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Player: Traid

Character Full Name: Hollee Alyssa White

Character In-Game Name: Hollee

Nickname(s): None.

Association(s): The Alliance.

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Skills and Abilities: Hollee is very talented with technology. She knows many facts about technology, modern and past, and she is currently trying to invent even more technology for the world. Hollee tends to try to focus on manipulation of fire.

Age: 37

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde, reaching just past her neck when out of her ponytail, though, it is usually kept in her ponytail, except for special occasions. Grey streaks are already starting.

Eyes: Blue, they seem to almost switch color when she focuses on something, when in reality, her pupils just dilate so much that shadow covers them.

Weight: 130 lbs.

Height: 5'7".

Alignment: Lawful Good.


Usual Garments/Armor: Hollee usually wears a lot of gold and yellow. She tries to keep her robe on most of the time, but underneath, she wears tight clothing, made for moving quickly. She likes to wear this, because it feels easier to move in them.


Hollee hates being touched. She doesn't trust anyone with her body, and does not trust anyone to lay a hand on her. If somebody put a hand on her shoulder, she'd shove it away. If somebody grabbed her, they would easily end up on the floor. She would grab them, and throw them to the ground, that is, considering they are not huge, because she is actually not very strong. She has a bit of agility, though, she doesn't use it much. She has very strict morals, and keeps by them. Hollee is actually very lonely, but she doesn't show it. She tries to look positive, but she actually really wishes she had a relationship.

Hollee is a pretty quiet girl, but if you get her talking about something she loves, than she can talk for hours on end. For example, if somebody talked about what technology was popular in the world, she could list off at least fifty specific items that would be popular. She not only likes to talk about technology, but she knows her information quite well. Even though Hollee has only a little bit of courage, she is a push-over. She will do anything her friends ask of her, simply because she is desperate for friends. She is a little nervous around people, but if they are her friends, she has no problem being her true self.


Hollee was born in Stromgarde, into a very nice family. A wealthy one, as well. She was spoiled and given almost everything she asked for, though she barely asked for anything. She knew that she would get it, so it wasn't even a challenge. Hollee would rather work to get something. She took up a job, and worked her body to sweats for money. She finally had enough money to buy herself one of the world's best telescopes. She worked on the piece of technology to make is even better. She was only 16 when she did this.

When Hollee was 20, she had finally moved out of her house. She was finally independent. A few months after she moved out, her parents were in a terrible accident. They had been hit by a swinging mast, on one of the boats they worked on. Them, along with a few other people, were knocked off the boat, and drowned. Hollee had received a letter, explaining how they died. She could never trust a boat again. She never sails, and never will, according to herself.

Hollee is very timid, because one night, while walking through Booty Bay, she was mugged by a few thugs. They took all of her money, and clothes. She walked back to the inn nude, which made her never want to be seen in Booty Bay again. Because of this incident, Hollee tries to stay close to fully Alliance-run cities.

This is when Hollee decided that she would train more to become a Mage. Hollee was already trained a bit by her father when she was younger, though, she had not gotten before far before they had been killed. Hollee specializes in manipulation. Mostly fire manipulation. She finds it extremely difficult to manipulate many things. She tries to stay close to fire.

Hollee was not very involved with the wars. She had stayed inside, working on technology during the time Theramore had been explaining and affected by the war. It's not that she didn't care, she just tried not to let herself be afraid of it.

She currently lives in Theramore Isle, in a small shack. Inside the shack, there is much technology and parts. She lives every day trying to invent something that will save the world from common issues.