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Horde Aendron Moridi Darkwhisper (Eranu'endal)
Player SachikoMaeda
Gender Male
Race Sin'dorei
Class Shadow Priest
Age 823
Height 6' 10"
Weight 133 lbs
Eyes Bright Fel Green
Hair Long and obsidian black, it is always kept very neat. His hair is oddly thin and very light making it easy for him to style. He never really does anything special with his hair, leaving it how it falls.
Affilliation(s) Horde, Silvermoon
Occupation Information Broker, "Priest of Judgement", Sunwell Guardian
Relative(s) Ralerian Eranu'belore (Half-brother), Ghardiak Dawnsent (Half-brother), Iverynalian Eranu'belore (Grandfather), Aydendril Eranu'belore (Nephew), Zalyen Eranu'felo (Nephew), Doran Lilivei Goldquill (???)
Mentor(s) None
Companion(s) Elend Lightborne Eranu'endal (Husband)
Alignment Lawful Evil
Status Alive


Not one to wear colors, he sticks with black, white, and grey robes. He wears a black mask that covers all of his face under his eyes. Neatly tucked away under his robes is where he stashes away quite a few scrolls, books, and various other notes. His clothes will always cover most of his body, the only exposed areas being the upper half of his face, his ears, and his hair.

Other: He is an oddly tall and skinny individual, his overall build being very lanky. His body appears to be oddly large to his limbs simply from all of the objects he keeps stored in his robe. He always carries himself with a levitation spell as he is too weak to stand on his own, let alone walk. He suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy akin to Becker's and Limp-Girdle. He suffers with reoccurring scoliosis from his weakened muscles. Over the course of his life, he had gone through various surgeries to correct this, the most recent carried out by a few trusted doctors. He stands taller than most of his kin.


Alignment: Lawful Evil

Extremely reclusive and largely unwilling to trust others. He has the tendency to look down on others, feeling that they waste their physical abilities doing nothing more than complaining. Those he deems to be unworthy he will do his best to ruin, while those who show him a kind deed may be spared. He generally distrusts people due to the fact he feels they are always shunning him for his physical disabilities. His sense of humor is very dry and morbid as he tends to take pleasure in the despair of others.

He is a very angry individual, though it rarely shows. He cannot throw a tantrum, beat people up, or express his anger through any physical actions. Due to his limitations, he tends to sit there in his anger, channeling it into destroying the lives of those he deems to be unworthy. Very few people are spared from his anger towards life, those being the ones he either takes pity on, actually trusts, or his kin.


Aendron was born to a middle class couple, a priestess of the Light and a hunter. His early years were considered to be fairly normal. He was a generally happy child, learning many things about the Light from his mother. When he was thirteen, he began to notice an odd weakness in his arms. He slowly found himself unable to do most of the chores he had done with ease before. His father felt that he was just being lazy and did not want to do hard work when it needed to be done. His mother inspected him, taking him to other priests to be absolutely sure that it was not laziness like his father had suggested.

All of the healers that they had turned to found that his muscles would continue to deteriorate at a slow rate and that he would eventually lose the ability to walk. His father became outraged and refused to care for someone that could not work. Within the next week, Aendron's father left him and his mother. Slowly after Aendron become more introverted, spending more time indoors studying rather than being outside. Over the next thirty years his condition worsened, nearly losing complete use of his arms and his midsection weakening to where standing became awkward and walking became cumbersome. Working became impossible for him, so he stayed dependent off of his mother.

When his mother remarried, there was a new found wealth within the family. Able to afford care, Aendron began receiving treatment for his disability. Over nearly twenty years, its effects on his body were nearly reversed. It was not a permanent fix, but it allowed him some form of normalcy. He even took to learning to play the flute. The best years of his life began when his half brother was born. Even though he was a little over one hundred years old, he felt reconnected to his childhood during the few days he was well enough to interact with his half-sibling Ralerian. When Ralerian was bit by a spider and stuck in a coma, Aendron kept himself to his room again, feeling guilty for not being there for his younger brother. When their mother passed caring for his half-brother, Ralerian's father couldn't afford to care for both Aendron and Ralerian. After thinking it over, Aendron left home so his brother could receive care since he felt Ralerian needed it more.

He made his way from their home in Tranquillien up to Quel'thalas to find refuge and care amongst the few other disabled. He slowly started to feel hate while he watched his condition deteriorate again through the next fifty years. It did not take long for him to begin to spite the Light, feeling that it was playing some sort of cruel joke on him and his family. When the Light left him, he began to delve into the Shadow out of spite for the Light and wanting to better himself. He once again placed himself into seclusion, studying various subjects though his main focus was on learning the ways of the Shadow.

Using levitation spells to make himself mobile again, he left after four hundred years studying to travel across the elven lands to find more methods of using the Shadow. During his travels he began to study people, wanting to know more about how they interact and why. His interest in others was short lived as he slowly developed hate for those more physically able than he was. He spent ten years traveling before returning himself to studies once again.

He was not seen until the Second War began. He offered his services with the Shadow to help interrogations and work a few spy missions. He never saw combat during the war, but he enjoyed his years of service. After the war ended, he returned to Quel'thalas to try and pay for the same treatments he had years ago. He had enough money to pay for two years of treatment, barely doing anything for him, before he pulled himself away from society once again for studying. When the Scourge attacked Silvermoon, he was pulled from solitude with a few others that had decided to evacuate. He stayed with that small group for a few weeks as they began going through the magic withdrawals.

Once fel was brought to Eversong, Aendron was one of the first to begin drawing from the source. He quickly became addicted to the substance, his eyes turning a bright green not long after. He decided to wander about once again, exploring other regions of Azeroth to further his studies and work buying and selling information. While staying in Stranglethorn Vale, he met Elend who was asleep atop a post in Booty Bay. Intrigued by his peculiar sleeping habits, Aendron began trying to get to know more of the other elf. After a few weeks with Elend he was reunited with his half-brother whom he felt may have died some years ago. For the first time in years he began experiencing some form of joy knowing that Ralerian was alive and took the same path of Shadow. When news of the world being ravaged by Deathwing reached his ears, he took to make sure his city was safe, no longer wishing to remain passive.

He made his way from his family home in the Ghostlands to Quel'danas to work with the Guardians to defend the Sunwell. While nowhere near proper physical condition, he compensated heavily with his magical know-how and skills. He spends his time in various areas of the Sunwell Plateau as a guide for any pilgrims visiting the area, making sure all is safe from disrespect. His time is spent as a guide and event organizer, though he has privileges to remove unruly guests as he sees fit.

Skills and Abilities

Illusionist: Years of studying the mind has allowed him to bend the sight of others. He prefers to keep his illusions to one mind and usually uses them to conceal his own identity. Player consent is required.

Psychic Plea: When in danger and left within a mile radius of his kin, he will let out a psychic scream that, rather inducing fear, calls either Ralerian, Elend, Zalyen, or Alonair to his aid. The sound is horrid to those untrained, causing a temporary disabling effect. This ability also requires player consent and is prone to failure unless in the Ghostlands.

Frailty: Aendron's body is incredibly weak. Muscular dystrophy prevents him from becoming physically fit, and scoliosis makes breathing a difficult task. He is prone to illness compared to the typical Blood Elf and is rather dependent on his half-brother Ralerian due to this. Though he is capable of walking short distances now, Aendron prefers to either levitate places or be carried places.

Priest of Judgement: Viewing himself as a judge of mortals, he draws his powers of the Shadow from doing what he believes is for the best of the balance. He works closely to the ideals of his "Priest of Death" brother.

Creature of Shadow: Aendron's Shadowform frees him of his physical ailments. He tends to dwell in the shadows or in dim-lit rooms and hardly makes his way into the sunlight.

Hidden Talents: Aendron can play the flute incredibly well. He can also "read" people by how they walk, talk, and generally present themselves. He is a speed reader and also enjoys spending his time writing prose.

Eject: In the event of an unruly visitor, Aendron channels his levitation spell into a direct force to push the other out of the way. Such a method is a last resort for when force must be used.

Sunwell Guardian: Aendron has taken up the role of defending the sacred grounds of the Sunwell against any invaders, vandals, delinquents, or any sort of disrespect. Though physically frail, he compensates with his magic knowledge, skill, and power to make himself an imposing force. He can enforce Silvermoon laws as a Guardian only on Sunwell Plateau grounds.