmoss is quite a tolerable fellow, despite of being nasty, glowing-eyed corpse thing?
  • ... that Wimrick Hagin Vaultspringer was motivated by the promise of adventure and achievement represented by his role model, Clopper Wizbang?
  • ... that Wegga Bloodnail's father taught her how to fight as she approached the adulthood where they were living in the wilds of Lordaeron?
  • ... that, despite having acquired vast knowledge during his studies, Gyran Andarian found that the world was much more complex than a few words could ever detail?
  • ... that Drez' Zi's master snapped off half of his left tusk and cursed it to where it wouldn't grow back?
  • ... that Daginae Besage met his future bride, a sin'dorei woman named Surantha, while serving in the Argent Dawn?
  • ... that Velina Ra'nesh always looks out for outside opinion, seeking the approval of others?
  • ... that Calandil Brightheart is weaker than most of the other blood knights, but he does not let this get in his way?
  • ... that Inuleki Aran'jael the thought of physical confrontation scares him and thus he is not much of a fighter?

Week 30

26 July 2010 - 1 August 2010

  • ... that , to Loknir II Copperpot, law, tradition and boundaries are good things; they make other's actions more predictable so that they can be bent to serve his own means?
  • ... that Barrett Crennal has taken up rifle and grenade, canister and cog in the name of the Banshee Queen?
  • ... that, to Caitlyn Shields, good and evil are irrelevant? The only thing that matters is her duty towards herself and others.
  • ... that, though Zoraan has begun to come to terms with his new home, he verbally dislikes it?
  • ... that Gremzi Scila doesn't care about other peoples feelings unless he needs to get something from them?
  • ... that Eliya Sunstriker survived the Third War through luck and not through skill?
  • ... that Belora Anar'Si read the books on the arcane that her father had purchased for her only after his death to the Scourge?
  • ... that Bori, Daughter of Goara was born beside her stillborn brother, whose soul her parents believed was contained in Bori?
  • ... that Evirine Orr is planning to leave Stormwind to embark on a quest for love and fulfill her dreams of being married to a strong and noble hero?
  • ... that, because he still considered himself a Knight of the Silver Hand, Callith Sundancer pledged himself to the Shattered Sun Offensive even though he never officially joined?

Week 29

19 July 2010 - 25 July 2010

  • ... that, when Calleda Dawnraven was born, her mother Ayania had passed away from the complications of childbirth?
  • ... that Asetrix Moonlight survived a satyr attack as a child because his mother hid him in some bushes?
  • ... that, underneath his armor, Alek Azdar often wears nicely tailored pants and can sometimes be seen wearing his favorite purple shirt?
  • ... that Kynra Cinderstrike drenches her hair in blood and lets it coagulate so that it doesn't impede her vision?
  • ... that Aimen Elmor had lived in Stormwind for only a couple of days before the orcs began their assault on the city's gates?
  • ... that Naphilia Travados will only wear gloves if she's in a fight?
  • ... that Versicherung Devosh died during the culling of Stratholme while at an expensive dinner with a date?
  • ... that, following in his Parents footsteps, Rivetti Cogscrew was well educated in the engineering discipline from a very early age?
  • ... that Castanica Dawnpetal uses a hair growth potion to help extend her hair?
  • ... that Sterben Steelcrest has warped his understanding of the world: he sees people as corpses already walking?

Week 28

12 July 2010 - 18 July 2010

  • ... that, at times, Ava Sinclair's eyes appear to have gray markings within them?
  • ... that August Möring numbed himself towards the loss of his wife, though he still can't look at the cliff overlooking an edge of the forest where he asked for her hand in marriage?
  • ... that Koben McScott and his friend Laytonregularly met after class to hang out and smoke the occasional Fadeleaf, which they paid for when they were caught?
  • ... that life for Surma Darklorn was fairly simple until the dawn of the Third War, which appealed to his nature as fighting for a good reason was a win-win situation?
  • ... that Alagos Shadesong was born with silver eyes and possesses absolutely no magical potential?
  • ... that while a very intelligent and well-mannered man, Antonio often acts stupid in order to obtain work?
  • ... that Krilari Dawnsend felt nothing after learning about his parents' death, neither sadness nor remorse?
  • ... that Vol'ajar's friendship must be earned, usually by not getting in his way?
  • ... that, through circumstances outside of her control, Lacumba of the Darkspear was forced to leave the Darkspear behind and find her own way in life?
  • ... that Lirshar, Daughter of Gor'lash Doombite, idolizes her older brother?

Week 27

5 July 2010 - 11 July 2010

  • ... that, while Ros'fon may deal drugs and kidnap innocents, he's generally a pretty nice guy?
  • ... that Tahlla was proud that she had risen to become apprentice physician of the draenei settlement of Sha'naar?
  • ... that the Ebon Inquisition began with the help of a certain priest telling Mordecai Anethian the best way to protect the innocent is not to be innocent yourself?
  • ... that, scornful of the ‘designer' armor sets bought by most heroes of Azeroth, Moriok Forepicker has set out to make her own fashion statement of sorts?
  • ... that when Niame Skyshatter attempted to enter the military force as a foot soldier she was vastly outperformed by her fellow trainees and quickly sought out a reassignment?
  • ... that Gor Skullsplitter received his father's axe on his twentieth birthday but was unable to lift it?
  • ... that Valous Marin Krieg would sooner fall on his sword then admit that he's wrong?
  • ... that, as a battle-hungry dwarven girl, Mabra Dragonbasher considered threats of being sent to join the army a reward rather than a punishment?
  • ... that Daria Prianne possesses a special fondness for a large diamond ring that she will openly display?
  • ... that Ktar Riel is a womanizer, a brute, a lowlife, a sadist and a narcissist, and for those who believe in the three virtues, a sinner?

Week 26

28 June 2010 - 4 July 2010

  • ... that Grenkard Forgan has trouble trusting the humans because in their heart there is always something they can be bribed or bought with?
  • ... that fel blood withdrawals leave Marianna Merion Bisen in a stifling, inhospitable state, physically weak and with a bleak, hostile mood?
  • ... that, as a child, Ye'ros was very close to her sister and that they used to talk to each other while all of the others were asleep?
  • ... that Margaret Octatine Nealy has the gift of occasional farsight, though in death her gift has weakened considerably?
  • ... that Abigail considers no other planet as home as much as she considers Draenor her home, despite having been born and raised in space?
  • ... that, even though he has never met or even seen the Banshee Queen, Kiyth Serkon stays incredibly loyal to her and would follow her decision without hesitation?
  • ... that Kiraia Arbormane is loose with her coin and with her words, willing to strike up some conversation with nearly anyone?
  • ... that I'Taeva and her sisters were lead to believe that they were very good possessions, not to be handed over to any meager troll?
  • ... that, after he learned much about Orc culture and history, Saaji began to doubt many of the ritualistic practices of his people, such as Voodoo and Cannibalism?
  • ... that Dakaz'fon has a distinct distaste of other men, often viewing them as competition and test subjects, nothing more?

Week 25

21 June 2010 - 27 June 2010

  • ... that Kadhras Felirien's most closely-guarded secret is the location of sack buried underground containing his father's armor from the Second War?
  • ... that Awak Brawnheart obtained the egg that hatched his current pet from a goblin trader?
  • ... that Nehja keeps a pair of goggles on her belt, though she rarely wears them?
  • ... that, as she discovered new fashions and even materials, Elina made her outfit more complex and vibrant?
  • ... that, with enough ale, Ah'Kahla could be anyone's best friend -- at least temporarily?
  • ... that Geezle Gisle Gearfizzle always smells of burnt hair, burnt leather, gun powder, and oil?
  • ... that Kawan “Duskhoof” Skychaser was trained by Pale Claw, an expert in the elemental aspect of the shaman ways?
  • ... that Falinor was imprisoned by bandits for six long years after trying to foil an attack on a stranger?
  • ... that Hellius Antilar Surla was raised believing that he and his family were blessed by the Holy Light and that he had a duty of upholding the values of the Church?
  • ... that rumors of the turmoil in the Emerald Dream intrigue Koagedo Rainstrider and that he often spends his time thinking of ways to heal it?

Week 24

14 June 2010 - 20 June 2010

  • ... that Adrias Ivan Bladewind has about one gold coin for each of his friends, so his coin purse is rather light?
  • ... that Moxie Crankbolt tends to get physically and verbally abrasive when things are not going her way?
  • ... that Durgnon Brightaxe has a cat who is almost always at his side, although he has the courtesy to leave her outside of most buildings?
  • ... that Patrikh Bo'Lekk does not get himself into unnecessary situations and always ends up standing firmly to a decision he makes?
  • ... that Zala'jin believes in clairvoyance, constantly looking at a crystal around her neck that she found in the jungle when she was living for the answers to guide her?
  • ... that, if she expects danger for herself, Arianna Dawnbreaker makes sure that there is something between her and harm?
  • ... that Desi Makarios is known to be rather ruthless when it comes to him fighting the undeath but seems to be rather unable to lose his mind to bloodlust?
  • ... that Hudson Quicksteel fought bravely against the hordes of undead and demons during the battle of Hyjal Summit?
  • ... that Flammos Rethor discarded his last name, claiming that ‘Wizard Rethor' died in the siege of Dalaran?
  • ... that Sorn Joseph Baronist chose the path of blood for the sole purpose of replacing the feeling of flowing blood within him?

Week 23

7 June 2010 - 13 June 2010

  • ... that, ever since he was a wee young lad, Lenedus Lightshot took an interest in firearms, mostly guns, which explains why he carries around a shotgun so often?
  • ... that many of his neighbors said that his pride would most likely be the death of him, especially when Arias Soelthar declared that he would be the mightiest paladin in all of Silvermoon?
  • ... that Alene van der Kolk exiled herself after the death of her father, but could never hate herself enough to commit suicide?
  • ... that Amartia either doesn't recall any of her life before undeath or doesn't speak of it whatsoever?
  • ... that Coote prefers to fix things and help around rather than fight on the front?
  • ... that Mundo was big even during his childhood, often towering over his fellow youths?
  • ... that, for lack of a better way of putting it, Dandel Kettleforge is a man without the beard?
  • ... that Mochla Stormcaller's father died a coward's death and the shaman's view of the world quickly darkened as her respect for her father died?
  • ... that Mather Firecog has always wanted to become a Techno mage?
  • ... that Johnathon "Rince" Irus currently resides in Booty Bay and recently there has been a surge in mysterious deaths there?

Week 22

31 May 2010 - 6 April 2010

  • ... that Teremun Dewglisten doesn't care about the greater good until he has an obvious reason to do so?
  • ... that, compared to her siblings, Arlyn Rylinnrae's childhood modeled in physical development and scholarship rather than schooling in the arcane arts?
  • ... that Tarkis Gearflink is a rather serious gnome who, quite honestly, prefers the company of a workshop full of machines to that offered by people?
  • ... that Tyraiel Raystream's entire left arm is tattooed with ruin symbols that join up together to form a sort of black, thorny shape that seems to be wrapped around his arm?
  • ... that Aurel Flamehawk and his entire family all lived in the Farstrider square of the city of Silvermoon as they were part of a Farstrider family?
  • ... that Dagrim Stormblade tends to follow the beliefs of the New Horde, despite her upbringing?
  • ... that, when not trying to fill his gullet with whatever sweet treats he can find, Drexl Hydrex often is holding a book?
  • ... that Dunthra, son of Murktharlog, was recruited by his father into the Bloodsworn Honorguard to fight against the Scourge in Northrend?
  • ... that Olraeyn Harrowcrag's head is slowly rotting away and it's a miracle his beard's still intact?
  • ... that since surviving the destruction of Stormwind City Elizsa Landry has spent her life tying to integrate herself with the Steamwheedle Cartel?

Week 21

24 May 2010 - 30 May 2010

  • ... that Moonglade has served the purpose of a sanctuary, a safe haven, and even a capital for the night elves for thousands of years?
  • ... that, having been born in an internment camp, Mowg Kodoskin used to believe that orcs were meant to simply lie around and do nothing?
  • ... that Kelan Stareyes saw his teacher practicing the fel arts, thereby prompting his own interest?
  • ... that Kronika Ironblood is very stubborn and relentlessly dedicated in the plans she makes?
  • ... that, prior to his death, Valingash was known as Valinor Jonacus?
  • ... that Tyra Whirlspindle was taken underwing by a mage to her parents' surprise despite appearing to be a little slow in the head?
  • ... that Karaad decided to do his best to help Azeroth become a place free of all the darkness he had witnessed in his life?
  • ... that Lyniev is not afraid to confront anyone about their dangerous wrongdoings?
  • ... that the birth of his daughter touched Telah, bringing a life into the world inspired him further in his charge as anchorite?
  • ... that Seizael Daosa's family had a strong tradition of fighting against evil with pride and honor for many years?

Week 20

17 May 2010 - 23 May 2010

  • ... that Yand McMannus is extremely organized, to the point where he might be consider anal?
  • ... that Syana Starwind her experiences away from home to date have made her believe in more conservative Kaldorei ideals more?
  • ... that the Azuremyst Isle is now home to the draenei who crashed on their vessel known as the Exodar?
  • ... that those who encounter Eraezel Xylia usually get offended by him?
  • ... that, a shattered stretch of coastline on Kalimdor's northeast, Azshara was once the greatest night elf metropolis?
  • ... that Elrath Darkham smells heavily of various herbs and spell components?
  • ... that early in his life Jetnissan Izanagi picked up the rogue profession?
  • ... that Skaar was born Zalodale II?
  • ... that Paota Blackaxe will often go out of her way to heal or otherwise help absolute strangers?
  • ... that when Kaitlyn Rachel Lowe was ten her mother passed away of illness?

Week 19

10 May 2010 - 16 May 2010

  • ... that, after the betrayal of the humans, Aanya Ambersong stayed with some of her elven brothers-in-arms in Dalaran?
  • ... that Tsara has a taste for adventure and an overwhelming sense of wanderlust?
  • ... that Maeglin Stormsong lost the sight in his left eye during the battle of Mount Hyjal?
  • ... that Durion Nightblade doesn't talk much in Common, most likely because he doesn't speak it very well?
  • ... that Kaya Snakestomper Brownmane is a simple, kind-hearted Tauren who possesses a passion for food?
  • ... that Magdah fell in love with technology after viewing its effectiveness on the battlefield?
  • ... that, after Arathi was secured for the Alliance, Matthew Kielan stayed in Stromgarde for a while to continue to study in the largely Paladin populated city?
  • ... that Lohuuron Darkmane's faithful companion is Moktai, an enormous black bear?
  • ... that the Alterac Mountains are the former homeland of the Kingdom of Alterac, one of the seven human kingdoms that were part of the Alliance of Lordaeron?
  • ... Lecretia is whole-heartedly idealistic about the destruction of Stormwind?

Week 18

3 May 2010 - 9 May 2010

  • ... that Shale Bridgewater attempted to be kind for the first few years of being a Forsaken, but finally cracked after experiencing the hatred shown towards his kind?
  • ... that Kenarith Stormshroud enjoys games, bets, and trickery?
  • ... that, since he broke from the Lich King's grasp, Malyonis has managed to return to his old self?
  • ... that Sylven Alah'ni lived in the wild as a beast for many years?
  • ... that Fala'thorei Duskrunner was a very shy child, tending to say only a few words a day -- even to his parents?
  • ... that Sylvandre Cloudtear is now a Sentinel in name only?
  • ... that Eklo'kai's father trained him in the art of hunting, survival and weaponry?
  • ... that radiation from the Exodar as well as the blood elves have caused widespread corruption on Bloodmyst Isle?
  • ... that Hajnal Guthhrafn was born Hajnal Oakfist but renamed herself after being freed from the Lich King's grasp?
  • ... that Thaim Wodanson was the last General of The Regiment before it was disbanded?

Week 17

26 April 2010 - 2 May 2010

  • ... that, if he's not doing something outrageous, exciting, or adventurous, Don Gray's thinking about the next opportunity to go out?
  • ... that Bellum Gerreo Valorbane was raised from the youngest age in the military under the Red Fist of his people?
  • ... that Mahneem, Katzar Swiftchant's childhood friend, died during the Scourge invasion of Quel'thalas?
  • ... that Zjiin likes to adorn himself in typical tribal attire, wearing brilliant hues on his kilt, tunic, and similar coverings?
  • ... that Tharilon Lightblade was often pushed around or ignored because he was the youngest of his siblings?
  • ... that Peroido R. Malvolo asked his cousin to bring him to the Coven, so he could be admitted?
  • ... that, as Sanguis Bloodphoenix grew older, he began to show interest in his fathers armor and weapons?
  • ... that Blythe Addison Montgomery's addiction to the Arcane would grow to the point that she went over the edge and began using fel magic?
  • ... that Khandora Rockbeard spent years brooding with her animal companion, Betsy, after the death of her husband?
  • ... that, while fairly normal looking, Edorann Whistlewood's nose has been broken several times and does have some odd bumps and scars near the bridge?

Week 16

19 April 2010 - 25 April 2010

  • ... that Goras James Ravencroft can be seen speaking with a young sin'dorei woman who also goes through life as a mercenary?
  • ... that, whether he wins or loses, Al'Zulak always congratulates his opponent after a fight?
  • ... that Rhoderic Lightbearer was shaped from a very young age to be a knight and that it is something of which he is very proud?
  • ... that, upon the death of his wife from disease, Gwydd Crazyhammer left their new home in Kalimdor amongst the mountains of Ashenvale?
  • ... that Taelos Feathersight is a Druid of the Talon?
  • ... that Korgen Bonedancer has a deep hatred for the human way of life, seeing them as too warmongering?
  • ... that Labriel Davan Angelot despises the Syndicate? In his own words, he feels that they "give the Kingdom of Alterac an even worse name!"
  • ... that Fillup Kilpatrik lost an eye when he slipped and fell onto his pitchfork?
  • ... that, despite being a night elf, Shanoa Revane resides in Booty Bay, tinkering away and creating small machines, and things to help benefit people and nature?
  • ... that Cryillia Kia spent some time in the Stormwind orphanage after her parents were killed by bandits?