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Player: medusa333

Character Full Name: Sylven Alah'ni

Character In-Game Name: Sylven

Nickname(s): Syl

Association(s): Druids of the Fang, Cenarion Circle

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid

Age: 9973

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark Blue

Eyes: Silver

Weight: 170

Height: 6'9"


Usual Garments/Armor: Sylven often wears green, yellow or purple armor, honoring the Druids of the Fang

Other: She often carries a staff at her side to aid in her walking. Her only constant companion is a small black snake.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Sylven shows profound determination to focus on the task that may be at hand, often obsessing over the task until it is complete. She is reclusive and her relations with others are often tenuous and incredibly strained as she does not understand most. There is a certain disconnect between her and others, this is partially due to all of her time in the wild as well as the numbed emotions she has gained throughout all her years of life. Her passive attitude towards those who may harm her is viewed as naivety by some but is really only a display of apathy at its most extreme. She sits back and watches the younger races, convinced that they will bring about their demise. She even looks at the younger members of her own race in this manner, though she is not one to preach these beliefs. She would rather observe them and try to aid them when it is nearly too late.


Sylven was born in the wilderness of Ashenvale forest. She studied the arts of alchemy and herbalism under the instruction of her mother, a well respected priestess. Sylven was often given the simple task of bringing potions to small towns and outposts throughout the forest and even the city of Astraanar. Eventually Sylven left for Moonglade, her original intent to further pursue the path of alchemy and herbalism.

When she arrived in Moonglade, however, she was entranced by the magic of the Druids. She was only a few hundred years old at the time, considered barely an adult by her own race, but she found a patient teacher who admired her perseverance. The Druid spoke to Sylven of his mate's illness, one caused by the corruption of fel energies near Ashenvale. She had fallen ill and was often delusional. Sylven explained her mother's profession to the Druid and offered help in exchange for training. He agreed. Slowly yet surely Sylven learned the magic of nature. Soon her teacher spoke to her of the ancient pact between Ysera and the Druid Malfurion and of the Emerald Dream. He gave her the option to enter the Dream and continue her training, or remain satiated with her current abilities. She chose the Dream and fell deep into her slumber in the Barrow Dens.

After many years of peace in the Dream, Sylven was jolted from her slumber. Her mind had turned feral along with her form. Even with the aid of the Horn of Cenarius she struggled to pull her thoughts to other things beside the whirls of scent and information hanging in the air. She followed the other Druids into battle against the Orcs, quickly adapting to use her feral instincts to her advantage. The Orcs had invaded Ashenvale under the command of Grom Hellscream to collect lumber to build their capital. Sylven was both repulsed and horrified, seeing this as a defiling of her homelands.

Sylven was badly wounded by the blow of an Orc's mace to one of her hind legs and was hauled back by one of the sentinels, although she insisted she was capable of fighting. Drinking a potion to ease the pain, Sylven wandered into the plains of the nearby Barrens. After hours of wandering, the lands seemed to reel from her and she collapsed to the ground, her vision quickly fading from blood loss.

Sylven awoke in one of the small enclaves of the Wailing Caverns, tended to by Night Elf and Tauren alike. They were members of the Druids of the Fang and explained to her their mission to restore the Barrens. Sylven, finally realizing that she could not return to fight in her current state, pledged her services to aid them. The Druids were pleased as they had not received a new member in quite some time and most of them were off in battle. The Druids exchanged magic, each teaching the other.

At the end of the Third War, Sylven was devastated. Cenarius had fallen and she, along with the rest of the Elves, had lost immortality. Her words grew fewer and she became more engrossed in her work.

Later, when Naralex explained how he planned to channel the energies of the Dream through the Caverns to heal the damaged lands, Sylven was hopeful for his success. But the Druid Naralex became entrapped in the nightmare and many of the Druids close to him became corrupted.

Sylven left the Caverns, living in the wild as a beast for many years. She attempts to restore balance to the best of her abilities, though past events have been disheartening.