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Horde Liridon Duskrunner
Player Landashua
Title <Sergeant Major Liridon Duskrunner>
Gender Male
Race Sin'dorei
Class Tracker
Age 134
Height 6'1"
Weight 145 lbs
Eyes Green/Green
Hair Light blonde
Affilliation(s) Horde, Silvermoon, Farstriders, Kor'Kron, Blades of the Silverfang
Companion(s) Kiari Duskrunner
Alignment Lawful Neutral


Usual Garments/Armor: Liridon typically wears either a set of chain mail tinted various colors of green or a set of leather armor which is predominantly blue but features silver accents.

Other: A decent 3 or 4 inch scar rests vertically on his right forearm. Various other scars, all smaller, decorate his hands, wrists and forearms. His voice is deep and gravely.


Liridon isn't usually talkative. He manages to get by with as few words as he can to explain a given situation for the most part, occasionally waxing poetic on subjects he finds especially appealing. Despite his reluctance to share words he is inherently flirtatious, often to disastrous effect. The vast majority of the time Liridon is reserved and level headed but can turn into a vicious opponent if given proper reason.


Liridon was born on the shores of the modern day Eversong Woods. His family owned something of a small ranch and his father hunted to provide food for the family while his mother tended a small garden. From an early age he was trained in the art of hunting by his father. Though he never quite surpassed his father's skill with a bow, the tutelage from his you had sharpened his sense to the point that he could track most any beast. Curious of the big city and life beyond the Woods, Liridon entered the ranger corps around age thirty. From there he bounced from post to post before ending up back on duty outside of Falconwing Square. Not totally satisfied after several decades of service, he opted to try and become a Farstrider.

Farstrider training was brutal and he survived by the skin of his teeth. He was given a more "prestigious" post in what is now considered the Ghostlands. There he sat, relatively peaceful. The First War meant little to the high elves and passed largely without notice. The Second War rolled around soon after however, and as Quel'Thalas was put on its heels Liridon's Farstriders were deployed as a defensive asset, eventually joining the offensive on the final pushes towards Hillsbrad.

Not even two decades passed before Liridon found himself pushed back into combat, another vicious tooth and nail defensive effort which eventually failed. His homeland was pillaged and burned, his Ranger-General falling in the defense alongside his King. Liridon's parents were counted amongst the many dead after the invasion. His Prince stepped back through the Dark Portal following the destruction of the Sunwell.

Liridon worked with the other survivors through the chaos following the destruction of Silvermoon to reclaim a portion of the Eversong Wood. Within a year the original Outlands expedition sends some back, those men teaching the newly christened Sin'Dorei to draw from Fel energies in place of the Arcane. Having never relied too heavily on arcane energies, Liridon consumed minimally from the Fel energy though he did gain the glowing green tint in his eyes.

He found it odd when his kin turned to ally with the Horde. He remembered hunting the Orcs and Trolls as they pushed into his homelands. But it was not his decision to make, and he abides by it with little question to this day. Shortly following the joining of the Horde, Liridon volunteered his service to the Horde efforts in the Outlands, enjoying some time in Nagrand. Upon his return to Azeroth the invasion of Northrend began.

It seemed like a common sense move when he deployed with the Horde to the Northlands, eventually earning a place tracking the Vrykul with a Kor'Kron unit in Icecrown. The endeavor did not last long as he was generally distrusted by the Kor'Kron and was cycled out before eventually resigning to become a professional tracker and hunt guide.

Skills & Abilities

Sharp Senses
Liridon has exceptionally good hearing, hawking eyes and a keen nose. While he might not catch a pin dropping, he very well might pick up on a whisper. His eyes would always seem to be bouncing from point to point, focusing especially on any sources of movement, and he always knows what's for dinner.

Liridon can wield a bow or sword left or right handed with equal ease, though he will default to his dominant left hand. A southpaw fighting stance can be an asset in a sword fight, where an enemy used to combating righties is thrown off by the new angle of attacks. His ambidexterity allows him to continue fighting even if one hand is incapacitated.

Humanities Major
Liridon has always held a keen interest in the customs and culture of other races. His interest was allowed room to grow in his later years as he began mingling with many of the races he found most amusing, picking up on their ways through personal experiences and schooling. He more loosely associates with members of the other races in times of peace and knows how to apply the psychological hurt in times of war.