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Player: Mezrin

Character Full Name: Zurug Hatecaller

Character In-Game Name: Zurug

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): The Ebon Blade, the Horde

Race: Orc

Class: Death Knight

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue and glowing

Weight: 386 lbs

Height: 6'9"


Usual Garments/Armor: Saronite armor with some spiked shoulders.

Other: Wields a runed spear, which glows blue.


Zurug Hatecaller is a cautious orc who has taken to liking his new condition. A weakling in life, the Orc lords his stature as a Death Knight over those who would care to listen, and finds it hard to resist an opportunity to flaunt his new found strength and combat prowess. Zurug loves meeting other dead people who walk when they shouldn't be moving around, but doesn't hold any hatred for the living; rather, he feels pity for them that they do not hold the power he wields over the powers of the cold, blood, and plagues. Zurug isn't good nor evil, but tends more to the side of chaos due to the nature of his powers that he enjoys oh so much.

Zurug is a sort of absent-minded orc, who can be a bit slow to understand what's being said and is often late to the conversation. He feels that the bloodlust of the orcs is something that is a weapon, and should be used against both the Scourge and the Legion as much as possible, as he is one who believes in fighting fire with fire. His hatred of the Scourge comes from being used by them as a slave, and the Legion for destroying the honor of his people. Despite his revelry in death, he still holds some semblance of honor. He also holds a good work ethic from his peon days, having been forced into labor for his lack of combat skills. However, because he was a peon, he has a hard time reading.

On the subject of politics, he believes that the Horde is good, and the Alliance is bad. The only exception to this would be other death knights, whom he is friendly to.


Zurug was born as a Frostwolf Orc in the war camps of the Old Horde, but was a sickly babe. His father was killed in the second war by the humans, and his mother separated from him when the orcs were distributed into different internment camps. He was lead into present day Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands, the last internment camp to fall to the New Horde. Zurug grew up a weakling due to his sickness, and coupled with his lethargy, he was not a very strong, agile, or strong-willed orc. Zurug spent much of his childhood dreaming and resting, not healthy enough to work, but the humans weren't cruel enough to kill a child. Instead, as punishment for not working (despite his health), he would be subjected to being stuffed in a crate, which would be buried underground in a shallow grave of sorts (similar to other orcs). This left him feeling slightly claustrophobic, which he would eventually outgrow as the punishments lessened and as he grew accustomed to being shoved inside a small box (he was a small child).

By the time Thrall freed the orcs of Hammerfall, he had reached physical maturity, and had recovered from the strange sickness he suffered from as a child. This sickness, however, resulted in him being thinner and less muscular than other orcs, even with the lethargy. When the camp was freed, he pledged himself to the New Horde that was lead by Thrall. He contributed to the war effort of the Third War by learning the trade of the peon, as he was both too young and too weak to fight properly. So, he learned how to cook, clean, build, gather, chop down trees properly, hunt (with some help) and other useful utility skills. He did not participate in the battle of Hyjal at all, however. After the Third War, and Orgrimmar was founded (with some help from him, as he had learned to build), Zurug was able to participate in his Om'riggor. His weakness caught up to him when he failed it, however. He was swiftly made a peon, which he had pretty much expected thanks to his skill set and history of weakness.

Zugrug eventually heard of the Argent Dawn, which had formed to combat the Scourge threat of Azeroth. Zurug decided to join up as a peon in the Dawn, and traveled to become a part of the fight against the Scourge. His main motivation for doing so was he felt guilty for not taking part in helping the battle against the Legion in Hyjal. So, he packed his bags and took off! Once there, he was accepted as a builder, and served faithfully for years as a member of the Dawn. Then, one fateful evening, Zurug was assigned to travel forward help set up a forward camp in the Plaguelands.

Disaster struck when they were overwhelmed by a Scourge ambush, and Zurug was slain. However, fate was not done with this sickly orc yet. He and his fellow Argents were raised as Death Knights, champions of the Scourge, or so he was told. Instead, he served as cannon fodder, but was one of the lucky ones to survive. As a death knight, he became supernaturally strong and learned how to fight, but he became a natural with a spear or a staff. So, instead of the traditional rune-blade, his overseer allowed him to use a rune-spear. He participated in the slaughter of Hearthglen, like a good little mind-puppet, and broke free, just like everybody else. So, Zurug returned to Orgrimmar, but not for long. He was an outcast among his people, and eventually left in search of a place for himself among the rest of the world.