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Player: kindle135

Character Full Name: Morbenzo Morphisius

Character In-Game Name: Morbenzo

Nickname(s): Morbenzo often gives himself monikers of "Morbenzo the" followed by any word that begins in an 'm', other than that he has no nick names.

Association(s): The Alliance

Race: Gnome

Class: Warlock

Skills and Abilities: Vast knowledge of demons and of summoning demons, adept abilities in casting Fel-magics. Most common spell is a simple wave of Fel-fire and his preferred demon is a Voidwalker.

Age: 78

Sex: Male

Hair: Red- pink hue, groomed mustache and beard combination with a sliver of hair left on the back of the head; Morbenzo is mostly bald.

Eyes: Violet

Weight: 42 lbs

Height: 3'

Alignment: Neutral Evil


Usual Garments/Armor: Dark violet and black robes with a matching turban.

Other: Morbenzo reeks of fel to those who can smell it, otherwise he just smells like your typical Gnome. Morbenzo's also has a habit of finger twitching.


Morbenzo is conceited, deceitful, and odious. Most of his time is spent walking around cities and cursing everyone he sees and may actually speak vituperation to their face given his mood is foul enough. In regards to races Morbenzo mocks Forsaken, hates Elves, dislikes Dwarves, loathes Humans, abhors the Horde, and absolutely despises Draenei. Morbenzo, however, is somewhat of a gregarious sort, if he finds a person like minded to him he will at least attempt to be less hostile then he normally is.


Morbenzo was born in Gnomeregan like most Gnomes and raised like most Gnomes; on tinkering. Morbenzo at a young age took to liking puzzles which influenced his engineering greatly. Morbenzo would spen most of his younger days crafting puzzle boxes. Around the time Morbenzo was ten years old he was put under the tutelage with other young Gnomes to learn spell craft from an ancient and senile archmage. The coot never spent much attention to Morbenzo and Morbenzo never spent much attention to his tutor in turn, thus Morbenzo was never very willful with the arcane. Morbenzo eventually grew restless with his tutor as he began to notice the other students excelling him so he and a few other magi who were not as apt with magic took to studying Fel. This was not as a severe taboo practice as it is in neighboring Ironforge or pious Stormwind but is still considered a dangerous thing to do and largely frowned upon by most in arcane society. Morbenzo was already used to being an outcast and had no qualms with being further shunned, he kept his eldritch studies to himself mostly and rarely went out to speak to anyone but to other warlocks he knew of.

Morbenzo grew into adulthood and made one last puzzle box, his most intricate one yet, and named it the Morphisius, that being his greatest accomplishment anyone had observed he was named after it. The name itself just means 'Shape' with some gibberish Morbenzo made up at the end. As Morbenzo grew older and fell deeper and deeper into his Fel fixation he found the usage of the corrupting magics had begotten him, his hair started falling out, his teeth yellowed, his skin was dryer and more flaky and he began to crave power more and more. This craving would eventually drive Morbenzo from Gnomeregan to the most corrupted place he could find on a map, Alterac.

At this point in Morbenzo's life, the second and first wars were over and the third war along with the fall of Gnomeregan all happened soon after Morbenzo left his homestead. Morbenzo of course ignored the Third War entirely having little to no interest in necromancy or serving the Alliance. When Morbenzo asked for passage to Alterac he was flat out denied by every caravan driver he could find, thus Morbenzo was low on money and alone in Stormwind. When Morbenzo decided he would drink away his failed hope before going to sleep on a bench in the tram and found the cheapest bar he would not be beat up in to be The Slaughtered Lamb. Morbenzo, not being a heavy drinker, passed out in the bar itself and instead of being dragged out he taken away by a group of robed individuals typical to the Slaughtered Lamb; no questions were asked.

When Morbenzo awoke he was manacled in a cage, Morbenzo being a warlock had little trouble escaping from the cage. A quick curse to an unwitting guard followed by an excessive volley of fel fire and Morbenzo was at least out of the cage, he was still hand cuffed and nude with no idea where he was. Luckily for Morbenzo the leader of the mysterious coven was a survival of the fittest type of guy, he respected that Morbenzo had killed for his freedom, it also helped that the leader did not like the poor sap Morbenzo killed, hence he was on guard the sacrificial victim duty. Morbenzo found some friends and quasi family amongst this coven. He advanced his studies of demons and learned how to summon a Voidwalker with few difficulties. Morbenzo was low ranking among his fellow cabal members and was often sent on menial supply gathering ventures, these ventures would equate to evil grocery shopping. Eventually these tasks proved beneficial for Morbenzo when he was grocery shopping for food supplies, then mugged on his walk home by Defias bandits and then returned to the Elwyyn manor where to coven holed up to find it had been raided by a paramilitary group of crusading paladins who were too afraid to go join the Argent Dawn. Morbenzo once again had nothing except a sum of ten gold his master had left in a deposit box in Stormwind, so Morbenzo took it and began to plan his vengeance, until he could fulfill it he would merely roam the world and seethe.