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Neutral Iselaine Rothenshield
Title <Stealer of Light>
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Class Rogue
Age 39
Height 5'2"
Weight 80
Eyes Yellow/glaming
Hair Faded ginger
Affilliation(s) The Black Harvest, Forsaken
Occupation Lightslayer
Status Undead

Player: Holynexus

Character Full Name: Iselaine Rothenshield

Character In-Game Name: Iselaine

Race: Forsaken

Class: Rogue

Age: 39 (30)

Sex: Female (if there's anything left)

Hair: Bleak red

Eyes: with all Forsaken. They are still there, by the way.

Weight: 80lbs

Height: 5"2


Usual Garments/Armor

The very same dress she wore the day of her wedding. Just more tarnished.

She sometimes puts some leather armor on top of it, when really needing to protect herself.


She owns a variety of daggers; most were collected in her unlife, and some short swords were even taken off the bodies of Priests or Paladins or other warriors she killed.

Skills and Abilities

Poison Making/Herbalism The frail Forsaken is good with Herbalism and Poison making. While not very effective against Paladins proper they are a weapon to behold, especially for the lesser-kind civilian devouts she happens to stumble into. She focuses on deadly poisons rather than typical elixirs, but knows exactly what herbs she need and what awesome poison, coating or vial to make from that.

Stealthy The Forsaken is very stealthy and her lights are very light. She can blend in a variety of environments, able to keep totally still, and concealing her rotting smell with herbs, perfumes and whatever she can find. Likewise, she is very adept at striking from the shadows, and she can even down a Paladin by surprise and disseapear before anyone understands what's been happening.


In life she certainly was devout and extreme in her worship of the Light; in death, she deludedly follows with the same conviction the path of the Shadows. Hateful of all things living, and somehow blaming them for rejecting her and reclaiming her land (or trying to), it is almost as her decaying heart burns with passion when speaking of the Light that forsook her and so many of her kind.

She tends to want power, far away from the tenets of the Light, and also revenge against the Paladins who killed again the only thing she held dear in unlife - her similarly ressurected husband. Power for her own uses and for her own satisfaction...but also power for the Forsaken. Concerned at their nigh-unability to reproduced and aware of the fact that she is both the first, and the last generation, she fights fiercely to protect her wretched people. She considers herself a citizen of Lordaeron, and Undercity as being the incumbent kingdom.

Devoted to the Shadows and to the Forsaken cause, she wanders tirelessly to slay those she is contracted to kill - Paladins, Priests, all things Lightly. With few other purpose, she prances about, her feet stenching the land around her. For, as the saying goes.. Men die. Beasts die. Trees die. Even continents perish. Only the power of death truly commands in Lordaeron. Resisting its power... is futile.


Iselaine was born a mere commoner in the bustling city of Lordaeron. Her parents were both leatherworker and it seemed the poor girl would follow in their footsteps. She didn't often get food and her childhood was indeed quite poor and bare, but so was the ways of the lower castes of Lordaeron. The girl was, like the rest of her family, and very often the rest of the commoners, a very devout Light worshipper, perhaps a little bit extreme in that she condemned anything the Light didn't endorse. Especially mages. She held them with contempt, being so rich and only working dark magics, in her mind, to get even richer. The first thirty years of her life was pretty uninteresting. She worked, soon enough, taking over after her parents died the leather working business. And she developed enough skills to survive in the lower slums of Lordaeron. Knifes, daggers, and where to strike...mostly for self-defence. She used her skills only twice, in fact - two men who took uncanny interest in the girl..and soon found themselves deprived of some parts. And of their life. But not all was grim and gloomy! Soon, she met an interesting man, also a faithful follower of the Light. It took them years of friendship to realize that they indeed were in Loveā„¢, but finally, they decided to marry. He lived in a village close to the town of Andorhal, and both married. ...Almost, actually. The armies of Arthas had done their bidding and the ceremony hadn't started yet that already mindless undead had taken over the area. The church was the last place to be assaulted; the two lovers, at long last, had the time to see each other die as necromancers slowly ended their lives. But this wouldn't end here...

When she woke up, it had been so long. She couldn't tell. She was decaying, she was -dead-. She was an abomination. She still wore her torn wedding dress, skin had gone in places and she was shrouded in darkness. She was quickly updated..that she was now a Forsaken. She brooded, confused but unable to feel the slightiest emotion - but raging hate. It took her more time to understand her new nature, and when she did, she decided to damn the Light and forsake it forever. But she wasn't alone..her lover, now an abomination too, was here and amongst the first to greet her. They didn't live long together. They imitated feelings of love, but they never had the time to rebuild anything, however wretched they'd be. Some Scarlet Crusade squad soon targetted the man, and he died writhing in pain under holy shocks. She barely escaped with her unlife back to the destroyed Lordaeron... Ever since then she lives in the city's glorious plagued underbelly; she has trained; humility has become greed and helplessness in the name of the nobles and the Light has turned into ruthless, merciless power. She trained into the arts of wielding a dagger; as if she didn't know, she indeed had training a long time ago after all, she lived in the slums of the city. And soon she found a master in arms that raised her as a Lightslayer, a harbinger of unholy doom to her foes. The training wasn't easy but through resolve and faith in the Shadows that embraced her, she regained a sort of hope, and a sense of salvation through destruction. And to her, the just cleansing and vengeance of Lordaeron has just begun...