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Player: JVNemesis

Character Full Name: Kairos Gorehallow

Character In-Game Name: Kairos

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): The Burning Legion

Race: Orc

Class: Felsworn (Warlock OOC)

Age: 77

Sex: Male

Hair: White

Eyes: Red

Weight: 290 lbs.

Height: 6' 6”


Usual Garments/Armor: Kairos generally wears simple robes of varying colors, with a full concealing cloak to swathe him. A plated face guard covers his head from the nose down, hiding his mouth, cheeks, and neck from view. As a result, his voice is quite muffled, though it gains an odd echoing quality at times.

Several sets of twisted horns are set into his pauldrons, torn from the demons of hostile warlocks he defeated. The pauldrons are also set with a matched pair of slitted red eyes, representing the gaze of Kairos's watchful master.

Other: Kairos possesses a small trove of tomes and artifacts he has collected over his long years, all related to the Legion and the darker aspects of magic. His staff is inscribed with foul Eredun runes and topped with the skull of a demon. It increases the potency of his spells, and lessens the effort required for the old orc to manifest such abilities.

His skin is withered and desiccated, like a corpse left to rot in the desert. His teeth are jagged and blackened, his lips destroyed, and the corners of his mouth torn and the skin cracked, stretching his mouth far too wide. An injury gained from a rather stern teacher, it is the reason he wears his facemask.


Alignment: Neutral Evil

Kairos is a schemer and a manipulator. He learned how best to turn events in his favor from some masters of the craft, and he took the information to heart. Cruel and aloof, Kairos cares nothing for the suffering and pain he sometimes inflicts; his goal, whatever it may be at the time, is all that matters. He is confident in his own abilities, but never so much as to over-extend himself. Kairos prefers to not engage foes directly; as enjoyable as it may be, he will not risk himself unless there is no better way. When he does, though, his magic is generally more than adequate.

Kairos has a particular disdain for the Draenei above all other races; they were offered true power by Kairos's god, and denied it. Such foolishness is unforgivable to him. The Horde as well he considers to be a pathetic shadow of its former glory, and the thought of peaceful co-existence with the Alliance is anathema to him.

Kairos is adept at keeping his emotions hidden beneath an expressionless facade (helped a great deal, of course, by his mask). He is slow to anger, having built up a thick skin over his many years, but once his temper is finally roused hints of it may slip through his mask, sometimes quite literally in the form of gathering magical energy.

Ever since the 'miracle' intervention of his master (and even a bit before that), Kairos has been a fanatical devotee of the Legion, the only true power among the stars. He believes completely in their supremacy, and that their conquest of Azeroth is only a matter of time. Kairos spreads the word of his demon lords to the as yet unenlightened inhabitants of Azeroth whenever he is in a position to do so.

Kairos avoids Horde settlements as much as he does Alliance ones. While it's possible he could blend in for a short time, the palpable aura of fel he exudes (not to mention the demon that generally follows him) would give him away far too quickly to be worth the risk. He spends his time flitting from place to place, visiting old Legion-devotee bases and outposts in the hopes of unearthing some lost artifact or tome, and scheming. Always scheming...


Kairos was born into the Shadowmoon clan on Draenor many years ago, long before the conquest of Azeroth was even an idea to the Orcish clans. He was selected to be the apprentice of a respected shaman when he was still quite young, a great honor his parents had been more than happy to accept.

Kairos's training in contacting the spirits, however, was slowly subverted and perverted as time went on. His mentor was one of the acolytes Gul'dan had taught the secrets of fel sorcery, giving up their command of the elements. Acting in the interests of the Shadow Council (and to garner favor with his own master), Kairos's tutor began to lead the young orc astray, teaching Kairos the dark arts of Legion magic. His progress was slow, and Kairos was confused as to why he could not speak with the ancestors, as so many of the other shaman could. His abilities manifested far differently than he had imagined they would, his teacher much harsher than he expected, but Kairos bore it all stoically, never questioning his mentor.

His mystery was solved when Gul'dan offered the blood of Mannoroth to the Orcish clans. Young as he was, Kairos nonetheless drank the damning liquid at the behest of his teacher. His fate sealed, Kairos was able to more quickly progress down the path of damnation.

As the years passed and the orcs grew more restless, Kairos's power steadily increased. When Gul'dan formed the Stormreaver clan, Kairos's master put his pupil's name forward, and Kairos was among the first wave of new acolytes for the clan. He excelled at the early tasks and training assigned to him (as he had had training the others had not), earning his former mentor a fair amount of acclaim, and earning himself a better understanding of how to manipulate events in one's favor.

When his second training period came to an end, Kairos was quite an adept warlock, and he was deemed useful enough to be inducted into one of the lower tiers of the Shadow Council. He did little fieldwork, focusing mainly on training new acolytes and simply fulfilling the elder warlocks' every request, while watching the subtle moves of his superiors as the manipulated the Orcish Horde into a frenzy.

Watching, and learning.

When the Dark Portal was finally opened, Kairos was assigned to the assault, joining the Horde and wielding his fel sorcery against the humans. He enjoyed the combat, testing his powers against the forces of Azeroth, and finding them wanting. He participated in the battle that led to the fall of Stormwind, and was badly injured as he underestimated the ferocity of cornered humanity. He returned to Draenor shortly after Stormwind was sacked, unwittingly escaping Doomhammer's purge of the Shadow Council and Gul'dan's warlocks. He lay low for several years, becoming one of the few remaining members of the Stormreaver Clan after Gul'dan's ill-fated journey to the Tomb of Sargeras. Kairos spent the time honing his abilities and keeping off the radar, ever wary of being exposed.

When Ner'zhul's reckless use of magic began to tear Draenor apart, it seemed like the end for Kairos. He was too far from the Portal to escape the dying world, even if he had been able to make it through unmolested. With the world falling apart around him, Kairos retreated to the Black Temple, the bastion of the Shadow Council, but did not simply wait for the end to come. Instead, he used the black sorceries he had learned to cry out into the Nether, sending his plea for aid out to whatever realm lay in the great beyond.

And his prayer was answered.

Kairos felt a bond form in that moment; similar to the connection he established with summoned demons. The only difference was, he realized with a sinking feeling, that he was not the master this time. A demon spoke to him, its voice pounding inside his head, offering the desperate orc the survival he desired. In exchange for his undying loyalty, the demon would deliver Kairos's salvation.

It wasn't even really a decision. Kairos accepted the deal without hesitation, and the demon vanished from his mind. The Black Temple, of course, survived (through no action of his sponsor, though this fact remains unknown to Kairos), and Kairos along with it. Ever after, Kairos has been sworn to the demon (a minor eredar)'s service, completing strange and seemingly unconnected tasks at his master's order. This is hardly a negative, though; the demon's patronage brought more than his survival. The eredar shared many dark secrets with his servant, blasphemous rituals and ancient sorceries that allowed his pet to complete his assigned tasks.

Kairos remained in the ruins of Draenor for many of the following years, trying to reconnect with any of the surviving Shadow Council sects that had gone to ground. He was quite disgusted at the condition of the shattered organization, but has given up regrouping the Council. The Horde would never again take the advice of warlocks, and Kairos saw no profit in trying anyway. He abandoned whatever place he had left in the Shadow Council. The next time he entered Azeroth was after the reopening of the Dark Portal. He was rather disappointed to see Stormwind once again in human hands.

Kairos's master has been oddly silent lately, for reasons unknown to the orc. Whether the demon has simply abandoned his pet, or is biding his time for a greater endeavor remains to be seen. In recent years Kairos has become painfully aware of his own (rapidly diminishing) mortality, and is seeking ever-more desperate means by which to prolong his life. His demonic patron has not commented on the subject, and so does Kairos's search continue to this day.


Kairos has had years of practice and training with harnessing the magic of demons, and is appropriately skilled in his chosen field. He can channel pure fel magic in devastating attacks against his foes and summon allies from the Nether to assist him, destroying his enemies with fel sorcery and demonic might.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, however, are Kairos's physical abilities. He is a frail old man, utterly incapable of any kind of melee combat or even heavy lifting. The staff he carries is as much a walking stick as it is anything else. He is incapable of walking significant distances, and often devolves into fits of hacking coughs if he speaks too much. To balance that out, Kairos is nearly always in the company of a Felguard which accomplishes such tasks for him. He even rides on its shoulder sometimes should he tire of walking (something which annoys the demon immensely, and amuses Kairos to no end). While it is possible for him to consume fel artifacts to replenish his energy and continue fighting (healthstones, spellstones, etc), these have diminishing returns if used too frequently. They are generally enough to allow him to finish any encounter, though his recovery period afterward is longer than usual.

Shadowfield: In order to overcome the glaring weakness of being too slow to dodge or parry incoming attacks, Kairos has developed a spell that shrouds him in a physical shell of shadow and felfire. This protective orb of green and black fire can absorb incoming attacks (physical or magical) for a short amount of time.

Ritual Lord: Kairos's knowledge of the dark arts is immense, fueled further by his demonic tutor, and he knows the intricacies of demonic rituals far better than most. He can teleport to his Demonic Circles from farther away, and he is capable of casting the Rituals of Summoning and Souls. Additionally, he can link two Demonic Circles for a short time, creating a short-range portal.

Voice of the Legion: Kairos can speak Eredun (relatively) safely. While he believes this to be because of his master's blessing, it is more likely due to his powerful will.

Felsworn: Kairos is so suffused with fel that he is evolving into something like what he worships. Any abilities that are only usable against Demons or have increased effectiveness against them (Holy Wrath, Exorcism, Sense Demons, etc) apply to him.

Master of the Black Arts: Kairos is so practiced with wielding fel energy that he can substitute it for the weaker arcane in lesser spells, essentially creating fel-powered versions of the standard warlock abilities.