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Reigen Reigen (contribs)

WoW History

I started to play WoW after Burning Crusade came out. A bunch of RP friends from Gaia Online were joining a private server and had me come along with them. I only ever played one server, oddly enough, and had a great amount of fun there. I joined on the Horde side as all my friends were Hordies and chose a Blood Elf because I've always loved elves. I started out as a rogue but changed to warlock after I hit level thirty and have loved the class ever since. The server has since closed down, which makes me a bit sad. I've always wanted to return just to see what was going on.

I enjoyed raiding and spent most of my time doing so, though I never really made it to the top of the DPS charts. After my guild fell apart I stopped playing for close to three years only to be bugged into joining COTH by a close friend of mine, Raven776.

Coth History

I found my way on COTH back in July of 2010. I knew of the server a few months before, but it took me a lot of convincing to bother with the application system, as I had always disliked having to apply to a server in order to play. I was accepted in a few days later and thrown into Booty Bay. Most of my WoW lore was learned by observing others, reading profiles and writing my own with the help of others. I, of course, took to Blood Elves as a favored race and play them more often then not.

Almost a year after, I applied and was chosen to be a Forum Helper, which I continue to do today. I am, proudly, the last of the original Forum Helper team and hope to keep the position for as long as the position is needed. I'm commonly found on my main character, Reigen, and stalk Barrens and Chat for those who have questions. I also spend a lot of time on the servers team speak and Minecraft server.

On August 11th, I was promoted to be a GM on the server after a month long trial-ship.

RP tendencies in the WoW-verse.

It's no secret that my favorite race in World of Warcraft would be the Blood Elves, as such I tend to play my elf characters unless requested to hop on one of my non-elf alts. I am and have always been intrigued by the lore that follows the more arrogant race on the Horde side. I do not like the race just because it's the 'pretty' race on the Horde, but rather find myself drawn about how they attempt to desperately learn from their mistakes, but show little care for their past doings to outsiders. The race has so many colorful aspects to it that it's hard not to find a situation in which a Blood Elf would not fit in.

More to come.


The first major event of note that I have run was For Whom the Bell Tolls. The event was a survival/horror/mystery event focused on the players using problem solving more than fighting. The event lasted a week long with around six active players, even though many more signed up. I enjoyed the event a great deal with running it and hope to do another in the future, though a bit more planned out this time around.

I started the Conclave of Silvermoon in September 2012 so that the special profiled characters could have something special to them. The event is non-combat and will remain so unless there really is a reason to do otherwise. CoS lasts until a majority of the people leave for whatever reasons that they have, the first one lasting over four hours. CoS is held once a month and gives nobles a chance to feel like their presence is able to reflect upon Silvermoon is a very minor way.

As of March 2013, I started to take over the Meet and Greets in place of Cressy. I plan for them to be held bi-monthly so that the community can grow closer together.