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Player: Reigen

Character Full Name: Frana Steelthread

Character In-Game Name: Frana

Nickname(s): Fran

Association(s): Ironforge

Race: Dwarf

Class: Sniper

Skills and Abilities: Frana is an excellent long-distance shot and has studied as a sniper as opposed to faster 'battle-shooting'. She's somewhat decent with a small blade she has at her side, using it to get a quick, clean kill on enemies who stray too close to where ever she sets up. She's a minor mastery over befriending creatures, using them as her eyes and ears and having them help paint her targets.

Age: 45

Sex: Female

Hair: Naturally a bright orange, dyed to fit different environments and situations.

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 149 lbs

Height: 4'7"


Frana's outfit tends to change in order to fit the environment around her so that she can better fit in and hide. Normally, when given little prompt on an incoming fight, she tends to dress in blue and black armor with single thick shoulder-pad in which her ammunition is stored. There is modified rifle upon her back in which she uses it as a sniping gun. She wears a set of goggles in which improve her long distance aim and fiddles with them often.

Other: Her skin is pale from the cold weather, almost taking on a grey hue. She's rather unmarked, save for a couple of bullet piercings here and there. She's got a nose ring and her ears are pierced.


Frana is a rather quiet and reserved dwarf, choosing to spend her time in silence rather than in the company of loud bars and drunken companions. It's very likely her bear has drunk more than she has in recent years and this fact does not displease the dwarf at all.

She's patient, willing to wait hours for something to happen and preparing for almost every second of what could go on when the happening gets to her. Such habits make her an excellent sniper as she's willing to wait almost half the battle for the perfect shot on the right person in order to help turn the tides. She's not very boastful at all about what few achievements she has and would rather shove off any possible glory to those who headed the battle and were much more vocal about it. She holds pride for her people and would die for them, but would rather do so in a much more silent manor, preferably with a bullet to the head rather than an axe to the face or drowning in her own vomit in a drunken stupor.

Frana has a dislike for the Horde, though respects the way Thrall has lead them and isn't openly hostile unless she needs to be. She's rather wary of most of the Alliance, most of all of the humans and gnomes. With the humans, she finds their king trigger happy and willing to mess up possible peace for old feuds. As for the gnomes, she has a bit of distaste for their brash nature, the constant explosions heard from their side of the city and from where a few stole her old gun in order to turn it into a modified grenade launcher. Needless to say, the launcher did not work and those gnomes are 'regrettably' no longer with the city after the freak accident.


Frana was born to your typical dwarven family with a drunken smith father and a drunken leather-working mother. She had many older siblings that would come and go in and out of the house. Considering how tight-knit the family liked to think themselves to be, none of the children ever moved out and their home in Ironforge was simply added to when the rooms grew too small to support the number living within the family home. In an odd twist of fight, the baby girl was kept up by her family rather than the family being kept up by her cries. If not for the fact that the family felt the need to drop everything to tend to the new addition, she might have had to compete in volume in order to get attention for her basic needs.

As she grew, Frana really felt a fall between herself and the rest of her family. Beyond her growing appreciation for guns, she found she had almost nothing in common with her siblings and parents unless she drank with them. They never took interest in her words and thoughts and were always yelling loudly to each other to grab a pint of ale for the room. Much of her time at home was spent in any vacant room she could find in an attempt to avoid the drink she had started to hate. Her family grew concerned for her after noticing such behavior and attempted to fix it the only way they know how; yelling and drinking. Any time she went to find peace, she was dragged out by her siblings and made to drink with the rest of the family. Eventually she gave in, finding it too much of a hassle to resist.

From the outside, it was easy to see that the family was rather broken and hiding it under layers and layers of ale.

When deemed responsible enough, Frana was taught the basics on operating a gun without shooting herself in the foot. Much to her upset, she quickly found herself a better shot that her siblings, simply for the fact that she was sober enough to notice that the target was not moving. With surprisingly little effort, she managed to convince her parents to fund her enrollment to a battle-shooting class. Needless to say due to the poor family training she got at home, she was well behind her class and had to work twice as hard to even pass to the second level. She was tormented lightly by others while even more offered to help her improve her aim. In both cases she would shrug her shoulders and wander off rather than join in the drinking of her classmates. She quickly became the quiet girl in the back of the class.

Everyone would soon find out that the quiet ones really are some of the most deadly people out there, if given the chance to shine.

During one of the nights in which her teacher left the shooting range open for anyone, Frana decided to go in during the dead of night when everyone else was either getting drunk or sleeping off the previous day's hard work. With no one around to bother her for once, she took one of the longer ranged guns and set herself back further than normally told to go. She spent a long time aiming, lining the crosshair up to the target just right before she fired off her first shot of the night. The first shot hit the very edge of the target, the next two shots after managed to embed into the target. With each shot she took, she improved, though it was easy enough with a target that stood still. Frana was willing to take any victory to keep what little spirit she had up.

For the next few years, Frana took the time to learn the art of sniping. At first she practiced on still targets until she felt like she could only improve herself by going to motion targets. About every month she would switch to a slightly faster moving target before seeing how it improved her shots with the ones that came before it. She soon invested her life into it, hardly ever coming home unless her 'loving, caring' siblings dragged her back to spend time with the family. Her teacher and peers were impressed with it, none quiet matching her dedication to the one-shot kill. They remained with their battle-shooting while she complimented them as a sniper in their 'field trips'.

The first war passed by with no concern for Frana, she didn't care about the world outside of Ironforge much. She had grown to be miserable staying at home with no hope at escaping anytime soon. When she could, she spent her time at the shooting range practicing until she was told to go home or dragged home. When the dwarves were thrown in to join with the humans, gnomes and high elves, Frana had hoped to leave Ironforge and join with a more mobile group. Her family would have none of that and barred her at their home, doing their best to keep her 'happy' with lots of booze. Her chance was lost to leave, much to her upset.

Finally she could take it no more. With what little coin she had, she purchased a tent and sleeping roll and left her home much to the protest of her oh-so loving family. She was the first to ever leave the family home and chose to set up a tent in one of the many side-alleys of Ironforge. At this point in time, she swore off alcohol all together even if it brought her separation from her peers. She could no longer stand faking being happy with a home who's only closeness was the keg.

Frana resorted for begging for food to get by from day to day. Sometimes she would take on odd-jobs, but never wanted to do anything permanent in case her family attempted to drag her back home. Her tent moved around weekly out of the same paranoia. She still managed to visit the shooting range almost every day and her skill with long-ranged guns only improved. Life was as good as it had ever been, the dwarf was enjoying living on the streets with a clear mind than being in comfort with liquid courage.

She lived as such for quite a long time and never really noticed any change until many depressed gnomes showed up within the city. She learned that they were to stay with the dwarves due to their homes being invaded and destroyed or something of that fashion. Depression began to creep on Frana after the gnomes, who quickly began to be a pest, ran around the city attempting to 'help' the dwarves with their technology. She wanted nothing to do with the objects they created and did her best to keep her only gun away from them. Sadly it did not work and a group got their hands on it to turn it into some form of grenade launcher. After the group refused to take no for an answer, Frana stomped off to the range to borrow a new gun for the day's session. Just as she had feared, there was an explosion when the modifications to her original gun did not work. She picked up the pieces of her old gun while the city guards picked up the pieces of the gnomes who defiled it.

Life went on as normal after that and Frana didn't pay attention to much of anything, nor did she really care when the amount of high elves visiting the city suddenly decreased. She only lifted a brow when strange blue creatures with hooves, tails and face tentacles started to show up around her home with their strange accents.

Her chance for true escape came not a moment too soon. She knew her family had found where she was staying at and knew they would come for her. Already they had come to the range and begged her to return home with tears which were more ale than water. Frana knew she only had one choice and jumped on it quickly. Her tram left just as her family had managed to mass up in the station. They became quick dots in the distance as the tram speed off to Stormwind. From there, she boarded the first ship she could find to her final destination: Northrend.

Frana was enlisted in the Argent Crusade for a short time compared to most. She came in, gunned down the scourge from a distance before they would clash with the front line and remade her old gun with some new parts with what pay she received. The nights were cold, the days were long and the battles bloody, but at least it got her away from home and earned her a steady source of income. She was just as quick to end her involvement with the crusade as soon as the Lich King was confirmed dead. She took the first boat back to Stormwind and avoided most all of the celebration.

Once back in Stormwind, she elected to stay around dwarven section of the town rather than return home to Ironforge. Frana hopped to avoid her family for as long as possible though knew she would have to face them eventually. When that day did come, she did her best to distance herself away from them. All their requests for her to come back were met with a cold no and any attempt to grab her lead to them being smacked in the face with the butt of her gun. It took a few hits, but her words broke though for the moment. Her family promised to leave her alone if she promised to write them. Frana agreed, though she also doubted that they could even read anything she wrote with how drunk they tended to be.

Frana now bounces back and forth between the Old Town in Stormwind and Ironforge, still living in that old tent compared to a house. She doesn't trust her family to keep to their word, so she still makes an effort to move almost weekly. She lives off aiding the Explores League every now and then, acting as an escort and protector to their men while they work.