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Player: Valkoinen

Character Full Name: Lilithel Manaseer

Character In-Game Name: Lilithel

Nickname(s): Lily

Association(s): Sin'Dorei

Race: Blood Elf/Sin'Dorei

Class: Warlock

Skills and Abilities: (Only necessary if there are any abnormal/notable skills/abilities for the character's class) Heavily versed in demonology.

Age: 121

Sex: Female

Hair: Jet black, straight hair that extends to just below shoulder length, some parts extending over her face to cover small portions.

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 124 lbs

Height: 5' 10"

Usual Garments/Armor: Blood red robes, or black and grey robes. Commonly wearing black cloth gloves as well.

Other: Generally seen traveling in the company of her succubus demon.

Alignment:(Optional.) Chaotic Good

Personality: Prior to the Sunwell invasion by Arthas Menethil, Lilithel was a somewhat carefree woman, her family's wealth allowing her comfort and happiness. She dappled in the arcane magics, experimenting and practicing with evocation. She even had quite a love. Despite the troubles of others, Lilithel was just happy in her life.

When the Sunwell was destroyed, that all changed. With the arcane source of power gone, she wholeheartedly opened her heart to Fel, now thinking that perhaps the darkness that would usually harm could be used to return balance. Anymore, she has been rather different. After the events that destroyed her cozy life, Lilithel began to see things a little more rationally. Now she questions the very existence of the Holy Light and any such deity, claiming that any just creator would not allow such attrocities to exist in this world of the likes she has faced. At the very least, if there is a supreme being, it is no just creator. She wants to restore balance and peace to the world, and is prepared to go to any means necessary to achieve this.

However, since things have calmed down and no more gigantic disasters have torn her life apart, she has reverted somewhat to her old self, girlish and somewhat impetuous at time, but with an added little bid of wisdom to that brain of hers. She also tends to be very bad socially. She isn't entirely used to having to interact with complete strangers any more, and tends to be a little awkward. Well, more than a little. Like, if Socially Awkward Penguin ever went to Azeroth, he'd turn into Lilithel.

History: Lilithel Manaseer was born into a small family, being just her parents and her. Being an only child allowed for a cushy life when she was growing up, getting all the attention her arcanist parents could spare. Throughout her childhood, Lilithel would play with the pretty lights her mother would make, and asked for all the displays of their magic. Her parents, being somewhat of enablers, would simply indulge their daughter, wanting to keep her happy and giggling. She was a happy child, and was living well.

As Lilithel matured to adolescence, or what passed for it from the elves, she began to dig into the studies to which her parents so desperately clung to. She had an intense interest in the arcane arts, and wanted nothing more than to unravel the mysteries surrounding it, whether it came from ethereal souls, was channeled through their own energy, or was something else entirely. She thought that perhaps, the arcane was a gift from the light, that maybe, it was their reward for living in prosperity. The older Lilithel became, the more she came to love the magic in a way much different than her infancy obsession with the 'pretty lights'.

Soon after she began to study vigorously, she began to read books on the subject in one of the public buildings, where she met a male elf, a few years older than herself studying the same arts as she. Together, they became fast friends and delved into the mysterious arcane arts, hoping to unlock the secret of its power. The closer they drew to mastering the arts, the closer they drew to each other. Soon enough, they knew they were in love. Many years had passed, and soon enough after they fell for each other, disaster would strike. But their time together was blissful peace, as they spent more time together than they did studying. They knew they were destined for each other.

Or so they thought.

Disaster struck home. Arthas Menethil and his Scourge were seiging the Sunwell and their home. No sooner had they emerged from his home had Lilithel's love been thrown to the ground by a giest, who clawed into his throat and tore it out, leaving nothing left on the front end of his neck. Lilithel screamed in pure rage and agony at the creature, and hit it with all the magic she had in her, every last bit of knowledge she speant accumulating the last hundred years fueling her as she tried to fight off the attacking undead. She could not prevail. As she watched her mother and father get struck down by the attacking forces of the dead, she fled the city, trying only to stay alive. As soon as she thought she was safe from any persuers, she collapsed onto the ground. She had just lost everything she knew. Her mother, her father, and her love. All of it, destroyed by one man and his lust for power. She hated Arthas Menethil. She hated the Scourge.

Few days passed, where Lilithel just sat in that same spot, curled up as she mourned the loss of the world she knew. And something was wrong. She felt... hollow, empty. And the sudden thirst for arcane, as if her very source of power was cut off. She returned to the city she once knew, not really going by there with a purpose, she just wandered, stumbling. In the end, she found her home destroyed, and the Sunwell purged. The empty feeling gerw heavier and heavier, and threatened to consume her, with a thirst unending.

Soon after, the elven kind had replaced the arcane with Fel. She wholeheartedly accepted this. The Dark forces caused this pain, this misery, this agony. And now she would use it to restore balance. Over time, the sunwell was Restored. The source of Arcane magic brought back. But it was too late for Lilithel. She was no longer a user of the arcane arts. She had tasted the raw power of the darkness and the fel, and would never back down. She no longer feels bound by the laws of mortality, by the laws set by the supposed superiors. She had the power to summon demons themselves to her. She would use this to her advantage. She would use this to purge the lands of all those who opposed the peace and prosperity of the people. Even if it meant allowing the darkness to consume herself.

And so it begins.