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Player: Pawoverlord

Character Full Name: Cryillia Kia

Character In-Game Name: Cryillia

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Hair: Black, curly and rather long, it extends down to her shoulders.

Eyes: Her eyes are a rather brownish tint.

Weight: About 150 lbs.

Height: Around 6

Alignment: Lawful Good


When she is not in battle gear, she is often found with a rather purplish robe. When she is in her battle gear, she at the current moment has a mix of some mail and some plate.


Cryillia is a rather witty, but can be dumbfounded at many times. Despite her shyness, she can be quite the chatterbox. Also, when it comes to her friends she is never one to let them down, often times willing to take blows for comrades. She is a very trusting person and even though she happens to trust some people to much, she somehow manages to understand if the person is trying to harm her, or use her for a wrong deed.

When she is alone, she enjoys the sound of rainfall that tends to soothe her mind and spirit, and at any chance she can get, she tries to at least visit Ashenvale where she can show her true personality. Alone, she is quite open and often speaks to herself to the open wild, knowing that the world listens to her sorrows.

Amongst others though she still happens to be very gentle and kind, even when times come when she is depressed she attempts to always remain happy and caring toward her peers. Some things that have been annoying to her, are when people start unnecessary fights or start racist comments toward her race. She has a strong belief in the light, so she has a natural fear of warlocks and hopes that she may not need to help a warlock at any time. She does not have much of a problem with the horde, but is not afraid to attack one of them if need be.


Cryillia lead a very lonely life with her mother and father in an old farmhouse in Westfall. As a child she would wander near the waters of Crystal Lake when she and her father went to Goldshire to sell their harvest. Not many of the children ever talked to her, because she would not speak to anyone but her mother. On the farm, she would tend to the hens most the time, and help her mother with cooking, this is also where she learned some interesting recipes for some of the simplest foods.

Throughout her early life she has only been to Stormwind few times, only with her father. When she was ten, she began learning to become a Paladin, starting off by watching young squires train, but then later to become a squire. By time she was twelve, she was running down to Sentinel Hill by herself, although it was increasingly dangerous due to the bandit population. One day, her mother asked Cryillia if she could run down to the town and pick up a mixing bowl to replace the one that had cracked from use, and some spices that they were running low on. As soon as she was out of sight, bandits had broken in destroying everything in their way. Her father wasn't one to give up the farm, and pulled out a gun he had been hiding from the family, successfully killing off three bandits before getting killed. Upon returning, Cryillia was shocked to see blood in the doorway, and could only scream at the sight of her father laying against the wall with a short sword sticking out of his chest. She panic stricken searched the house for her mother, but her mother was no where to be seen, all that was left was an amulet locket thing, that was in a crescent moon shape that had her mother and fathers picture in it.

From there she had to be put within the orphanage in Stormwind, and during the next eight years, she has slowly became a young paladin of the light. She also has started to dream of becoming the best weaponsmith in Azeroth, for she could one day supply the people who learned to fear the bandits weapons that could easily fend off them.