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Player: muhaha8

Character Full Name: Arcken Calenbrad

Character In-Game Name: Arcken

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): The Burning Legion, via Tothrezim, Stormwind, Alterac (Former)

Race: Human

Class: Fel-Sworn (Warlock)

Age: 43

Sex: Male

Hair: Long and ginger, pulled back into a pony tail. He has a fancy pair of moustachops to complete the look.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 162 pounds

Height: 5 foot 7 inches

Alignment: Lawful Evil


Usual Garments/Armor: Arcken dresses in the colors of his former kingdom: orange and black. His robes are crude, with symbols sewn across their length. He wears no gloves, but carries on his hip a dagger with runes inscribed upon its length.


Arcken is a cutthroat, shrewd man. He follows a strict moral compass, although what he considers to be moral and immoral would be considered hogwash by many. As a salesman and debt collector for the Tothrezim in their efforts to accumulate ever greater amounts of wealth, he is very shrewd and convincing, if not conniving. He is cold and calculating, wishing nothing more than to serve the Legion. He may have friends, but to him, they are equally as disposable as his enemies are. He is, however, enthusiastically loyal toward anyone who serves the Legion alongside him, and is not terribly likely to throw said individual under the proverbial bus.


Arcken was born in the high mountains of the small human kingdom of Alterac, within the walls of its capital city. A very small and relatively weak kingdom, Alterac held one true power: trade through the region. As such, many were wealthy, and House Calenbrad was no different. A minor noble house, Calenbrad got its title in war and its money in trade and backstabbing. Life within the family was violent for Arcken, if not also fruitful and developing.

Before his 10th birthday, Arcken was sent off to Dalaran. He never possessed the physical strength to become the family's patriarch, which happened to be a militaristic family by origin, but possessed the mind to become one of its strongest thinkers. Arcken completed his apprenticeship as he reached adulthood, returning home soon after. He constantly felt as though, however, something was lacking. He was hungry for magic, always seeking more power, more wealth, more control. He began to see the magi of Dalaran as weak fools not willing to delve deeper into the depths of magic.

Arcken got his chance to achieve more when the Orcs invaded. Ever open for a profitable venture, House Calenbrad, and Alterac as a whole, banded together under Lord Perenolde to allow the Orcish Horde through into Lordaeron. As payment, the Syndicate, as many of Alterac became known, was left alone by the Orcs. The two groups aligned, and the Orcs shared some of their knowledge of Fel. Always on the hunt for more, Arcken quickly accepted the training the Orcs' offered, greedily using and abusing the magic granted to him.

It didn't take long for the Alliance of Lordaeron to pick up on Alterac's betrayal, crushing the weak kingdom underfoot. House Calenbrad's nobility was revoked, their land destroyed. In the mayhem and confusion of the rout of Manor Calenbrad, Arcken slew his father, whom he knew was too weak-willed any longer to commit fully to any plan. He drained the man's soul, storing it for later use. He also stole away a small book stored in the drawer of his father's writing desk, which he knew contained information from the Orc Warlocks he ought not to lose. The few remaining Calenbrads were scattered, and Arcken, in rags, began the trek south. He stopped in Arathi, where he found that the Syndicate had crushed the city of Stromgarde, before gathering supplies and moving on, his actions on his mind all the way.

He didn't regret a thing.

Having traveled for several months, into the Second War, Arcken chose to cease his travels temporarily. He stopped his trek in the middle of the marshes of the Wetlands and made camp for a few days. Seeking a release from his wretched existence, Arcken drew upon some of the darker knowledge imparted upon him by the Orcish Warlocks: the summoning of greater demons. He tore out the old book he stole fro his father, as well as the stone containing his soul, and placed them on the ground. He began to draw the intricate patterns contained within the book, creating a complex ritual circle on the ground in his camp. Upon completing the ritual circle, he placed the stone with his father's soul within at the center of the circle and began the wicked chant. Within moments an ancient and powerful demon appeared at the circle's center. The demon had sunken eyes and four arms portruding from its muscular torso, two of which held cruel, curved swords. Its smooth flesh was dotted and marred by intricate cuts, a masterpiece of mutilation. From its back unfurled sinister wings with wicked, curved spikes protruding from the ends. Its black claws dripped with Fel poison. It spoke with a malice not often heard on the mortal planes, naming itself Nazgranel, a tothrezim. It devoured the soul of Arcken's father in a heartbeat as payment for its forced summon.

After negotiation, the two came to an agreement, a pact then sealed with the blood of each. Arcken would serve his new master and spread the influence of the Legion, while in return, Nazgranel would supply power and new, darker magic for Arcken to use at his discretion. A “bonus” for agreeing to this pact, Arcken was given a vial of black blood, the blood of his new demonic master, to drink at his will. The thick ichor made him vomit when he took his first sip, but that was all it took. Arcken was hooked on the demon's blood, and could not turn back.

The young man's first task was simple: track down a small band of humans in the swamps of the Wetlands, and extract payment for services rendered by the Tothrezim. A young warlock's payment had come due on a bargain made with the cruel businessdemons, and Arcken was intended to collect it. He tracked down the warlock to a small, hastily-made hut in the marshes. After a quick discussion, it came to Arcken's attention that no payment was to be had, a most grave situation for the warlock at hand. He remembered back to Nazgranel's motto, “Payment can always be made, even if with one's own soul,” and struck the Warlock down, draining his soul into a shard for future offering to his new master, before raiding the house.

He retrieved anything of value from within, dragging it outside before lighting the house ablaze, the smell of burnt flesh filling the air. The young Fel Sworn performed the ritual to summon his master, a large pile of items as agreeable payment stacked before him, crowned with the soul stone containing the poor Warlock's soul. Nazgranel cackled, taking the payment and leaving another mission of collection for Arcken to embark on. Arcken's life continued as such, running missions for the Tothrezim on a regular basis, living his life off the land in the times between missions. All was fine, well, and good until the mission to Stormwind, which threw his way of life completely off-track.

Upon arriving in Stormwind, Arcken received word that his mission was to keep an eye on the non-Legion Warlocks beneath the Slaughtered Lamb tavern in the Mage District of the great human capital. He has, since the end of the Third War, been performing this action under the pretenses of being a young businessman in search of money and close friends since then, reporting his findings often to his Legion masters.

Skills and Abilities

Arcken is a Warlock first, and as such is highly skilled in both Affliction magics and Demonology. His mana pool is larger as a result of his intake of raw Fel via demon's blood, allowing him to cast more spells before tiring. On top of this, he has added some entirely new spells to his list.

Fel Siphon: Arcken can drain Fel direct from the source, be it a Demon, a Warlock, a Fel Stone, to heal himself.

Cripple: Arcken can send a jolt of Fel through someone's system, be it through touch or through spell. It causes immense, temporarily paralyzing pain in a target, perfect for capturing debtors attempting to flee.

Armored Fel Stalker: Arcken's Fel Stalker, his choice demon, is armored in Fel Steel, to give it more protection from those pesky debtors who choose to fight back. The Fel Stalker still acts as it normally would, devouring the mana of its prey.

Siphon Health: Arcken launches a swarm of Fel beetle larva at a foe, implanting them in the flesh of his target. Upon hatching, the larva eat away at the flesh of the target, causing damage and turning it into health for Arcken.