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Player Name: Majyk

In-Game Name: Bregar

Character Full Name: Bregar Mortair Cimitero

Given Name: Bregar Cimitero

Nickname(s): None as of yet

Association(s): The Alliance, Steamweedle Cartel (loosely through his crew), Circle of Discord

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Hair: Black. It's kept in a ponytail that goes slightly past his buttocks.

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 135 lbs.

Height: 5ft 6in.

Alignment: Lawful Evil.


Bregar usually wears expensive clothing, either a robe or pants and a formal shirt.


Bregar is, as is most of his family, a very dark person, he takes enjoyment from thinking of ways to torture people. He is cynical and cold. Bregar also believes that all races, no matter how good they are or claim to be, are evil. The only thing that they can do correctly, is die. Bregar is a history buff and he noted that all races, one way or another brought destruction and needless killing to their territory.

He also loves to fool people with his "everyday face". His "face" is him acting like a generous, caring mage who delights in chatter and helping the less fortunate.

Bregar also has a thing against his person being dirty; he will totally freak out if his expensive clothing or a possession of his gets dirty.

Mannerisms: He often holds his arms behind his back, clasping each forearm with his hands. He also has a habit of speaking with a pause between a verb or adjective. Such as: "The situation is... Favorable." If asked about this, he will ask what you are talking about. He often wipes dirt from his clothing. Even if it isn't there.


The Cimitero family has been a part of the various "Dark evil cults" over the years, Bregar is no different. However, he will not pledge undying loyalty to his generation's dark organization, the Circle of Discord. Bregar was exposed to the dark side of his family at his twelth birthday, the day his family believes that children are ready to begin to practice any number of magical arts.

Bregar chose to become a mage. His family approved and sent him to Dalaran immediately. This is where Bregar fostered his hatred for the living. He hung out a little longer in the library than others. He also kept a rather low profile during his time at Dalaran. He was an average student and didn't do anything out of the ordinary for a mage student. The other students thought he was weird for this, but he didn't care. He took to frost magic rather quickly, but this surprised no one, seeing at how anti-social he was. He was at Dalaran until he was eighteen. He finished his studies and he opted to leave for Stormwind after he was out.

As he made his way to Stormwind, he got word of Dalaran being attacked by the Scourge and he sneered. He thought that was perfect. Absolutely perfect, he wanted them all to die, and the Scourge left no survivors. As he made it back to Stormwind he began to research in Stormwind's library, the Cimitero Library and he was given access to the warlock library thanks to his brother, Coberan. What he found in his research, was a way, in his mind, to become death itself. The past five years of his life were in search of that power.

When the Third War started, Bregar somehow wormed his way out of it. As the Stormwind military can round to the Cimitero house, he hid away where their library was. Everytime they came. Eventually the guards quit pushing the matter, and eventually gave up trying to draft him. He's still rather smug about it.

He hasn't gotten hardly closer than he did that day, but he's made himsself a rather popular person with many factions both good and evil and he's made a rather pretty penny on the side as the inheritor of a merchant vessel from his grandfather, Padrivh.