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Player: Psycho.

Character Full Name: Drah'ugoki.

Character In-Game Name: Ugoki.

Nickname(s): Drah', scary-creepy-glowy-eye-mon' (By courtesy of Cappnrob's kid.)

Association(s): The Horde, The Ebon Blade, The Darkspear Trolls. In truth, just wants his kids, mon.

Race: Troll

Class: Death Knight

Skills and Abilities: Ugoki, unlike most of his brothers in death, is quite poor in the use of any unholy magics. But, in compenstation, Ugoki is a melee juggernaut, boasting both incredible strength due to his past life and his current state, and excellent skill in melee combat. Ugoki is also tough as nails, able to keep charging through a great deal of injuries.

Age: 39.

Sex: Male.

Hair: Ugoki's hair is a long pile of deep blue dreadlocks running back all the way to his back.

Eyes: Ugoki's eyes were a dark red before his change. Now, as always, they're the hollow blue ghostly rune.

Weight: 324 lbs [147 kg].

Height: 8'1" [2.48 m]

Alignment: True Neutral.


Usual Garments/Armor: Ugoki is usually dressed in tribal armor, fittingly light. The only aspect which is a bit large and bulky would be the large shoulderpads, holding the skulls of animals on them. With that, Ugoki is also usually found with his two blood-red cleavers, each of them adorning runes. On his back he carries a larger, two handed axe, with strings running down from one end to another like an instrument.

Other: Ugoki also carries around him a small hatchet, fitting a child by the looks of it, which seems to have gone through quite a lot.


Ugoki in life was a proud and fierce warrior, and those standards retained with him even beyond death. At most times quiet, Ugoki will only speak when he finds it needed, or to stand up against something. He has a deep sense of loyalty to his friends and his allies, but will not tolerate anything that stands in the way of his current goal.

Ugoki is a hard minded Troll, often setting on a single goal and pursuing it with incredible vigor until it is achieved. Anyone who stands in his way will pay the price. Ugoki finds most races on Azeroth, from the Horde atleast and counting aside Blood Elves, as decent people, and he would prefer to avoid combat with them. Another noticeable feature in Ugoki's personality is his love for music, and especially war-drums. Nothing reminds him as much of his former life then the sounds of a heavy quick beat against the stretched hide of an animal. Ugoki mostly left behind the old ways of the Troll people, but in no way discriminates against it.


Born in the Broken Isles, from birth it was obvious, Ugoki was a unique child. Son to a rather ordinary Hunter of the tribe, and to his third mate, and younger brother to Mulk'waz, only three years ahead of him in age. But Ugoki and his brother were large... Quite large. From the youngest of age, it was obvious that both brothers were noticeably larger then the rest of the children. The two brothers grew up to be an almost unbreakable pair, growing up slowly to be large and strong children. When Ugoki reached at the age of sixteen, and his brother, nineteen, it was obvious what the path the two would take. Already as almost as large as a full grown male, Ugoki had taken the path of the warrior in learning from his older brother. It was naught by the age of 17 for Ugoki, where the divide came between them...

At one of his hunts alone, Ugoki found himself caught between a Murloc ambush. Miraculously, the young Ugoki did not only survive... He had slaughtered the whole ambushing party. He returned to the village with grievous wounds which were treated by those who could, and was soon given the honorary title of Drah, slayer. Mulk'waz watched his brother given his markings with a slow envy growing in his heart, but nonetheless, he encouraged his brother. But the two were never quite the same since that day. Slowly, Mulk'waz grew more competitive against Ugoki, trying desperately to match at his achievements which seemed to grow only more and more, as was his skill.

The fight against the murlocs grew hopeless by each passing day, with Ugoki and Mulk'waz fighting alongside each other in ruthless bloody battles almost every passing sun and moon. It was only until the band of green skinned men, led by Thrall, whom called themselves the Orcs have come and aided the Trolls of the Darkspear to retreat at the cost of Sen'jin's life. Ugoki at start, was wary of these men and women... A society which both sexes was equal and had such strange cultures. But it didn't take long for Ugoki to grow fond of these people, as they held such high value of honor and battle. Mulk'waz on the other hand saw them as oppressors to the ancient Trollish culture which he clung to. Ugoki saw firsthand the way his brother slowly fell towards more dark and violent thoughts, but he could do nothing of it.

After the many occurances of Echo Isles and the bloody battles fought, at long last the Trolls settled down in Sen'jin village. It was not long before Ugoki picked a woman, happily adopting the Orc's culture of sexual equality, he picked a warrior wanting to prove herself by the name of Dizz. Mulk'waz chose to retain at a lonely life, slowly cutting off even from Ugoki who once was such a close brother to him. With the events of the world slowly unfolding, so was with Ugoki's personal life. His wife gave him two children, a male and a female. But soon, as he heard of the the events in Northrend, he knew he had to pay his debt to the Horde.

With a grim knowledge of the risk of this task, Ugoki set out to find his brother and re-unite with him. Before leaving, Ugoki's son gave to him a crudely made hatchet, begging his father to come back soon.

He found his brother fighting in the Ring of Honor within Orgrimmar. With the two meeting at Durotar at the same thought of leaving for Northrend, Ugoki thought the pact between the two was returning. The two set out to Northrend, where they both, though reluctantly, joined the Argent Crusade in order to assist the destruction of the Lich King. The two fought always back to back against each foe they could, until...

The two found themselves once more stranded in an ambush, a great deal of foes which alone the two could not tackle. With great effort and injury, the two managed to cleave a path of escape. But the sounds of combat were too loud, and caused a landslide to tumble at the two. In a rash decision, Ugoki pushed his brother out of the way before he himself tried to escape the tumbling stones with only partial success. His legs were buried in, possibly broken, and he had lost his cleavers.

In hopes for help, Ugoki looked up to his brother... Only to see him grinning wickedly down to him. "When joo gone, ah'll tell ya' mate dat it we' ya' last wish fo' me ta' take yo' place..." Mulk'waz said before heading off into the snow. Devastated and crushed, Ugoki's rage kicked in. He thrashed and screamed in a burning anger as he heard the sound of the approaching undead. He took a nearby stone and fought... Fought with the form of vigor he prayed to the Loa would save his life. But soon enough... Darkness washed over him.

Risen by the Necromancer's foul magics, Ugoki found himself enslaved to the will of the Lich King. A tool of slaughter. And for the following while, he indulged within the wills of the Scourge as he slaughtered relentlessly, taking the path of blood for his physical aspect. It was not until the battle of Light's hope where Ugoki was freed from the grasp of the tyrant, and returned to Sen'jin village. Shunned and feared, he got news of his brother leaving with his family to hiding. Enraged and fueled by the horrors of the past, Ugoki set out to find his family... And to make his brother pay.

Ugoki currently roams Azeroth in search of Mulk'waz, blood lust guiding him.