Curtis Stormstrike

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Player: Sunthas

Character Full Name: Curtis Stormstrike

Character In-Game Name: Curtis

Nickname(s): Blaze

Association(s): Azeroth Wild Riders

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Smack People in the Face - Smack people in the face.

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Hair: Black, Short

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 167 lbs

Height: 6"4


Usual Garments/Armor: Shades, Mask, Dark Armour.

Other: Second in Command of A.W.R


Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Curtis "Blaze" Stormstrike used to be poor, so he loves money. When he feels like smacking people around, he will. He's inconsiderate of other lives along as he gets his way. He hates when people try to do something they can't do. Or make a mistake that would cost money. He loves his bike named "Magma" that is his best friend and will kill whom ever will break it.


Curtis was born in Hillsbrad, his parents were farmers and so was he. They farmed wheat and corn and owned pigs and cows. Curtis hated that life, and would do anything to go out and hang out with his friends. His friends were the bad crowd and his parents would do anything to keep him away from them. They robbed people, Curtis and his friends, for fun. They were the cool kids at the local school and lived like kings. Whomever got in there way they would beat em up, even if it risked getting suspended.

While him and his friends lifed that life in school. He looked across the farms a small fire grew and Curtis was interested, as he never seen fire before. Curtis grew insanely in-love with Fire. He would try make fire at school, get in trouble. Whenever he didn't want to do his homework, he would start a fire and throw the papers in the fire.He got caught by his parents trying to set fire to his school and was smacked, beaten and put inside his room for 2 weeks. While he was there, he started to experiment with fire, found ways to make it and founds way to destroy it. Thats when he became twisted. His dreams kept repeating of him burning down his house and leaving for a distant land. His parents were -big time- strict, and he didn't like it one bit. He aged until 15, then he packed his stuff and left the house. Stole his dad's armour and then put his house on fire. While he watched his house ablaze, he also watched his mother and father run out on fire and they weren't taught to stop drop and roll.

He cackled at them, watching them die.. He was insane. "I always want it my way" he whispered while he walked a way from the burning house. Those were the words his based his future life around. He caught a boat to Booty Bay from Hillsbrad, from there he met a Travelling Salesman. The Saleman was helpful, he gave him food and water while they travelled alot. The man had a blade, and Curtis wanted it. He stole it and then killed the man.

Thats where he lived for the last 10 years, he met with a Gang. Thats when he killed he killed his third civilian right infront of Khris, the Azeroth Wild Riders Boss. He then preformed a series of Robberies and Murders while he climbed the ranks of the AWR. He hi-jacked a horse and killed several. He finally got his first biked and named it Magma, he was well known around Booty Bay and he now lives there.