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2010 Archive

This is a selection of recently created new articles on the wiki that were featured on the Main Page as part of Did you know? They are updated on a weekly basis.

Did you know...

Week 19

7 April 2012 - 13 May 2012

  • ... that Varjot Soulsear is very oriented on his use of Shadow magic to weaken, corrupt, and disable his foes?
  • ... that it's both difficult and rare not to see Milenka clad in full plate?
  • ... that Dagna "Lindsey" Aedecan is a cosmopolitan Bronzebeard dwarf?
  • ... that Arnaldo Gallo has a very narrow skeletal frame?
  • ... that though her family often got in the way of her studies, Delina didn't care?
  • ... that Theocratus Dominus may seem very ignorant but only those who spend some time with him know he is far from it?
  • ... that Emra RendBolt keeps her face hidden at all times, never taking the wolf mask off for any reason?
  • ... that Tiffany Rose Altair meets opposition with enthusiasm and anxiety all the same?
  • ... that, for a warlock, Ian Bilial Lockheed is extremely passive and hesitant to fight, preferring diplomatic means?
  • ... that Lohel Stonehorn vowed that if he were to ever see a Centaur it would be killed on sight?

Week 18

30 April 2012 - 6 May 2012

  • ... that the bound elemental known as Lorn is preoccupied with being freed of his current predicament?
  • ... that Skyfin genuinely cares about anyone whom he might consider a friend or an ally?
  • ... that Kug is what would appear to be a stereotypical ogre in that he is a bit of a buffoon and at times relishes combat?
  • ... that Uyendu's life was saved by a spirit of Water and under the guidance of Nobundo he was taught the way of the shaman along with many other krokul?
  • ... that Ranzel is, as are all machines capable of thought, irrationally logical?
  • ... that, while an impartial party, Akoni is only truly comfortable inside cities of the Horde and neutral ports, as he appreciates the Horde‚Äôs shamanistic roots more than those of the light-based Alliance?
  • ... that Jum'bwan is, quite frankly, the unholy combination of an orc and a troll?
  • ... that Zevrim was a Highborne mage, obsessed with power and tapping into the energies of the Well of Eternity?
  • ... that Mugg Stormbraid has an unshakeable sense of humor and he likes to laugh at everything?
  • ... that Liana was once a great warrior, but since the crash she has not fought at all?

Week 17

23 April 2012 - 29 April 2012

  • ... that, as an adult, Quennath Bloodletter began making a name for himself as a mercenary, piercing arrows bringing a swift end to those who tried to escape him?
  • ... that Kag'rin Sunderskull's physique seems to be built for agility and speed, rather than brute strength?
  • ... that Ashra Whisperwood can be quite curious, which gets her in trouble?
  • ... that Tshauria "Shade" Nightslayer tattoo is the only part of her body unmarked by scars?
  • ... that Kisgal Grincut is a contemplative and philosophical orc, which is funny, because she lacks wisdom?
  • ... that Alena Elridge is a self proclaimed mistress of deception?
  • ... that Rhewil Freezetouch is quite innocent at times, but she always knows how to speak up for herself or how to plan accordingly to a situation?
  • ... that Salmance Starbuster has a very small beard that is kept in moderately good shape?
  • ... that Zhix is best described as a silver-tongued charmer?
  • ... that Elena Doe absolutely hates the Burning Legion and warlocks?

Week 16

16 April 2012 - 22 April 2012

  • ... that Rahzul is a gullible and stealthy person that enjoys sneaking about, even if it is not required?
  • ... that Kairos Gorehallow possesses a small trove of tomes and artifacts he has collected over his long years, all related to the Legion and the darker aspects of magic?
  • ... that Tikar Wildseer does what he believes is best and that's good enough for him?
  • ... that Beruna Dawnstrider was born to the Miststrider tribe within the Barrens when they were still roaming those lands, hunting the wild kodos of these vasts prairies?
  • ... that Lilithel Manaseer is heavily versed in demonology?
  • ... that Zurug Hatecaller was born as a Frostwolf Orc in the war camps of the Old Horde, but was a sickly babe?
  • ... that Domaris Firebrand currently serves as a sort of traveling friar, visiting smaller towns and remote places without the presence of a priesthood and offering her services as a confessor, healer, and giver of last rites?
  • ... that Iselaine Rothenshield's decaying heart burns with passion when speaking of the Light that forsook her and so many of her kind?
  • ... that Koringar Ragehoof is best described as a time bomb?
  • ... that, upon hearing of the Lich King' death, Curtis Loew returned to Stormwind to hand in his resignation to the army and left the city, in search of a new life?

Week 15

8 April 2012 - 15 April 2012

  • ... that Larry Venchenzo is a little bit of crazy and a whole lot of optimism?
  • ... that Flak knows he cannot go out and hunt humans as he used to, and with more areas adopting neutrality, he finds himself forced to deal with them civilly?
  • ... that while, as a child, attention did not make him uncomfortable, Iverynalian Eranu'belore avoided it when it tried to grasp him?
  • ... that Pyrrhus Novalight is normally seen chewing on a long toothpick with a lazy expression?
  • ... that Calgar Harkov would feel most at home with hydromancy due to his years with the Kul Tiras, but he never strove to master the school?
  • ... that Liarin Dawnflame has a small tattoo which represents an arrow on her left ankle?
  • ... that Lorellia Song doesn't care much for anyone, only choosing to associate with others when it is in her best interest?
  • ... that, initially, Salor Manaweav was quite excited about being an older brother?
  • ... that Kol'nagrom Stormshade is always out for a good time?
  • ... that Armond' found a way to nourish his magic by committing dark rituals to sustain his unholy power?

Week 14

1 April 2012 - 7 April 2012

  • ... that Calgar Harkov would feel most at home with hydromancy due to his years with the Kul Tiras?
  • ... that Pyrrhus Novalight is normally seen chewing on a long toothpick with a lazy expression?
  • ... that Brenika Halfmetal possesses a replacement eye cleverly suffused with a scrying-type of spell to provide the Gnome with much-needed depth perception?
  • ... that Alexander Brennenburg is often plotting and preparing plans way ahead before performing them?
  • ... that Kreeva still worries for the disaster that's going to come next?
  • ... that Kirolan Vilronei rarely remembers his past and thinking about it annoys him greatly?
  • ... that Kantado Starseer is a singer and composer, writing and creating his own music as well as singing his own tunes?
  • ... that, from his humble beginnings, Drarry Longbottom set out with a ambitious goal: to become filthy rich?
  • ... that Alvaria Serassian during her life she was a firm believer in the light and wanted only to work on the side of good?
  • ... that Atius Nicholas Mardonius believes that no information or knowledge is bad?

Week 13

25 March 2012 - 31 March 2012

  • ... that Koringar Ragehoof's long, extensive physical training has hardened his body to a point where his body is able to withstand a lot of punishment before it shows signs of damage?
  • ... that Iselaine Rothenshield wears very same dress she wore the day of her wedding?
  • ... that, Domaris Firebrand at times in her youth, she was playfully called "Longears?"
  • ... that Lilithel Manaseer wholeheartedly opened her heart to Fel, now thinking that perhaps the darkness that would usually harm could be used to return balance?
  • ... that Beruna Dawnstrider has become accustomed to the presence of other races and shows barely any hostile motives against any of them?
  • ... that Curtis "Blaze" Stormstrike used to be poor, so he loves money?
  • ... that, a weakling in life, Zurug Hatecaller lords his stature as a Death Knight over those who would care to listen?
  • ... that several sets of twisted horns are set into Kairos Gorehallow pauldrons, torn from the demons of hostile warlocks he defeated?
  • ... that Jane Everglow was her Father's daughter and that meant a rough and tumble childhood?
  • ... that Rahzul is a stealthy person that enjoys sneaking about, even if it is not required?

Week 12

18 March 2012 - 24 March 2012

  • ... that Dalari Galil is a cocky bugger, always bragging and saying his name?
  • ... that, having spent most of her life in one frozen wasteland or another, Kalegra Giantcrusher is near-impervious to lesser cold?
  • ... that Petres Darklyn eschews conjuration and demonic pacts in choosing to instead focus on the destructive powers of dark energies?
  • ... that Gavrill Thiersen family was not noble but had more than enough money to live
  • ... that Ishenza Lightdawn has a strange sense to foresee happenings of small things, which are related to her?
  • ... that Jose Cliffton' has the ability to become trustworthy to the person he wants to?
  • ... that claw scars are loosely scattered across Rosmari Razorfeather's lean but muscular frame?
  • ... that Gol'grosh Bloodmane's body, old as it is, bears witness of many trials?
  • ... that Cylest Wavecrestis quietly stubborn, like a small pebble that cannot be moved no matter the leverage or power used?
  • ... that Nuraava is not one to become unhappy easily, for even if she'd lose it all, the light would still be within her?

Week 11

11 March 2012 - 17 March 2012

  • ... that Castor Rookwood has the big daft grin of a ten-year-old boy?
  • ... that Lyraella Dana'no creates and modifies her own weapons and, as such, she is a great engineer and knows her way around engineering?
  • ... that Macha Ylenn typically has a whip or chain on her belt which is occasionally used in garroting enemies?
  • ... that Leana Sanluir was born with her twin brother, Raluis, before the invasion of the Scourge?
  • ... that Khrystine Velveto likes to wear a dress now and again?
  • ... that Sanot Brycewind's skills have made him cocky, as he as only ever failed twice in his long career of being a Bounty Hunter?
  • ... that Asha Harte still fights side by side with her shield-sister and companion, Aliz Bastian?
  • ... that Zarzul'fonis quick, but never subtle?
  • ... that Tanessa van Duquesne serves her family more as a bodyguard for now, but she plans to bring recognition to the Duquesne house?
  • ... that Xanthe Novalight will frequently use nature and animals (in the form of metaphor, stories or direct observation) to more explicitly express herself and her opinions?

Week 10

4 March 2012 - 10 March 2012

  • ... that, in public, Kiovar Sunchaser is mostly polite, not denying a conversation that keeps him entertained?
  • ... that Zaria considers pants unfeminine and inconvenient?
  • ... that Vyrandi Stillwater holds great respect to Light users, despite their race, and will treat them as "brothers in arms?"
  • ... that Hanu Wildmane has assimilated much of the Druidic way of being, the respect for all living creatures, and the will to aid the Earthmother?
  • ... that Denstus Silverdawn never liked much related to magic and found it rather boring?
  • ... that Yancy Boltwing carries discomfort at having to hide his marriage from his own people, but shows little regret in his decision to be with her?
  • ... that growing up for Stanley Kreele was difficult, as his parents were unhappy together?
  • ... that Bria Alore Indignus has a penchant for journaling and is never far from the inkwell and quill?
  • ... that Nurah chooses to not carry a staff with her, as she feels it would just get in the way?
  • ... that Ser Reinald Flambard served long-term imprisonment deep in Ironclad Prison for the attempted murder of a high elf?

Week 9

26 February 2012 - 3 March 2012

  • ... that Brohn Stonehart is a depressed dwarf who feels his life was stolen from him?
  • ... that Azziri was once called Lola Gildencrow?
  • ... that Vandri Lightdawn tends to easily trust those who have fought against the Lich King, mainly members of the Argent Crusade?
  • ... that Zeein Drakewing's father often perceived him as a slacker and a lazy child?
  • ... that Haplo was trained to be an acolyte by the Clerics of Northshire abbey, where his devotion blossomed into near-zealotry?
  • ... that Lansire Kalte is in denial about his magical addiction?
  • ... that Chantel Farrow as fallen into despair for the last few years of her mortality and depression due to her undeath?
  • ... that commitments burden Riael Novalight heavily and are things he goes to great lengths to avoid?
  • ... that Elyra Asto'ra has a rather good knowledge of scavenging things and making the best out of them?
  • ... that Niamh Sasha Wells loved being the middle child?

Week 8

19 February 2012 - 25 February 2012

  • ... that Haelen Merrowood has never seen her fellow humans as anything more than brief annoyances for as long as she can remember?
  • ... that, aside from being a noble of Stormwind, Katrana "Lily" Silverberg she also is trained as a very well-off thief?
  • ... that, after being disruptive to the Murder Row community, Virela Amanu'phore was almost assassinated?
  • ... that years of working as a paid hit man has helped Josef Evan maintain his temper under most situations?
  • ... that Rija Silentshot is physically frail, barley being able to withstand damage of any physical form?
  • ... that Gaz of the Darkspear Tribe cannot deal with idleness?
  • ... that Malachai's entire body, with the exception of his head, is clad in Saronite armor, while the armor itself is covered in a thin layer of frost?
  • ... that Zelyn Nightshadow believes that there is a supremacy in power and skill, and wants desperately to enforce this will upon the people of Azeroth?
  • ... that, once a Lady of the Court, Celien Aloria Silverstar's mannerisms and speech give way to evidence that she received proper schooling and lessons in politics?
  • ... that Ensuena Sunscorned would rush to save a puppy from a burning building before a family of orc children?

Week 7

12 February 2012 - 18 February 2012

  • ... that Bingles Gearsprocket likes to explore and sell some of his inventions and gizmos?
  • ... that Muz is quite partial to cheesecake?
  • ... that Drakeran Sunscale Lightchaser is unpredictable and impulsive, has a good sense of humor and is hyperactive?
  • ... that, through reading, Anissia Firehawk began learning magic as well, being able to use her first fireball before most of those she learned magic with?
  • ... that Aadora is always nice, even to people she hates?
  • ... that Krohn Rageclaw sometimes gives the impression he's lazy because of the fact he's almost always seen lying down somewhere and yawning before nodding off if he's isolated?
  • ... that Fahlaria Icethorn usually carries a pouch and several vials with her?
  • ... that Noria Duskbinder is a upper class woman, treating herself to some of the finest tailored clothing that the Sin'dorei have to offer?
  • ... that many years as a hired gun has brought Balthair Johannes Landon a fair amount of skill with firearms?
  • ... that Lillisaea Oaksong is quick to judge not only others but herself, perhaps more so?

Week 6

5 February 2012 - 11 February 2012

  • ... that, due to an injury to his left arm, Hicks Grimsdale is unable to wield two-handed weapons or shields?
  • ... that Relandra Dawnsend dislikes large gatherings and feels well out of place when there are too much people around?
  • ... that, as a veteran of decades riddled with war, Go'ren Whiteclaw brandishes a collection of scars strewn across his person?
  • ... that Liatu tends to be quite affectionate with her fellow friends, sometimes caught ruffling a hand through their hair or caressing them affectionately?
  • ... that Theodoric Willem Falk's past actions have shown him to be a flake at his core?
  • ... that Worthington Menshill is not a reliable combatant?
  • ... that Kyresa Rika was a rather lively child, finding more fun in school by avoiding the work?
  • ... that, around anyone but those the closest to herself, Eila Golbriar' acts fairly childish?
  • ... that Nuadon Duskshield has developed her relatively stocky form to take hits, rather than avoid them?
  • ... that Gulwas Brighthorn possesses a significant amount knowledge of plants and herbs, particularly those that grow around the Barrens and Mulgore?

Week 5

29 January 2012 - 4 February 2012

  • ... that Gorzan Citysacker prefers Thrall over Hellscream as the leader of the Horde?
  • ... that, combined with his height and lack of weight, Hael Sunrage has a very sickly and often off-putting look?
  • ... that Sidora Kenyon has a natural curiosity about mostly everything, asking too many questions, thinking too deeply, then finding what would be most logical in any given situation?
  • ... that Tazzek specializes in the art of blood, relying heavily on abilities like the ability to make his opponent's blood boil and draining others blood to heal himself?
  • ... that, as a foot soldier in the army of Lordaeron, Arial Beverly Sheffield soon sported a newfound patriotism for the nations and kingdoms bound by it?
  • ... that Denarus Snowbeam's father was an accomplished swordsman and his mother was a priestess of Elune?
  • ... that Shaydana Bloodveil often got into trouble as the guards and her parents had quite a hard time restraining her lively childhood?
  • ... that Caine Copperhorn is skilled in ancient things, a natural historian, geologist, prospector, cartographer, and survivalist?
  • ... that Tahlari Tyraear believes she exists as a counterweight to the gargantuan use of Arcane in the Blood Elven kingdom?
  • ... that, although surprised that the signs of a Spirit Walker would manifest themselves later than usual, Gulwas Brighthorn was encouraged by his parents and the shaman of his tribe to train as one of them?

Week 4

22 January 2012 - 28 January 2012

  • ... that Liridon Duskrunner possesses acute hearing, a sensitive nose and a sharp eye, more so than most others of his race?
  • ... that, in regards to the other races, Morbenzo Morphisius mocks Forsaken, hates Elves, dislikes Dwarves, loathes Humans, abhors the Horde, and absolutely despises Draenei?
  • ... that black tattoos infused with demon blood cover Penandion Weepwillow's upper torso, signifying his containment of the fel energies within?
  • ... that Hollee Alyssa White lives every day trying to invent something that will save the world from common issues?
  • ... that Drah'ugoki is tough as nails, able to keep charging through a great deal of injuries?
  • ... that Arcken Calenbrad has lived under the pretense of being a young businessman in search of money and close friends since then end of the Third War?
  • ... that Aendron Moridi Darkwhisper's hair is oddly thin and very light making it easy for him to style?
  • ... that Verdunt Poisonspring has a pet crow that can be usually found perched on top of his head?
  • ... that a select few know Voragh Backbreaker as Voragh Angermaw?
  • ... that, as a Sergeant of the Alliance army, Ajoro Longblade's father barely ever saw him as a baby?

Week 3

15 January 2012 - 21 January 2012

  • ... that Gol'grosh Bloodmane's hands are covered in scorch marks, and his arms and torso in scars?
  • ... that Cylest Wavecrest has weened herself from the Fel and once again works cleanly with the Ley's webbing Azeroth and into Outland?
  • ... that Nuraava carries a golden necklace around her neck with matching locket which she has carried since her childhood?
  • ... that, as a very curious and shy girl, Sally Lionheart can easily talk to people, but not without blushing?
  • ... that Nephuria Silverleaf now wanders Azeroth, protecting the forests and learning what she can from corrupted Dreamers?
  • ... that Alanya Sunreeler does not stand out from a Sin'dorei crowd, but her nose is always sticking upwards and she weaves discussions just as well as she weaves arcane?
  • ... that Lemyyx's perception of life and death has become blurred and almost non-existent?
  • ... that, while being very adept at using a bow and arrow, Ravenna Lockwood's preference lies with javelins?
  • ... that Garridan Devine's mandible is so exposed and so clean that he obviously takes care of that thing?
  • ... that Sadarr fancies herself an expert in Elekk training and behavior?