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Player: Scout

Character Full Name: Ylvandre Darksorrow

Character In-Game Name: Ylvandre

Nickname(s): (none)

Association(s): The Sentinels, the Watchers

Race: Night Elf

Class: Warden

Skills and Abilities: In addition to abilities typical of a sentinel, Ylvandre possesses the following abilities.

She may throw a knife or other small blade and split it into many in mid-air.

She may perform a short-range teleport from one location to another that she can see.

She may imbue her weapon with her desire for vengeance and justice, causing additional damage and lingering pain.

She may, under dire circumstances, summon an avatar of her convictions and vengeance, a powerful creature of darkness that may summon lesser spirits of vengeance from the corpses of those nearby. She may not summon the avatar unless she provides a sacrifice of her own blood (drawing blood from her hand is sufficient), and unless she is truly in a mindset of rage and vengeance.

Age: 7,326

Sex: Female

Hair: Teal-green, cut short just above the shoulder.

Eyes: Silver and glowing.

Weight: 198 lb.

Height: 6' 10"

Usual Garments/Armor: Light, mostly unrestricting armor. She has elegant black tattoos all over her torso and arms.

Other: She possesses the characteristic moon sword and cloak of knives.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Ylvandre is a pragmatic woman. She is respectful to those she knows, and adheres to her own moral code and the laws of whatever place she may happen to be. She can seem distant and aloof at times, often preferring to observe instead of directly interacting with others, particularly with races that are not night elves. However, she does not look down upon the younger races; rather, she believes them to be interesting and unlike anyone she has ever interacted with before, which she finds curious. She tends to impose the laws of her homeland upon any other night elves she comes across.


Ylvandre was born immediately after the beginning of the Long Vigil, whereupon her father entered the Emerald Dream. Never knowing of who her father was outside of a name and descriptions from her mother, she was brought up the only child of her household. Her mother was inducted into the newly formed Sentinels when Ylvandre was very young.

She was brought up in an environment of near solitude and sullen atmosphere, with her mother still affected deeply by her separation from her lover. Ylvandre understood in a vague, childish sense what was affecting her mother. She often collected flowers and other small, pretty things and brought them to her in an effort to cheer her up.

As Ylvandre matured, her mother also improved in health. They often both trained with weapons together, and Ylvandre knew that she wanted to be a sentinel, much to her mother's pride. Ylvandre started on her true training upon reaching adulthood, and she was separated from her mother.

Becoming a sentinel gave Ylvandre a new respect for the position, and she delighted in even menial tasks such as guarding barrow dens. She felt herself more than fit for the task, young and self-confident as she was.

While Ylvandre was guarding one of the barrow dens, the druid within awoke unexpectedly. Being a minor den, Ylvandre was the only sentinel attending to the druids, so she immediately rushed to the druid's side as soon as she realized he was awake. The druid was unharmed, and told her that his name was Narilden. Ylvandre quickly ushered him out of the barrow den, insisting that he should see a healer and that they needed to find out how to return him to the dream.

Ylvandre continued to serve as Narilden's guard while the sentinels investigated the barrow den and other possible causes of his rude awakening. While she did so, she slowly fell in love with him; a sensation she had not experienced in her life before. Initially shy, she attempted to hide her affections for him, for fear that she would offend him. As she overcame her lack of confidence, she spent more time with him over the following months.

Narilden found it enjoyable to walk in the forests of Ashenvale while he still could, and Ylvandre was required to accompany him. On one of these walks, Ylvandre aspired to tell Narilden of her growing love for him. It was more difficult than she anticipated, and she found herself unable to find a moment where she could vocalize her thoughts effectively.

Before she could assert herself, the two of them were attacked by a band of marauding satyrs. She was forced to defend herself and Narilden from them, but she was taken by surprise and was off guard. Despite her best efforts, Narilden was slain by the satyrs. She took his body and ran back to the settlement.

Ylvandre was crushed and distraught. Not only was the man she had loved now dead, she had also failed in her duty as a sentinel to protect him. She returned his body to the barrow den and took leave of the Sentinels for some time.

In solitude, Ylvandre managed to get a hold on her emotions, and eventually she calmed down. During this time, she wandered through many places in Kalimdor. Upon returning to Ashenvale, she had her torso and upper arms covered in black tattoos, as a sort of symbol to herself representing how she had failed in her duties, and reminding herself of what would happen if she failed again.

Ylvandre returned to the Sentinels as a changed woman. She changed her combat style, favoring lighter weapons that were easily manipulated, and valuing greater speed and dexterity. While certainly more poignant than before, Ylvandre had overcome the bout of depression that overtook her in the aftermath of Narilden's death, and she returned to duty similar to that of a normal sentinel's.

Not long after Ylvandre's return, a warden by the name of Anevsa Whispersong took note of Ylvandre, and took her on as a student of the Warden's arts. Ylvandre proved a diligent, if somewhat restless student, still troubled by the relatively recent death of Narilden. Regardless, she grew to become a warden after fruitful years of study.

Ylvandre commanded a small task force of Sentinels during the Third War, assisting throughout the conflict and finally at Mount Hyjal. She has continued to serve the Sentinels and the Watchers since then.