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Neutral Odetta Mosle
Title <Apothecary>
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Class Mage
Age 30
Height 6'0"
Weight 110 lbs.
Eyes Ghostlights glow in slightly large sockets.
Hair Shaggy purple-black.
Affilliation(s) Horde, Forsaken, Royal Apothecary Society
Occupation Apothecary, Herbalist
Relative(s) Deceased
Mentor(s) Petra Dolance
Student(s) None
Companion(s) Cristovao, Maeia, Flora
Status Undead


Player: c0rzilla

Character Full Name: Odetta Sarah Mosle

Character In-Game Name: Odetta

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Forsaken, Horde, RAS. All fairly loose.

Race: Forsaken

Class: Alchemist

Skills and Abilities: Odetta is a skilled alchemist, first and foremost. Dilligent research has sharpened her healing and damage abilities with concoctions, vials, and needles. Second, she is a mage, more inclined towards arcane evocation than ice or fire. She'd much rather blink away from a fight than freeze or burn anything. She's a fair shooter with her alchemy needle gun and wand.

Age: 30

Sex: Female

Hair: Dirty matted purple-black, to her shoulders

Eyes: Glowing yellow

Weight: 102lbs

Height: 6'0"


She wears the dark robes typical of the Royal Apothecary Society, the cloth cut in a very sharp and angular manner. They hang upon her, about a size too big. Goggles sometimes cover her ghostlights for protection in her work--fumes seeping into the two large holes in her face wouldn't be good. Her satchel or rucksack contains a travelers alchemy set; scratched and beaten glass and bronze. Carries a very simple staff. More of a walking stick for traveling than any weapon, though it serves to channel magic through in limited amounts. The tool for that is her wand, a standard mark of rank gifted by the Apothecary Society.

As for her physical build, she stands at a lanky six feet, what's left of her body thin and angular. Her posture is mostly straight, though sometimes she leans upon her long staff, sharp shoulders jutting forward. Her face, still mostly whole, retains its equally sharp lines. Not harsh, or cruel looking, though they do invoke the image of a raven with her longish nose.

Other: Has some rotted holes on her face, though thankfully no flaps of skin have fallen off as yet.


Quiet and reserved, distant from her fellow RAS members. She holds more to the belief of the Echo of Life than the Forgotten Shadow. While she, being a practical mage, accepts she is dead and no longer human, she does not believe that cannot change. The Forsaken still possess drives, and strong emotions. There must be something to salvage, something left. As far as the Light goes, she never held it in great reverence. A needed part of the world, but she doesn't want to see the world a temple for it. Or the Shadow, for that matter.

Having moved from place to place for much of her life, she possesses no strong loyalty to a nation or faction. More deeply, she is frightened of staying in one place too long. Experience teaching her that such might mean death. While committed to her research and goal of finding a cure for undeath, committment to people and places is harder to get out of her.


Odetta was born and raised on a farm in Lordaeron's breadbasket, Hillsbrad. Life was simple. Through smart and lucky trading, her father was able to accumulate enough coin to support the family with modest comfort. Like so many other families, hers fled to Tirisfal when the Horde overran much of the conintent during the Second War. Mostly, their refuge was spent in the land surrounding Capital City, until the Horde marched to its walls. Again they fled, holding out during the siege in the Cathedral. The frightening times were eased by the spark of friendship made with a child of similar age named DiSilvio.

Her family chose to remain in the north, not quite trusting the news that Hillsbrad was safe after a year or two. Odetta took to studying the arcane when she grew into her teens. Finding a skill and interest in concoctions beyond simple kitchen 'magic', she found her way to Dalaran. Not able to afford living in the spired city itself, she found a comfortable rented residence in the outlying settlement. Odetta studied in the magocracy for the next few years, keeping in touch with her family and the DiSilvios back home through letters and a few visits. The rent was paid with odd jobs befitting a young woman; waitressing here, house work for a more well-to-do mage in Dalaran proper there.

Things refused to remain settled. A while passed, resulting in the orcs freeing themselves from the Alliance's camps. Fearing another war, she returned to Lordaeron with her family. The City held out through the Second, why not this one, so certain to occur? She ended up somewhat correct--another war did occur, and she was somewhat right to flee Dalaran. Though, the undead and demonic forces that brought its fall would soon bring Lordaeron's. She did not escape it.

It wasn't long until a mass number of the citizens, including her, were raised and controlled like macabre puppets. Odetta was one of the lucky ones in that her days as a cannibalizing undead were a blur, perhaps due to a self-defense mechanism in her mind, perhaps due to her use of magic. Either way, she does not remember much besides an occasional swift flash-back to muddled chaos.

Then...freedom. A new chance at "life". Lost, and naturally somewhat shy she went with the new group of undead calling themselves the Forsaken. Her mage and alchemy skills were utilized in a few battles. She was no proud warrior, never had been but the skills of a mage were rare enough. Once Capital City had been taken and dubbed the Forsaken's Undercity she spent the next few years researching magic in her new home.

She quickly found a niche in the Royal Apothecary Society. Only a niche, as she was not inclined to participate in much (if any) research on living subjects that still screamed for their loved ones and mercy. Developing new diseases and new ways to melt things were not for her. Strangely enough, she drifted more towards the Tauren and their insistance that a cure for undeath could be found. A reasoning behind giving the Forsaken a chance. Though she traveled rarely to Thunder Bluff, she worked dilligently in the bowels of the Undercity in this branch of alchemy, not wholly aware the entire project was a cover for the Society's truer, darker aims.

The next few wars had little interest for her. It wasn't until the war against the Lich King that her skills had any true use or large testing grounds. There was not much success, her time spent with the Horde branches of the Earthen Ring or the Cenarion Circle in Northrend's wilds. The quake that was the betrayal at the Wrathgate along with the re-capturing of the Undercity hit the RAS hard, her included. For a while, no one was sure who to trust, though the iron grip of "patriotism" to the Forsaken cause seemed to clench even harder at the same time.

She has distanced herself even further since. There seems to be less and less room for a "cure", especially when her old home of Hillsbrad is currently marched upon.

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