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Player: PvtFrog

Character Full Name: Verdunt Poisonspring

Character In-Game Name: Verdunt

Nickname(s): Verdunce, Ver, Doctor, Doctor Ver

Association(s): The Alliance(loosely), Ironforge

Race: Gnome

Class: Scientist (Rogue OOC)

Age: 57

Sex: Male

Hair: Frizzly, and kept short. His platinum-silver colored hair is often unkempt, and occasionally spiked up. This is not due to personal preference however, and is only ever seen when a machine or experiment goes wrong and he's electrocuted.

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 35lb

Height: 3'


Usually found in black silk trousers and dress shoes along with a white lab coat. On the rare occasion that he ventures away from his House into Dun Morogh, he will bring a suitcase that stores a pair of gloves, a hat, and a woolen robe. Additionally, when inside his lab or simply taking a break from a long day's of work, he will sport a pair of red-lensed goggles.

Other: His pet crow will be usually found perched on top of his head.


Alignment: True Neutral

Though the man has a higher intelligence than most of his race, his social skills are obviously lacking. The man shows a clear disdain for jokes, often ruining them by citing evidence and facts to prove the joke wrong. Due to his secluded childhood, the young man often has no idea how to react in different social settings and environments and will often say something terribly wrong or rude. Verdunt often prefers to isolate himself in his house, keeping to himself unless requested for. His experiments take highest priority, even over his and other's own health and well being which often result in him being seen as 'mad' and 'evil'. Verdunt has a knack and tendency to observe instead of initiating, occasionally leaving his house simply to observe people at the local tavern and write down observations of them.


Born into the halls of Gnomeregan, Verdunt's early life was often spent shut away in his room accompanied only by a pile of books. The young child was often nagged by his two sisters to come and play with them but always gave the same excuse to avoid the duty. "Maybe another time, I'm studying." Their father and mother worried about their youngest son and his ways, but were satisfied their son was at least spending his time wisely. Years passed by, with Verdunt spending nearly all his time reading and studying and rarely being forced to play with his siblings. Instead of following his father's footsteps however, and studying engineering, Verdunt chose to study medicine and chemicals. It was at this time that his talent was discovered, quickly finishing his studies in only a couple of years and becoming a skilled doctor. Instead of finding work as a surgeon however, Verdunt continued his studies in Chemistry. On his fifth year of his studies, he invented a gas that when inhaled, could affect basic muscle control which earned him his name 'Poisonspring'.

As the years continued on, Verdunt found a job to produce and try to create medicine for the local pharmacy as well as occasionally operating on injured Gnomes. Verdunt seemed to have his life set, but that was cut short by the attack on Gnomeregan. Scared for his life the instant that he was notified of the attack, the scientist ran for his life after collecting all of his money and his tools. The majority of his family made it, however his father was not spotted among the survivors. Assuming him to be dead, Verdunt made sure his remaining family was fine and then quickly resumed his work in Ironforge. Having caught a quick glimpse of a Trogg when he was fleeing the city, his interest in them was sparked. Paying a small party of Dwarves, he supplied them the poison he had made, and had them locate and bring him back a Trogg alive. At first, he kept the Trogg he had caught sedated and kept him in a small cage, only taking it out to conduct experiments and finally dissecting it to study. Over time, as he began to make money from his job again, he began to modify his house into a makeshift laboratory, complete with cages and tools.

It was after a few months, that he had picked up a tidbit of information from observing the local populace at the bar. The radiation had caused the Gnomes remaining to mutate and transform. Now with a new goal in mind, Verdunt was adamant on attempting to help his kind and develop a cure for the Lepper Gnomes. At first, his experiments consisted of dissections and various chemical treatments, but slowly and gradually grinded to a halt as the cure for their state eluded him constantly. This never discouraged him however, as he resumed supplying local hunters with poisons in exchange for money and living Lepper Gnomes to conduct experiments on. It was only after several years of living in Ironforge, that news of a war in Northrend was announced. Reluctant to travel so far, but yet spurred on by the thoughts of studying different beings, he cautiously made his way to Northrend. There, he often scrounged around battlefields after the battle had been won to look for intact bodies to study and make notes on.

This habit lasted only for a few weeks before he ran out of races to inspect. Fixing his gaze upon the Undead there, Verdunt quickly found out his toxins had no effect on them and was forced to flee for his life from a hungry ghoul. He was then forced to loot bodies after battles had been won, but his scientific mind couldn't grasp the concept of magical energies animating a body. Discouraged, the Gnome made his way back to his home again where he stays to this day, making medicine and conducting experiments.

Skills and abilities

Being a scientist, Verdunt has a frail body with barely enough muscle mass to move around objects and equipment. He relies heavily on his brain and wits to keep himself alive and perform his experiments.

  • Genius level intellect: Verdunt's IQ is considered 'genius-level', often benefiting his experiments. This helps him make up for what he lacks in bodily strength.
  • Doctor: Being a skilled surgeon, Verdunt has an intimate knowledge a Humanoid's anatomy.
  • Chemist: While not as skilled with chemicals as with a scalpel, Verdunt is knowledgeable about chemicals and how they work when people are exposed to, or ingest it.