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Neutral Brohn Stonehart
Brohn Stonehart.png
Player Ural
Title <Brooding Breadwinner>
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Class Death Knight
Age 126
Height 5'5"
Weight 225
Eyes Runic Blue
Hair Blue-black
Affilliation(s) The Ebon Blade

Black Harvest

Occupation Mercenary
Relative(s) Unknown
Mentor(s) Unknown
Student(s) None
Companion(s) None
Alignment Lawful Evil
Status Undead


A set of spiked platemail adorned with skulls.

Other: He carries a warhammer.


Alignment: Lawful Evil

Brohn Stonehart is a depressed dwarf who feels his life was stolen from him. He is a cold shell of the caring, passionate dwarf he once was. Brohn believes himself too timid in his youth, and strives to change his fate in his undeath. He finds solace in battle or in a mug of ale. Not that he can taste anything, but just the simple act of eating and drinking brings back memories of the life he used to live.


Brohn was the elder of two sons born and raised in Kharanos, Dun Morogh. Brohn and his brother Burt never got along growing up. While Brohn sought to honor his parents, Bert was unruly. Often Brohn would find himself cleaning up his brother's mess to protect his families' reputation. When the call went out for able-bodied Dwarves to fight in the Second War, Brohn left his brother to his own devices.

After the victory Brohn returned to Kharanos. He found his brother had made 'dealings' with a shady dwarf treasure-hunter. Burt had run up a great deal of debt due to his gambling, and 'went missing' during the War. Brohn confronted the dwarf, but was told if he wanted to see his brother again, he'd have to pay off his debt. To make things worse, this dwarf threatened to come after Brohn's family should he not take heed. Seeing no other way to safely rescue his brother, Brohn set out to make some coin.

Brohn Stonehart joined the Third War effort alongside the other Bronzebeards. The pay was mere pittance compared what his brother owed, but it would have to suffice for now. Brohn's skill was in battle. In the flurry of steel and demons he felt at peace. The cares of his brother and family melted with the focus of battle.

Even after the victory, Brohn was still the victim of extortion by the loan shark. The criminal had developed a network of crime and seemed perfectly capable to carrying out whatever it took to keep Brohn's coins flowing. Brohn knew some dwarven Argent Dawn warriors from the Third War and sought them out for work. They were heavily invested in the Plaguelands and gladly took a war veteran such as Brohn. The pay was never enough for the loan shark but he was pleased at the continuing coin-flow.

Brohn met his mortal defeat one battle in the Plaguelands. His unit was being overran by Scourge and was attempting a retreat. Hoping to give his friends enough time to escape, Brohn stayed back and fought valiantly. Felled by numerous arrows and sword, Brohn managed to distract the Scourge long enough for his allies to escape. News of his death reached his family and the loan shark. He began to threaten Brohn's elderly parents for protection, since their last son was dead.

After the fall of the Lich King, the loan shark was visited by a heavily armored dwarf. An aura of frost emanated from the undead warrior. Whatever goons he threw at him went down in a fury of steel and ice. The Death Knight grabbed the crime lord by the throat and held him up. Struggling, he kicked off the Knight's helmet. His last breath was a gasp of surprise.

Brohn Stonehart feels that he cannot return to his family like this monster. Instead he sends monthly stipends under the guise of his long forgotten brother. Currently he finds spare work as an adventurer, mercenary or anyone offering coin for a service he can provide. Though it is odd to see a Death Knight with a drive for coins, few have the courage to ask him about it.

Skills and Abilities

Brohn has mastered all aspects of his Frost Presence. While not as skilled in dealing death with it as some, it does make him appear extraordinarily threatening. Brohn is quite sturdy due to his agumented defenses.

  • Frost Presence - An aura of cold permeates the Dwarf, boosting defenses and appearing as an imminent threat.
  • Icy Touch - Freezes the air around a target, infecting them with a frostbite-like sensation. Requires a Frost Rune.
  • Chains of Ice - Multipurpose shackles of ice. Targets are bound and infected with a frostbite-like sensation. Requires a Frost Rune.
  • Icebound Fortitude - Freezing his blood, the Deathknight takes on an indomitable stance for a last stand attempt. Requires Runic Power.
  • Frost Strike - Imbues the Dwarf's weapon with biting cold. Requires Runic Power.
  • Mind Freeze - Smashes the target's mind with a brainfreeze-like sensation, interrupting spell-casting.
  • Path of Frost - Creates ice under the Dwarf, allowing pursuit to continue even over water.
  • Horn of Winter - The sound of impending doom, this horn of ice is a psychological weapon used to inspire allies and terrify opponents.

As Seen by Others

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