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Character Full Name: Korgen Bonedancer (Sometimes written as Korgan, this is not correct)

Character In-Game Name: Kor

Nickname(s): Kor, The Bonedancer

Association(s): The Horde (Loosely, not so much involved in the Horde/Alliance conflict as he is defending his friends and clansmen)

Race: Orc

Class: Warrior

Age: 40

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, Brown

Eyes: A hazel colour

Weight: 156

Height: 6'3

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Kor is not one for fashion and will wear whatever keeps him the safest. It is not uncommon for him to wear armor in the most safest of places. His armor is mostly outdated and scavenged but serves the orc well.


The years have taken their toll on Kor, sinking him into deep depression. Kor has also become an incredibly cold orc, caring little for others and their problems. Korgen also has a drinking problem and it is not uncommon to see him drunk (although while on a job he will only drink until he is tipsy, as even he is not dumb enough to do his line of work intoxicated). Kor also dislikes being social, and the only time you can really have a conversation with him, is when the topic is business


Korgen cannot remember much of his childhood. He does remember how happy he was playing with his older brother in their homeland...but no longer can he tell what he made up in his mind and what was real. Eventually he and his two brothers, along with their father, a proud warrior, would find their way to Azeroth with the others. Barely able to hold a sword the young Korgen began to train with his father and brothers incase anything should happen to them...

Something did....Humans rounded up Korgen and his fellow orcs. His father attempted to fight back but was quickly beaten down. Kor' was scared and lost, clinging to his father as best he can. The next few years would be hell for him, slowly he lost faith, and slowly he wished death would come...all around him he felt the same energy. Kor was too young to drink the blood, but his older brother and father were not, both suffered from withdrawal and throwing in all the labor they were forced to do, pulled them down to the breaking point.

Kor's father died soon after, Kor's older brother had told the younger two he had contracted an illness, but Kor would always say his father "Just stopped fighting...". Eventually, after Kor stopped counting, the camp was visited by a new orc who showed them something he had never seen before, mysterious powers. The orcs in his camp soon rose up with new hope and overpowered the guards. Kor joined the orcs as they freed other camps.

He and his older brother were present at Durnholde, however out of the two only Kor would live to see the next day, his brother killed during the assault. Kor and his surviving brother then traveled with the new horde on stolen alliance ships, a storm however forced them to land on an island.

Here Kor finally put his skills to good use, helping the horde assault a human base. He was then captured with everyone else by murlocs, separated from his brother. After being freed he looked for his brother, but he was not with the rescue party, fearing the worst, he tried to go back but was stopped by other orcs. The island they were on began to sink and, after being repaired, Kor entered one of the ships, a curse being placed on them by some type of witch, Kor fearing he really would be "swallowed by the sea".

Without his family the warrior was broken, when his ship was shipwrecked and his surviving clan mates dragged him out of the wreckage, Kor laid on the coast motionless, eventually the horde force collected his group and many others with the orc drudging along hopeless. Even during the march to Mulgore with their new found allies and then to Stonetalon, Kor showed little interest or spirit, just a broken will (He still followed his orders however, and slew centaur and pig man alike).

Later, a tauren who had befriended Kor told him a story of two young warriors who had a friendship stronger then the toughest axe. He told of a great war and the loss of one of the warrior's life, and said even though the survivor was upset and broken, he lived on with hope and pride, honoring his fallen friend. With this Kor accepted his loss, and pledged his life for the Horde, for his family's sake.

After the Warsong drank the blood of Mannoroth and became corrupted, Kor found himself fighting his own people. He was unlucky enough to get caught in the impact of a crashing inferno which sent the orc and two of his clansmen flying back, Kor was knocked out and awoke after the battles end a few days later with a bad head injury and temporary memory loss, which returned soon after.

Again, Kor was present in the battle of Mount Hyjal, where he was almost killed by the scourge (more than once). And finally he was present at the construction of Orgrimmar. After that began to train further, his past experiences proving no man is beyond training. Kor soon after left the service of the Horde army, deciding to train further and without the worries of war.

Unfortunately for Kor, he believed himself to be “betraying his family” this sunk him into a deep depression. He became an alcoholic after being taunted by nightmares of his deceased family. During this time he attempted to become a guard, but his drinking problem made him an unwise choice for protecting anything, this led Korgen to believe the Horde had left him in his time of need.

After this Kor became incredibly bitter, eventually becoming a mercenary, and not your average mercenary, but a mercenary prepared to take on any job on any side and complete it no matter what the cost...Kor no longer cared for his safety, or the well being of those around him.