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Player: Jaella

Character Full Name: Rahzul

Character In-Game Name: Rahzul

Nickname(s): Rahzul the Silent, Rahzul ; Striker from the Shadow.

Association(s): Undercity

Race: Forsaken

Class: Thief/Assassin (Rogue)

Skills and Abilities:

Increased sneak/silent movements : His honed skills of the past are still of use to him. He's a guillable and stealthy person that enjoys sneaking about, even if it is not required.

Sharpened claws : His resurrection for the designated tasks he was commanded caused his claws, to become sharpened and use able as lethal stabbing and slashing.

Silent night : A trick to stir the winds, putting out any light source that has a flame. Note ; Spell like ability. (Does not apply to magical light sources, such as lights from wands or staves for example)

Increased vision/Heightened senses : The modifications brought upon his body when he was a mindless scout improved his eye sight, perception of his surroundings and hearing.

Age: 22 (When he got slain and resurrected as undead) 31 Years as of current.

Sex: Male

Hair: Bald.

Eyes: Hollow, he never got the yellow eyes and remained having the black void he always had as an undead.

Weight: 200 lbs

Height: 6'

Usual Garments/Armor: Scraggy, old but high quality protective leathers to hide his tools, tricks and other hidden items on person.

Other: (none)

Alignment: Lawful Evil


Before he was turned into an undead, he was a Human who honored traditional ways and always enjoyed a good joke or two. But this changed over the course during his turning. He became more silent, deadly and always speaks with a hoarse and cold voice. Giving everyone a shiver when he speaks. Some of his former traits still house within him, one change drastically. Such is the case of his previous jokes, who are more morbid and not so pleasant for the living.


During his youth, Rahzul always enjoyed sneaking about and do petty thievery. It mainly involved in the thrill of it of pulling something off, he also was very poor at the time. So he always ended up stealing and sneaking around for a living. In which he always got away from, but this ability quickly got noticed when he got of age and he was soon enrolled to follow the path of becoming a scout. Put always within the midst of their enemies to steal plans or kill certain targets. He was never a very social person either, always keeping to himself most of the time and when he did talk with other people. He never told much, letting the other's speak most of the time while he listened. He got captured during one of his missions by the Scourge in Tirisfal Glades, where he would spend most of his years alive during the Third War.

But this life soon ended for him as he was captured by the Scourge, first he was imprisoned by them to be interrogated by a necromancer as he was caught during one of his missions. When he kept refusing to tell them what he knew. Rahzul was hanged, a honorableness death for him. He was soon being experimented on to fill out the role as scout for the Scourge. It was a gruel some process that should better be left in the shrouds of mystery. After he was successfully resurrected. His new 'life' began, becoming a mindless scout that did the same during his time alive.

He fought in the conflicts the Scourge were in and proved to be successful in their missions they pointed him at. They also let his body underwent a few more modifications to let their thrall be more successful in his tasks. When the control of the Lich King started to become less and less, he gained more self control over his mind and body again.

When he heeded the call of the Forsaken to break his chains of enslavement and lead once again a life of his own. When that happen, all that was promised, came true. But at first he had to remember his former life. Such proved to be unsuccessful and he chose to live a new life. It was then he took all of his known traits and kneaded it into a new solid shape. Starting with taking the name of Rahzul. When he felt ready to scout again once more, he was put on his chosen role during the conflicts of the Forsaken. During this time, whispers brought nicknames to his name. A name the living learned to fear, but it never reached the commanding officers. As they had other troubling matters at hand.

When he helped the Forsaken in the skirmishes in Northrend, he nearly got being turned into a mindless slave again. His friends helped him and each other to resist that call. After the time in Northrend, he requested to be put into the army reserves. Which was granted, soon disappearing in the hopes of finding a new purpose in his life of undeath.