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Player: Jester

Character Full Name: Ajoro Longblade

Character In-Game Name: Ajoro

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Stormwind, Alliance, Goldshire, Alliance Millitary

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Ajoro is a blacksmither and he knows the basics of first aiding. Also he knows how to use pistols and other mechanic style weapons, such as rifles.

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Bright Blue

Weight: 165 lbs

Height: 6'2"


Ajoro usually wears a plate chestguard and mail bracers. A white shirt from the inside to warm him from the cold, mail legguards, handguards and footguards. He's wielding a shortsword and a shield. For a helmet he wears a plate one. He has small pouches around his waist, some of them filled with first aid supplies, others with bullets and others with random things he might need.


Ajoro is a good man. Yet you might see him angry sometimes but some other times you'll find him happier than any other time, it depends on what happened in his day. He's focused on his own race, humans, the Alliance and he believes that he would give his life for both of them. In other words you can call him a racist against the Hordes.

People might find Ajoro the man for a family, he's brave, proud and a man who wants to give his everything for his family and his friends. You usually find him helping someone, or even arguing against the unfair and always trying to be fair in his judgements. A person that would help you at any time.

Yet, Ajoro is an outgoing person. A person who you can talk with and have fun with him at all times. A trustworthy, good on advices and a supportive person. A guy that when you need help he'll always be there.


Ajoro was born in Lordaeron by the year 0. His mother was the standard of a good mother, her name Maril Christi-Longblade. His father was a Sergeant of the Alliance army when Ajoro was born, his name Chris Longblade, a brave and proud man of his kind. Ajoro and his parents lived through cruel days while they were refugee's in Lordaeron with the rest of their kind. Ajoro's father barely ever saw him as a baby. Most of the years of the First War, Ajoro wasn't even born for his father. By the 6th year when Ajoro was at the age of 6 , he started his first steps of becoming a warrior with his father. There, in a small yard in Lordaeron, his father started trainning him with some wooden trainning swords that Ajoro still has in his house, as a reminder of his father, though they are not usable anymore while they're almost broken. His father was a great fighter and a good, yet strict and rough trainer for his son. At the age of 8 by the 8th year, his mother who was a Nurse, thought that Ajoro should start learning how to heal minor wounds and what a bandage is. Ajoro easily learned by his mother what he had to.

By the 10th year, that they moved to the reconstructured Stormwind (New Stormwind) Ajoro was stalking his father at the blacksmithing shop. Trying to find the chance and learn how to create swords. His father knew how to create weapons, armor, guns and other stuff. So when Ajoro became 12, his father taught him how to create swords. Of course he couldn't create yet, while he was too young but he knew the basics so at the age of 16, he created his first sword and shield. So, when Ajoro became 16, he moved out of the house and went to live on his own somewhere in elwynn. It was a "test" from his father to see how brave and tough he was. So he left the house with no clothes, no weapons, no food, no money, nothing. He had to survive in the cruel world without his family's assistance for 2 years.

Ajoro lived cruel situations, but he succeed to find a job in a farm and earn some minor money from there. With rocks and pieces of wood, from what his father taught him, he created weapons to survive the dark nights in the forest of Elwynn. In other words, he built his life from the begin like a cave man. He created a tent, he bought some clothes and food from the job he had in the farm, and fought against wild animals to defend his own food and "home". But that doesn't mean he never got hurt. He almost died twice, but you can call it luck, he succeeded to go through the situation and live on by the minor first aiding he knew from his mother. By the 18th year, when Ajoro became 18, he went back to his home. He found his mother waiting by the doorway, and his father standing near the fireplace holding a bag. His father was now proud of him and knew that his son will become a great warrior. After his come back, the orcs were freed from the internment camps.

By the 20th year, Ajoro was now 20, and he was sent to fight for the Alliance side in the Third War against the Scourge. He was at the side of his father while he was fighting. He killed undeads, but he saw his own people dying too and turning to undeads. He learned what war means by the hard way. He saw his father fighting in the first line on his horse, he saw his friends falling to the ground wounded and his own body being deformed from fight to fight. But one day, in the battlefield he lived something, that he wished not even his worst enemy will live. See his father dying infront of his eyes. It was a "black day" for him. He saw his own father struggling from death in the battlefield. That event, completed the picture of the enemy in his eyes, and it was bad.

However, after a few months, he was in the troops that were sent into the Battle of Mount Hyjal to fight by the side of Jaina. There he saw and lived things that not many men would like to live. He fought against creatures that not many people could imagine. Nonetheless, after the destroy of The Defiler, Ajoro headed back home.

When the Third War and the Battle in the Mount Hyjal came to an end, Ajoro went back to Stormwind and after the honor medals he achieved, he continues his life as a civilian of the Alliance, but not letting the flame of a brave man disappear from his heart.