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RP Resources

Check out these links for resources to enhance your RP!

A Brief Guide to Roleplay

"So, you've joined a heavy role playing guild and you're not exactly sure what to do. Or maybe you role play all the time and just want to see what this guild does in the way of role playing. Regardless, I, council member Sir Bertran the Bold, have put together this brief guide on role playing based on my experiences with the guild and in the RP world in general."

RP Made Simple

It's about Role-Playing, made simple.

Featuring the RP Survival Guide, a work in progress to help both role-players and non role-players learn about the basics of role-playing and more. The guide contains helpful articles for both mmorpg and tabletop RP.


WoW Roleplaying Advice & Commentary

Other Resources

WoWWiki - Patch Mirrors - You can find and download patches here.

Other RP Servers

We are aware that our server is not for everyone. The RP-server community is very small, compared to those that seem to focus purely on PvP or PvE, so we are more than happy to keep people aware of other RP servers out there with differing rulesets, playstyles, procedures, etc. to promote variety.

We feel that people should make their own decisions and form their own opinions of any particular server, so here is a list of others out there (in alphabetical order).

Freedom WoW -

Millennium WoW -

Prologue -

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