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Player: Terant

Character full name: Syana Starwind

Character in-game name: Syana

Nickname(s): (None)

Association(s): Darnassus, Alliance

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Huntress

Age: 318

Sex: Female.

Hair: Dark blue, short.

Eyes: Glowing Silver.

Weight: 212

Height: 6' 6"


Usual garments/armor: A mix of leather and mail armor, or light clothing for nonviolent situations. She always carries at least a dagger on her, just in case.

Other: Syana, like any Sentinel, knows how to fight well with a bow. She is also well-trained in combat with shortswords and daggers. She will use them against anyone she finds threatening to herself or her homeland, regardless of race (this does not mean she doesn't find certain races more threatening, however).


Syana is currently conflicted in her cultural views. Part of her wants to embrace new ideas from the younger races and give up her people's old fears and hatreds, but part of her wants to remain traditional and distrustful of the world outside Kaldorei forests. Most of her experiences away from home to date have made her believe in more conservative Kaldorei ideals more.

As far as races go, Syana is certainly not without her prejudices. As far as Horde races go, she hates all of them except the Tauren. She feels the Tauren have betrayed the long-standing trust between their two peoples by allying themselves with such awful and destructive creatures. On the Alliance side, Syana greatly respects Draenei, but she fears and distrusts the ways of the Eastern races. This behavior generally comes out less violently than her hatred for the Horde, as Syana is aware of the repercussions for killing a member of the Alliance.

Toward her own, Syana's attitude differs depending on the "Type" of Kaldorei. To those who spend their time in Ratchet or Stormwind and have adopted modern views, Syana comes off as shy, and a bit apprehensive. Toward conservative Kaldorei who hold on to traditional values, she may seem much more trusting and outgoing.


Syana Starwind was born into a world of peace and serenity in the ancient forests of northern Kalimdor to a young sentinel and an apprentice druid. The druid- Syana's father- completed his training and went to join the other sleeping druids in the Emerald Dream when his daughter was just a baby, and the sentinel- Syana's mother- simply accepted this and went on with her life, as all female Kaldorei had to.

As there were not many threats to their homeland, Syana's mother was able to stay home with her daughter often, but they did move from place to place a lot. Because of the nearly constant travel, Syana learned to navigate and survive in the woods fairly early in her life.

This idyllic life lasted for a long time. Soon enough, Syana came of the age to start training to follow in her mother's footsteps and guard Kalimdor against any potential threats, not that any had come anywhere near for thousands of years. In fact, no strife came until Syana was just coming into adulthood in Kaldorei society, when the Third War started.

Syana's mother, still considered young by many as a Kaldorei of between one and two thousand years, was one of the first called upon to defend against the returned threat of the Burning Legion and its new undead minions. She was also one of the first to fall. This first taste of hardship and tragedy truly shocked and devastated the young Syana. The only home she had ever known was traveling with her mother, so the only thing she could do now was fight and die, or run away.

Her youth and inexperience did not make Syana too brash, fortunately, and she chose the safer option. Hiding deep in the woods allowed the Night Elf to focus on training while the Third War was raging to the south. Syana barely gave a thought to the fact that her father may have been woken from the Emerald Dream to help fight the demonic incursion, and she continued to hone her fighting abilities with such single-minded focus that by the time the Third War was over, Syana was actually quite skilled with a combination of a sword and a dagger, and with her bow.

In the aftermath of the war, Syana finally decided to join the Kaldorei forces in cleaning up their homeland by eliminating the filth the demonic armies had left in their retreat from Kalimdor. The Orcs, who had apparently fought with the Kaldorei during the war, were starting to cause problems as well with their gratuitous reaping of the lumber near the borders of her ancient homeland. Syana understood the necessity of fighting alongside such creatures, but she felt that the Kaldorei who made that decision must be regretting it. The devastating death of the demi-god Cenarius, who had taught and protected the Kaldorei for millenia, only affirmed this belief.

Syana remained in the forests of Ashenvale for several more years, until she was encouraged to expand her boundaries by some of her old friends, and travel to the port city of Ratchet: a main hub of social activity on Azeroth. After some extensive lessons in speaking and writing Common well enough to get by in the outside world, Syana decided it couldn't hurt to give these new ideas a try. She was wrong.

There are many in a city like Ratchet who find it profitable to exploit inexperienced and naïve Night Elves, and Syana discovered this very quickly as it is not exactly easy to spend time in Ratchet without having any gold. The Kaldorei took the first job she could find, but her employer, a human male, seemed to think that instead of paying his employees, they owed him some sort of debt. A very large debt that could only be repaid by years of slave labor.

Through the shady, underground world of Ratchet drama was an offer of a large sum of gold for the quiet killing of- what luck!- Syana's employer. After luring him out of the city boundaries, Syana quickly disposed of the Human and returned with the grisly proof to collect her reward. This soon led to several other mercenary jobs. After all, the people Syana was hired to find or get rid of were all distasteful people who she probably would have killed for no reward, had they been in her homeland.

Soon enough, Syana had gathered enough funds for a trip to the wondrous city of Stormwind, but she never did go. There was one more job to accomplish; a job which she had practically been forced into taking. Syana was to go to an island and guard prisoners while making sure the other guards did their jobs as well. When Syana discovered that many of the prisoners were Kaldorei like herself, she realized the pure wrongness of the path she had taken. The young mercenary Kaldorei started to work against her orders to try to free the prisoners, but she was wounded in a fight, caught, and sent in with the prisoners for the next few days, until their miraculous escape.

Syana decided she'd had enough of the Ratchet lifestyle, and returned to Ashenvale as soon as possible. She is now unsure of what to believe, and who to trust, because even fellow Kaldorei could be evil mercenaries, murderers, and torturers like those on that horrible island. While the experience made Syana less trusting, it also made her more open to other races, as many of the prisoners with her had acted with goodness and honor, even Sin'dorei! Currently, Syana's life is a mess of confusion, but she has dedicated herself to protecting her ancestral home from the many threats it faces.