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Player: Whym

Character Full Name: Beruna Dawnstrider

Character In-Game Name: Beruna

Nickname(s): The Wall, Fancyhands, Pathbreaker. (In order by her comrades within the Dawn / Crusade, some who know of her path regarding Enchanting and a few certain Tauren.)

Association(s): The Dawnstrider Tribe, the Might of Kalimdor, Cenarion Expedition, the Argent Dawn, the Argent Crusade.

Race: Tauren

Class: Warrior

Age: 63

Sex: Female

Hair: A lighter brown, perhaps a bit more of a chalky tone.

Eyes: Marine blue

Weight: 527 lbs, 239.55 KG

Height: 8'4", 2.54m

Skills and Abilities

Beruna is adept in the usage of heavy, two-handed weapons. Additionally, with the training in the Dawn, she has been taught the usage of shield and a one-handed weapon. She has a vast knowledge in terms of Enchantment, typical for a Dawnstrider, capable of enhancing items with magical attributes. Naturally, basic first aid and wound treatment was taught her aswell. With all this, she is physically fit and as such, trained for whatever battle might lay ahead of her. Whether she wins it or not is another case....


Usual Garments/Armor: Beruna is usually covered in a thick plate-suit, covering her entire form for the best measure of protection. Underneath lays medium-thick padding, so one would neither easily freeze nor overheat. When not prepared for battle or not on duty, she can be seen in simple leathers or cloth, nothing silken or anything fancy.

Other: Either an enchanted axe which was capable of inflicting additional holy damage towards demonic or undead beings or the combination of a kite shield which was enchanted to be able to deflect a spell, every once in a while with an apparatus which can be fixed upon her right glove. Said weapon enhanced the glove with spikes and hardened metal, causing it to truly become a devastating weapon... This piece was enchanted with the same enchant her two-handed axe was enchanted with.


Beruna is a rather analytical, yet friendly being. By her time in the Dawn and with the Cenarion Expedition, she has become accustomed to the presence of other races and shows barely any hostile motives against any of them. Of course, there are always exceptions however there are always reasons behind such hatred. With her time in the Dawn, discipline came aswell and took its place within the woman. She is rather patient with seemingly everything but the decimation of what she perceives as 'evil' on this world, those would namely be the Scourge, the Burning Legion, the Naga, the Twilight Hammer and other factions which merely wish the upper domination of this mortal world.

She is rather caring of those who surround her, namely her comrades, allies. Attempting to protect them with whatever means she has available at that time. If she is shown hostility, she will barely react to such and simply dismiss it as another person who does not like her, not attempting to worsen the situation even further by taunting the other party in question. Beruna is rather slow in warming up with people, typical for a tauren. She talks not too much, however that would depend on the company she is with, naturally speaking more with friends, should there be a matter.

Her views on the races are fairly neutral kept, with some exceptions. Humans are a race full of potential for the good with (sometimes) too much foolishness and destructiveness within their bodies, a double-edged blade. Gnomes are still a mystery to her, whimsical fellows. However she dislikes them slightly, mostly due to their massive Engineering ordeal, taking the best out of them, in her opinion. Dwarves are seen with a similar view as the human's, if even slightly worse due to their natural liking to alcohol excesses. Occasionally. Draenei are seen with sympathy, well meaning giants who sometimes cling a tad too much to their beliefs, according to Beruna, atleast. Yet they remind her of the old times with their shamanistic ordeals. The Kaldorei are seen with a hint of curiousity and perhaps even reverence, a mystical and yet so familiar race to her. Orcs and Trolls are seen with slight distaste mostly due to her previous encounters and tales of either of these races, knowing that the orcs have fallen to corruption of the Legion twice, she has become a tad wary. Nonetheless, she still accepts them as an ally in the struggle against their previous oppressors. Blood Elves and Forsaken have a rather mixed view, she pities both of these races, mostly due to their fates. Due to the attempts at redemption, the Blood Elves have gained trust again. Her own race is still preferred as a company, though.


Beruna was born to the Miststrider tribe within the Barrens when they, the Shu'halo were still roaming those lands, hunting the wild kodos of these vasts prairies. Her childhood was mostly uneventful, her father being a Spirit Walker and her mother an Enchanter, a typical one for the Miststrider tribe. Within these years, she was taught the very basics of Enchanting and hunting, learning how to use the weapon in order to slay the beasts that roamed these very lands and of course to defend herself from the occasional Centaur that decided to raid the tent cities of the Tauren.

With her adulthood, her martial prowess and effectivity as an Enchanter became stronger. She became a full member of the tribe, aiding in the defense against the Centaur, helping her kinsmen by adding valueable enchants to their respective weapons, improving them in the way she could, magically. It was a rather harsh, yet still enjoyable life, roaming through these vast lands and changing locations as seasons passed, always looking for the best area to find game in.

With more and more time passing, Beruna becoming older and older and her tribe noticeably becoming smaller due to the Centaur, more attacking the Shu'halo's tent cities in order to raid them, loot them and slay those Tauren that could not defend themselves properly. She heard the word of green-skinned and blue-skinned people aiding the Tauren in their struggle against the Centaurs, helping them by leading them away from the brink of extinction. More of the land which is now known as Mulgore was conquered from the Centaur, her tribes and Beruna's life saved by the aid of outsiders. With words being exchanged, she learned of some of the orc's history, much to her displeasure, admittedly. Nonetheless, with the survival of her tribe being secured, she was thankful for their aid.

She heard yet another calling, the forces of Kalimdor were being gathered in order to strike down the resistance of the Qiraji, the Might of Kalimdor was formed. Beruna travelled south, towards Silithus in order to aid the assault with what she could lend – muscle. At her arrival, she saw many new races which were previously unknown to her. Inbetween the battles, words were exchanged with the soldiers of the other races and she learned of the existence of the Argent Dawn, an organisation dedicating themselves to the destruction of all evil, most particularly the Undead Scourge. Barely curiousity was tickling at her as she heard of them, swiftly dismissed in the heat of battle.

With this conflict ending, a new one arised swiftly afterwards – the Dark Portal had been re-opened. The time in Silithus had let her knowing of the Cenarion Circle and thus, she contacted them about the expedition which was sent into these (to her) unknown lands. Her aid was happily accepted, joining the Cenarion Expedition and shifting through the Dark Portal into a land which was formerly known as Draenor. Her arrival was a shock to her, never before had she seen -such- destruction and corruption before, a herald of what was to come. Swiftly, she left for the Zangarmarshes and joined the expedition's outpost, mostly serving as a guard to defend the base against the Naga and other ill-minded beings who were opposing the expedition's efforts.

One day, on a caravan towards Blade's Edges mountains, her companions and she were attacked by a Gronn and a few Oges. After a harsh, exhausting battle they were capable of overcoming their foes, striking them down. Benura found an odd fascination in the Gronn's weapon, one which was styled rather primal and yet it was an effective weapon. She reminded herself of said weapon and as she arrived at the destination of the caravan, she looked for the nearest weaponsmith in order to recreate her such a weapon, merely by word. This is how she came to her weapon, an interesting piece of history.

With her days in the outlands ending, she returned onto Azeroth with new experiences and impressions gained, new races met. Something was scratching at her mind, the Argent Dawn, in fact. She remembered the human who had told her about them and decided to seek them out, becoming a new recruit. With her time in the Dawn, she learned the usage of the shield and gained another choice of weaponry, her rather destructive glove-enhancement. A few friends were made. However, sometimes she was thinking about her old life and how the new influence of the other races have changed her. Whether the Dawnstrider's were still alive? She knew of it due to Argent's neutrality, leaving her open to receive such information. Even if she was deemed a pathbreaker...

A new call was given, the Argent Dawn were preparing an offensive against the Lich King's forces in Northrend. As such, she joined the Argent Crusade and travelled towards the north, aiding against the efforts within Icecrown until the very last moment, when the Lich King fell. Naturally, this hasn't left her without any scratches and harm done but this was bearable for her. With the old Lich King dead, she returned towards the Eastern Plaguelands, to rejoin the Dawn in order to cleanse the lands of what putrid reminders of the Scourge remained upon them...