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Player: Lancelet

Character Full Name: Domaris Firebrand (it should be noted that Firebrand is an assumed surname and not her given one).

Character In-Game Name: Domaris

Nickname(s): Mari

Association(s): Horde, Church of the Holy Light

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Priest

Skills and Abilities: None special.

Age: 30

Sex: Female

Hair: Blazing red in color, most often worn long and flowing or very simply tied back.

Eyes: Fel green

Weight: 135 lbs. (61 kg)

Height: 5'7” (170 cm)

Usual Garments/Armor: When working with the Sin'dorei public she wears robes dyed in red, the chosen color of her people; but owing to her personal conflict she will often dress while traveling or when off-duty in the old Quel'dorei blue, which is also her favorite color. Her ears are a bit longer than average (at times in her youth she was playfully called “Longears”), and she wears in them three small hoop earrings in memory of her family - one for her brother, Adsel, and the other two for her mother and father. She wears a simple gold band on her right hand.

Other: She is an alchemist, is skilled in herbal and natural lore, and can diagnose and treat a number of common illnesses.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Her spirit has a fiery quality that suits a Sin’dorei much more than the calm and obedient façade she was expected to maintain as a Quel’dorei of upstanding family. Now that she is excommunicated from that family, she is more free to act as she pleases; but her chosen calling as a Priestess often demands of her a patience that does not come naturally.

She likes the act of healing, the Light, warmth, Paladins because they are often all of the above rolled into one, and small animals and children. Unlike many of her kind, Domaris is fond of humans, as she once spent a great deal of time among them.

As a Priestess she often works with other races and does not share the general prejudices Elves tend to have toward non-Elves, though if she were honest she would admit to an indifference toward certain species such as Draenei and Gnomes. She feels uncomfortable with the other races of the Horde as she knows they do not welcome her kind, and has only a nominal affiliation with the faction. Domaris gives courtesy and respect to everyone, no matter the race, unless they prove by their actions and words that they deserve otherwise.

She dislikes cold weather, dishonesty, greed, watching others suffer, and abusers of the weak.

History: Domaris was born to Athanor and Irenia Dawnray, the eldest of two children. Hers was a family of strong Elven tradition; her upbringing was very stern, which caused any number of conflicts for Domaris who by nature was high-spirited and rebellious. She quickly earned the nickname “Firebrand,” a moniker that followed her all the way to adulthood.

Her wild spirit gave her family cause to believe she would follow tradition and become a practitioner of the arcane; but she surprised everyone she knew by choosing the path of the Light instead. To anyone who asked why, she simply replied, “I was called,” and would explain no further. It appears she had some sort of spiritual awakening, but she has never shared the details.

When Domaris came of age she left home to spend a period of time among the humans in intensive study of the Holy Light. Despite her apparent calling and her sincere motives, she seemed to gain no favor from that nebulous entity. Her teachers assured her the Light would grant her Its blessing in time. Even so, she returned home discouraged and empty-handed, seemingly having failed to attain divine approval.

Her disappointment was short-lived. A few months after her return the Scourge invaded the High Elven homeland, and when Domaris selflessly rushed to the aid of the injured instead of fleeing for her own safety, the Light granted her Its blessing at last, with an awe-inspiring intensity she has never forgotten. When the dust settled and she was one of the few still alive, Domaris vowed to go where the Light sent her, whatever the cost.

And it did cost her greatly: When the majority of the surviving High Elves joined forces with Kael'thas, Domaris went with them and became Sin'dorei. Her family remained allied with the Quel'dorei and retreated into human territory, and they consider her to be dead to them for having sided with the Blood Elves. The loss of her family is a great sorrow to Domaris. Every now and again she attempts to make contact with them, but if the letters even reach their destination at all, they go unanswered.

Domaris is a woman in conflict. She believes that the Light leads her to the places where she is meant to serve, and she follows Its leading without hesitation; but her heart aches for her estranged family and the ancient traditions of the Quel'dorei. Her only family now is an older couple, a childless priest who serves as a mentor and father figure of sorts, and his wife. She visits them whenever she returns to Quel'thalas. Recently she was in a relationship with Loth'amel Dawnstriker, who has been reported missing in action in Northrend.

Currently she serves as a sort of traveling friar, visiting smaller towns and remote places without the presence of a priesthood and offering her services as a confessor, healer, and giver of last rites.