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Player: Amerason

Character Full Name: Gwydd Crazyhammer

Character In-Game Name: Gwydd

Nickname(s): Gwyddy-Boy

Association(s): Kingdom of Ironforge, Dragonfist Clan, Aerie Peak

Race: Wildhammer Dwarf

Class: Mountain King

Age: 46

Sex: Male

Hair Color: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 225lbs

Height: 4'8"

Alignment: Neutral


Gwydd wears an assortment of leathers and cloth; under true threat or battle, he will wear mail armor. The majority of the time he can be seen wearing kilts and hand skinned, presumed to be bear or even those of feathered features.

Other: Gwydd has a number of woad paint tattoos, and a braided mustache. His skin, as a result to constant exposure to nature, is well-tanned. He appears a bit more lean than an Ironforge Dwarf would.


Gwydd is a strong believer in the shamanistic values of the Wildhammer dwarves. He highly shuns the use of complex technology favored by his cousins, preferring for himself the more simplistic and natural things the world has to offer. For him, valor and glory in combat is amongst one of the highest of virtues as is loyalty and honor to a friend. It is difficult for Gwydd to accept anything that is magical or highly advanced to be anything but fabricated lies or evil things in disguise.

Many of his views are synonymous with the Wildhammers in that he shuns materialistic values, favoring a more transcendentalist view on the world. He prefers a hard dark ale over a light ale any day. And often times, when drinking, he is prone to spurts of illogical anger induced by intoxication. Gwydd highly frowns on interracial breeding just shy of calling it an abomination, especially that of elves and humans. With that said, he holds the Horde as dire enemies; save for the Tauren who he views to be much like the Wildhammer as they both worship the Earth Mother. Gwydd takes much insult to anyone insulting his... dress code... AKA, him wearing a kilt.


Gwydd was born amongst the mountains of Aerie Peak high in the Hinterlands to the Wildhammer clan. His father was a gryphon rider, his mother a clanswoman, it was no wonder that his head was filled with stories of bravery and valor in combat, as well as only respect for the nature of the natural world. As is custom in the Wildhammer clan, he would celebrate the day of his birth with all other children of the clan who were birthed on the same year. As such, he came to grow close to the children of his year, forming many friendships with a good number of other children.

The time would soon come that Gwydd would choose for himself his path, as all Wildhammer have done before him. His father had urged him to choose a gryphon, for it was the path that was looked upon with most honor and honor was amongst the most important quality, especially to the Gwydd's father. At the age of ten he was given his choice; he approached the new clutch of young gryphons in the aviary with a few other children of his birth year. The moment he laid eyes on them, he knew that this is what he wanted, he pictured himself flying sky high over the forests of the Hinterlands with his kin and his gryphon. After finding a moderate sized gryphon from the clutch and being accepted by it, he gave it the name Cwymer.

For years he trained and helped develop the skills of himself as well as Cwymer. During this time he learned how to fight as well as receiving the ceremonial tattoos of a gryphon rider, marking him as a warrior in the Wildhammer clan. He learned to hunt and skin a beast with his friends in the wilds; how to properly honor and mourn the dead during the celebration of mourning that occurred once a year. On rare occasions he would find himself venturing off to the Quel'Danil Lodge to learn or trade with the High Elves that lived there. It was also in this time that he had his first kill, a small group of Forest Trolls ambushed Gwydd and four of his friends, after killing two of the trolls, they retreated; one of his friends, Briam, later died from infection as a result of a nasty wound he received, it struck Gwydd hard and showed him that life was not carefree.

The Second War was rolling in quickly at this point, Gwydd was only twenty-eight and was still considered one of the youth. Neither he, nor his gryphon were of age to go to war. Gwydd watched helplessly as the mighty gryphon riders of Aerie Peak and the thanes went to war against the Orcish Horde. News of great victories and defeats came back, particularly one of his father's death. Gwydd was shaken by it, but he knew that his father had died a true warrior's death in combat. As the war came to a halt, Gwydd's resolve to follow in his father's footsteps grew.

After much relative peace and reconstruction, save for the occasional troll raids, Gwydd had grown close to a childhood friend of his, Brenda. She was a clanswomen as his mother was, and he had an infatuation with her. They were both too young to marry, and as such simply kept a relationship with one another until the time was right. Around this time news of the plague in Lordaeron was coming in through traders and scouts. The Third War was on their doorstep. When the need for thanes came, Gwydd answered the call, he received his stormhammer crafted in the aviary and strapped his father's claymore to his back, he was a warrior now. When the call for allies came, Gwydd mounted Cwymer and left with fellow gryphon riders for war. Where his father fought the vile orcs, he fought the living dead. When news of Jaina came that she was evacuating Lordaeron and Kul'Tiras reached Gwydd's ears, he returned home to Brenda and vowed to take her with him, she accepted and together they left with a number of other Wildhammer dwarves to Kalimdor on the exodus.

Gwydd would marry Brenda when the time for marriage by tradition, this so happened be upon arrival on Kalimdor. He was personally pleased to see that the orcs were arriving in Kalimdor; it would give him the chance for personal vengeance for the death of his father. However, chance would have it that he would not have the luxury of keeping up with this mentality as a new threat was coming, the Legion. When contact with the elves was made and they were forced to fight alongside them; Gwydd found them as very closely related to the Wildhammer in terms of their apparent respect for nature. He fought on Hyjal and will never forget the amount of blood that was shed those days, he saw many good men and women die, even altering his view on the Horde to some degree.

Seven years later and Gwydd would leave their new home in Kalimdor amongst the mountains of Ashenvale upon the death of his wife from disease. Should the need arise he would return and fight for the small Wildhammer numbers, or for Theramore and the Alliance. As of now, though, he wanders in exploration and adventure, learning from the land and its people.