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Player: Reigen

Character Full Name: Shiana Lifewind

Character In-Game Name: Shiana

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Darnassus, The Alliance, Ellea

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid

Age: 402

Sex: Female

Hair: Long light green with various twigs and leaves tangled in the hair.

Eyes: Amber

Weight: 250

Height: 6'9


Shiana tends to wear green and brown colored clothing in order to better blend in with her surroundings. Currently she wears a green and brown kilt which exposes the sides of her thighs. Her top is brown, and she wears light green and yellow bracers. Her stomach, arms and shoulders are exposed as well as she likes to travel light. If the situation calls for it, she'll wear a more battle appropriate set but sees little need to walk around in full, restricting, armor while on a stroll though the woods.

Other: Shiana has a light scar running down from just below her knee to her ankle.


Alignment: Neutral Good

Shiana is rather neutral when it comes to most aspects in life. She has a fondness for animals, though not to an obsessive point as she is guilty of wearing leather, and will do her best to help nurse wounded critters back to health after people harm them for their sick and twisted enjoyment. She understands hunting as a need, but dislikes it when people hunt for sport rather than need. She can be known to stop a hunter if she feels the hunt is just for fun, often getting into trouble and even shot at for such actions.

She tends to act rather mystic around strangers, and never gives out her name unless asked first. Shiana also tends to talk in light riddles, never directly giving out information, but making what she does give something the stranger has to work out for themselves. She also has the habit of following lone travelers along the path in order to make sure they make it to their destination safely, and will jump in if she sees the traveler in danger. If such a thing happens, she never really demands anything in return, and will most likely run off to once more follow in secret.

Shiana is very protective over her sister Ellea and would do almost anything to keep her safe. When no one else is really around, Shiana will tease and taunt her sister playfully, mostly about her mate, in order keep them both in light humor. Shiana defends her sister with a violent passion and would very much strike down anyone who dare harmed or threaten Ellea. She waits for the day that her sister's mate dares to cause her sister any sort of pain.


Ellea and Shiana were born as twins to a couple whose names were lost in the annals of time. The two were loved as their parents, one a druid and the other a priestess, tended to them very well. They spent nine blessed months with their biological parents whom both lovingly nurtured the pair. The family would go on trips about Ashenvale, seeing all there is to see, with the father having intentions of returning to the dream once they reached a century.

It was on one fateful night, as Elune watched above the family from high in the sky, that disaster struck. Bushes ruffled about the foursome. The stomping of hooves could be heard. And a vicious, faint cackle rode upon the wind. It was only a short time before the stalkers revealed themselves to be Satyr. Playing a cruel 'joke' on the family, they requested that the mother and children be given over to them for a night, stating that the three of them would be returned alive. All five of them laughed at this idea.

Unfortunately, daddy didn't like that.

He outright told his mate to flee with the children whilst his body shifted into an ursine. The loving couple parted ways with the mother fleeing and father charging the Satyr. His only intention was to stall the corrupted ones, to give his beloved a chance to escape. In the end, the life of the druid was only worth thirty seconds.

Mother ran as fast as her legs could carry her with both the children in her arms. Despite being a priestess she was a rather quick woman. Eventually the toll of running for so long with added weight took her down, causing her to collapse in exhaustion. Thinking quickly, she hid the two girls in a hollowed out log, telling them to hush and that she would be back soon. Mommy ran off into the woods once more to try her hardest to lead the Satyr away from her precious children. Her efforts were not in vain.

After two hours of waiting for their parents, unable to make any noise due to fear alone, the babies started to cry for them to return. This did two things. The first it did was attract the attention of a stray Satyr, who chuckled as he spotted them within the log. As he reached into it to snatch the two children, the second thing it did came into play.

It attracted a nearby druid.

He was angry.

Roaring, he called upon the woods to engulf the Satyr in thorn ridden vines. The beast cried out for mercy, but they were met with naught but deadly silence. Eventually his screams died out as one of the vines crawled its way through his mouth, rupturing his insides, and causing him to to meet a most untimely (yet extremely justified) end.

Gazing upon the children, he frowned, confused as to what to do with the annoying, crying youths. Thoughts ran through his mind. He could take them to a temple of Elune, knowing the Priestesses would raise them quite well. He could leave them. Heck, he could eat them, though that thought only stayed in for a fraction of a second. Eventually, noting that one of them had amber eyes, he decided that the best thing to do would be to take them in and use their potential for the greater good of the Kaldorei as a whole. He would raise them both as a father and a mentor, naming the two after his favored sisters, also giving them his surname, Lifewind.

Bringing them back to the safety of the den he slept in, the druid would raise them like any normal man would for fifty years. He taught them both many things such as the goddess they worship, their language and the ways of druidism. He also taught them how to survive, and of course, of how to not bother him when he was sleeping! After these years past, he brought them into the dream for the first time.

Fifty more years passed consisting of dreaming, training and surviving. It was as the twins reached a century of age that the druid told them "I'm going to sleep, damn it. Get out of my den."

Another century would come and go as the two sisters traveled across Ashenvale making sure to stay safe, to be careful whenever there was no one else about. Occasionally, they would enter a random den if only to be kicked out by the residing druid when he woke up to adjust what corner of his underground chamber he wanted to rest in.

As they came upon the age of three-hundred the twins discovered that they both had their own goals and aspirations to attend to, and thus parted ways. Ellea, who never really felt the draw to druidism nor had the knack for it, turned to Elune to become one of her priestess. Shiana, a much more free spirited woman, found the path of the Wild more suiting to her personality.

Shiana never left Kaldorei lands, even after the Kaldorei race resurfaced in the world. The only times she does leave now is when her sister begs her to go with her. She felt that most other races were beneath her own. She did her best to avoid them, though when she did encounter others, she did her best to remain neutral towards them face to face. She did learn a few terms from the 'lesser' races, and when angry, will allow those words to slip.

During the third war, she answered the call to help fight for her race. She watched as the evil being Archimonde climbed upon the beloved tree with the intent to destroy it. She suffered greatly as the tree fell in order to destroy their foe and with the knowledge that she would now age like the rest of the mortal races, even if a great deal slower. She had the feeling her sister was suffering a great deal worse, no doubt crying.

Once the new world tree was born and their new home built, Shiana started to spend much of her time in Darnassus. Only recently has she once again left the capital in order to return to Ashenvale to help deal with the orcish threat. She spends much of her current time trying to warn orcs away from the area and becomes rather violent to those who refuse to leave due to her great anger of the forest being destroyed.