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Player: Cowssaymoo.

Character Full Name: Labriel Davan Angelot.

Character In-Game Name: Labriel.

Nickname(s): Lab, Briel, etc?

Association(s): Alliance.

Race: Human.

Class: Rogue.

Age: 30.

Sex: Male.

Hair: Ponytail style.

Eyes: Dull Green.

Weight: 156 Lbs.

Height: 6'0.


Often wears a set of thick fancy embroidered blue and brown Leather, also wears ear-rings.

Other: Often his clothing has the Alliance Lion on it...


Labriel is a man who thrives on respect and power, so often he'd try to rise up in position whenever he could, even at the cost of others. However this can also lead to acts of kindness to give himself a good name.

Labriel despises the Syndicate, Which in his words "Give the Kingdom of Alterac an even worse name!" He often also longs to be back in Alterac and would jump at a chance to try and restore it.

Labriel holds a certain fear toward Mages and often distrusts them, if he had the power, he'd try to keep Mages under the control of normal people...

Afraid that people would scorn him for being of Alterac, Labriel often acts quite... patriotic, either by his wear, actions, or words.

A drinker and smoker Labriel distrusts people who don't have vices, or go to extremes to avoid physical pleasure/whatever [like fasting Priests, etc.]


Labriel was born to a Former-Wench and a somewhat well-off General Stores owner in the Kingdom of Alterac, he had a relatively fine childhood, he was somewhat spoiled however, and that gave him trouble in the future...

When Labriel was five, the second war begun, while he knew almost nothing about Orcs due to the fact that Alterac gave them safe passage, he gained a large unquenchable hate for the men of Arathi when they came and ruined his homeland. While nowadays he understands. Shortly after Labriel heard of beings called Orcs and how they'd help those of Alterac, vowing to help them... well, to help Alterac and help them with whatever they wish, he hunted down a former Merc and convinced his parents to fund lessons on how to fight for him.

When news of the end of the second war spread around, and it was declared these "Orcs" lost, Labriel was crushed, while at first he was depressed and thought that hope for Alterac disappeared, he decided that ally or no ally, he'd fight in the future for his kingdom, and continued his training.

Two years later, Labriel was getting adept at fighting, at least in a one versus one duel, he heard about a group named the Syndicate that was led by the former lord of Alterac, while not sure of it's purpose, Labriel guessed that it was to fight for Alterac, and started to dream of joining it, however his parents decided to move from ruined Alterac and go to rebuilding Stormwind.

Labriel grew comfortable in Stormwind, however a year after they arrived, his father died out of a fever, his mother started to work and Labriel started to feel the pain of those not very well off... he started to pickpocket and scam people for money to fund his tutoring, sometimes he got in trouble often he got away clean.

As he grew older Labriel started to read history and learned of what his homeland had done, finally understanding, Labriel let go of his grudge against those of the Highlands, atleast mostly... Years later when refuge's from Lordaeron poured in, Labriel did his best to help them, feeling a kinship to them since both had their land ruined, he continued pickpocketing and scamming, along with reading history and training in combat along with helping refuges, with all this he grew exhausted at the end of each day, and often slept if he wasn't doing any of those things.

Two years later he finally stopped the Combat lessons and started to write letters to weak nobles, attempting to convince them to suggest returning Alterac back into a proper kingdom again, alas to no avail each time, his mother also grew old and sick and Labriel started to work a job as a Sailor, doing what he used to do whenever he went back on land. Now at the present time he's growing tired of his daily routine and seeks for something new.