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Player: Breathless

Character Full Name: Jane Everglow

Character In-Game Name: Jane

Nickname(s): Janey, Everglow.

Association(s): Stormwind. Lordaeron. South Shore.

Race: Human

Class: Paladin (Squire in training.)

Age: 18.

Sex: Female

Hair: Ebon, long and smooth and brushed behind an ear.

Eyes: Expressive eyes of pale green, like warm seas, tipped at the corners with a feline slant.

Weight: 144 lbs. She has a lean muscled frame.

Height: 5'9.

Skills and Abilities: She was her Father's daughter and that meant a rough and tumble childhood. When most girls were playing with dolls she was practicing with sword and shield. While most girls were crushing hearts, she was knocking boys on their asses with a lance. Battle was an art that she took joy in. Because she hadn't a male's bulk she'd had to learn to take advantage of what skills she had. She cultivated tactics and worked on speed. She's learned to use her shield in unique ways. She has a way with horses and their training and care. She'd learned to fish from her grandfather and knew herbs and their uses thanks to a canny old aunt. Jane has a way with people, and is able to communicate well, getting many 'tight lipped' types to open up. Janey has a nose for trouble, sadly she usually ends up in it!


Usual Garments/Armor: Armour was a second skin. She tends to wear her Squire's uniform of dented and well patched Imperial plate and what odds and ends were available as she grew out of second-hand armor. In her down time the feminine side shows and she dons robes in soft, colorful fabrics, or trousers with whatever she can scrounge. The only exception to her standard well cared for hand-me-downs is her weapon. A rather plain looking hammer. A family heirloom. (There is a background story to this.The actual item will be Mastersmith's Hammer.)


Alignment: Neutral Good

Like all people, Jane is a mixture of opposites, depending on situations. She has ambitions and can be arrogant and temperamental. But those qualities are balanced with an impish sense of humor and a basically friendly attitude. She's been known to be impulsive and jump to conclusions. She has a deep loyalty to her Father and her faith. A bit naive when it comes to personal relationships, having been raised to see males as comrades or competition. Jane is evasive when it comes to talking about her background. (How does one explain to people that her Father killed her mother out of mercy?) Jane was easy going with a ready smile and a quick quip. She accepted the realities of the world and though she was capable of pity to her mind the Light, though sometimes cruel, had a way of working things out. She was smarter than she let on, allowing people to stereotype her as just another 'suit of armour'.


18 years ago: Jane was born in the city of Stratholme, in Lordaeron to 'Redpaw' Everglow and his frail little wife, Emma. After years of miscarriages the hoped for Male heir was never born. Here instead was this tiny babe born with a headful of dark hair and a strong set of lungs and a distinct lack of male genitalia. The last of his bloodline. The last of the Everglow. As with many things, 'Redpaw' shrugged off disappointment and did the best he could with what he had. He was often gone in these chaotic times and saw her grow in increments, guiding her training by proxy.

9 years ago: Plague runs rampant through panic filled streets of Stratholme as people die only to rise again usually 3 days later as Scourge. How many had guessed it was the golden grain that carried this magical pestilence? Mother had kept her locked inside for days, falling ill only to pass away during the night. The infection worked quicker than usual in her mother's case and she rose the next day only to attack the 9 year old. Her father had battered the door down, and ended her mothers agony with the stroke of his sword in the knick of time. Redpaw was mere hours ahead of Prince Arthas's army and the great 'cleansing'. He took his daughter to South shore, there meeting with his sister-in-law. He sent them to Stormwind, praying the newly constructed city would be a safer harbor.

2 year ago: The Argents and the Silver Hand have joined into a new entity, the Argent Crusade. Jane's father returns from another extended absence and great weights on his broad shoulders. He finds Jane now a young woman, skilled and relatively confident and showing signs of the Lights Blessings. After deep thought and her requests he takes her as his Squire, beginning in depth teachings of Code and Creed of the Paladin.

Now: They are getting to know each other again and though both seem a bit clumsy and uncomfortable, slowly they are finding common ground.