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Player: Reigen

Character Full Name: Tshauria “Shade” Nightslayer

Character In-Game Name: Tshauria

Nickname(s): Shade

Association(s): -

Race: Night Elf

Class: Demon Hunter

Age: 3,302

Sex: Female

Hair: Purple, mostly let loose but sometimes thrown over her shoulder in a long braid.

Eyes: Formally Silver, now empty sockets

Weight: 298 lbs

Height: 7’1”


Tshauria normally wears leather armor that allows her high mobility as most demon hunters seem to need.

Other: Tshauria’s tattoo is the unmarked part of her body; the rest of her body is what has been marked, making it an inverse compared to normal. Her eyes are scarred all the way around from when she removed them, seeming to have a sloppy job of it. She has various scar marks on her body from her many battles with demons, though none of them seem to stick out as important from any other.


She, like most other demon hunters of the world, seems to take a liking to be alone. She, like her nickname suggests, has become a shade of her former self. Where she was once loud and boastful about her many deeds she is now quiet, reserved and wishes not to speak of anything she has done, even if it involved heroics on her part.

She wants no attention, knowing that the path she has taken is one best left without friends, family or companions. Her hunts of demons often occur if no one else is around and if she requires help, she would find a fellow hunter rather than involve those she views as innocent. Tshauria is of the firm opinion that as it was she who made the vow, it was she who should take the harm, not a wayward travel who gets caught in a bad spot.

Tshauria has a reckless disregard for safety when it comes to slaying those who are her enemy but she is beyond caring as the depression of loneliness still has a hold upon her.

As of late, she has been struggling more and more to keep herself together, finding herself lashing out at any who dare to come to close to her location. Identifying friend from foe is becoming near impossible, forcing her to keep away from any travelers. Should she be needed, she gets in, hits the primary target and leaves without allowing words from those she may have saved.

Soon even reality may start to blur for her.


Tshauria grew up as many of her people did; she was born in Ashenvale and raised by a huntress. Her father she never saw much of as was always off doing something to provide for the family. She was the oldest sibling as one other would follow. Her childhood was simple as all she would do was run around, chase the birds and rabbits and doze off under the trees.

She grew up with little tragedy, save for seeing a favorite rabbit pass away. Once she was old enough, her mother and her mother’s friends began to train her in the way of a warrior, seeing how her body was rather muscular by default. The lessons were long and harsh and Tshauria soon learned not to voice complaints least she get smacked in the back of the head by her instructor at the time. The young elf grew to enjoy the lessons of the bow, thinking it a strong bonding experience between mother and daughter.

Tshauria never bonded with her father, only ever really seeing him every few months or so. She and her mother liked it this way as male interference was unwanted in the young one’s training. It was obvious that her mother loved her father though, as the two would often usher their daughter away when he came home for a visit, it was simply best for her to be trained by females.

In time she would grow to be an adept warrior, ready to join the ranks of the Sentinels. Tshauria took pride in her work, even if things were relatively peaceful at her post. She grew as many her age did, though would always put work before play. What skirmishes that did happen were rather small, thankfully, though she wished for a chance to prove herself. She was away and at her post when her younger sibling was born, a son with amber eyes.

The boy was energetic when Tshauria came home for visits, always curious about anything and everything. She almost felt a pity for him knowing his path was set before him. She avoided becoming attached to her sibling, knowing that such was asking for sorrow. Thus when he was of age and sent to training, she felt no sorrow and would not see him again until the disaster at Hyjal.

Tshauria and her parents took part in the War of the Shifting Sands as was expected. The three fought with as much as they could though age had begun to ware down her father and mother. Tshauria was away at a different outpost, awaiting supplies and her father on a caravan that never came. An attack on the caravan proved fatal for the unsuspecting elves, leaving none alive. Due to how she was trained, she didn’t know the sorrow to the extent of others over the loss of her father, though she still mourned him as any daughter would.

It was here that Tshauria met a male who suited her tastes. The two engaged in playful bantering, though never did anything beyond that. Both feared that the heat of war was messing with emotions and both knew there was no need to rush due to their undying lives. He would lend an ear to her mourning and fears and expected nothing in return. While he was ridiculed for not training as a druid, he was excellent at stealth operations. Soon would come the time where he was moved to another post and each promised to see each other after the wars completion to see if such feelings would remain.

The war ended not long after, daughter and mother returning home for a rest. Her mother had taken the news harder, feeling incomplete without her mate around. Tshauria did the best she could to keep the older elf upbeat, but sadly her father’s traits were strong in her and she became a constant reminder of the void left by his passing. For many years Tshauria took care of her mother, who simply lost the will to be happy. With each passing year the mother became more of a husk than a person, slowly refusing to eat and choosing to lay in filth rather than clean herself. The daughter, forcing her mother to eat and bathing her when needed took up both tasks.

Tshauria would receive visits from the male she had met and a tentative courtship was preformed. When one of her mother’s friends would look after her mother, she and the male would go about, speaking and learning of each other. His daily visits and willingness to sacrifice his time in order to aid her more than proved that he would make a good mate. They were not in a hurry to become ‘official’ nor did they attempt to rush the relationship. Many years were spent of them simply learning of each other, though she could never give her all due to the stressful burden placed on her shoulder.

It was during one of her outings that her mother took her own life in order to end her own suffering. To the mothers friends, it was no surprise, the woman had been miserable without the mate she missed. Tshauria took it hard, locking herself away from the world. For almost a week after the burial, she was as her mother was, refusing to eat or bathe. If not for her suitor breaking into her home and holding her dear she would have passed away to the same fate.

The two became mates not long after, moving far away from Tshauria’s previous home. They lived their life in relative peace. She retired from the Sentinels in order to spend more time with her mate and not long after children followed.

Their daughter would be chosen as a priestess, leaving as soon as she was old enough in order to train with the others. The son would stay home, taking to training under his father in order to bypass the normal criticism of fighting males. The family would live day by day, the children growing to be in their three hundreds. Shortly after the celebration of the son’s birth, the third war came to them.

The battle was long for the four. They found each other and stayed together as long as they could in order to fight back the scourge and demons, her brother joining them every now and then as he ran around to help after being woken from the dream. Just as things seemed to start calming down, they were hit harder than ever before.

Her mate was the first to get separated, running off to try to gain reinforcements for the group with the promise he would return. While he was gone, she could only suffer as she watched her friends fall. Their numbers grew smaller by the moment and her brother had already run off to help the next group. The memories were a blur at this point; though she remembers vividly watching her two children die before her, just before reinforcements came.

Watching her children die before her broke what sanity Tshauria had. The rest of the battle flew by, the knowledge of her lost immortality didn’t impact her. She only ran from demon to demon, slicing down any who came her way. When she didn’t find her mate after the battle she ran off assuming the worst, failing to notice that he was one of the ones being tended too.

She followed any trace she could find of demons, recklessly disregarding her own life out of the need for vengeance. During one of her many encounters that she met one of the ever-elusive demon hunters.

She demanded to be trained by the male and was refused right off the bat. She was enraged at the thought of being denied and started to follow and purposely put the demon hunters life in danger. She would charge ahead of him, alerting as many demons as possible, slicing up as many as she could reach even after the demon hunter joined the fray. Finally, after the two nearly dying, the man agreed to train her so long as she promised never to bother him again after all was said and done.

The training was harsh, often leaving her unable to move the next day due to the bruises and wounds on her body. With almost an insane persistence she would get up each day and train her body in order to fight against the demons of the world. This abuse on her body would go on until she was able to get up each day and fight, ignoring her wounds from the previous days. Had she any sense, she would have given up long ago, but she persisted on until her master told her to cease.

She was allowed to rest for a little over a weak in order to regain her full strength. When the last of the bruises finally faded she was told she was ready to finish what she had started, she was ready to become a demon hunter. She was told to go out the next night and slay a demon, then bring its heart to her.

With her blades still with her from the third war, she stalked around in the dead of the night, searching for a demon that she might kill in order to bring it’s heart to her master. She made it past the wandering imps and set her sight on a different target, that of a succubus. Tshauria stuck to the shadows until the demon wandered away from the group. Once she was sure it was safe, she struck out with her daggers, digging them into the demons back. The killing was quick, for Tshauria dared not to attract attention. Before the succubus could scream, her face was punched in. It was a messy kill, once of suffering for the demons part and one of enjoyment for the killer’s part. With a limp, Tshauria would stumble back to her master’s location, dripping heart in hand.

Tshauria arrived back at the camp, a fire going only to keep her master warm. She was ordered to tie her hair back and take a dagger out. The dagger was then coated with the blood of the demon and the heart cast aside. The next order she knew was coming, but dreaded all the same. For a moment, hesitation came to her, but as her master went to speak, she plunged the dagger in one eye, then the other, taking out the eyes and allowing them to drop to the ground. Pain erupted throughout her body, not only from the act, but also from the blood of a demon entering her body. Hands covered her bleeding eyes before she fell onto her back. Darkness was enclosing on what she once knew and soon it overtook her.

She awoke a day later to her cursed vision. Pain still ebbed though her body as her master explained to her that it was now impossible to change her mind. A blindfold was torn off from her old clothing, a new skirt and top provided to her. Her old armor would be much too restricting for what was next. For the next two weeks she would recover, building her strength and leaning how to ‘see’ with her new vision. She was granted news blades, never questioning where they came from, only accepting them and training with them. With only a week left before her vision would fade, her next task was upon her.

Once more she would use the night in order to hide her movements. Tshauria, having always been one for constants, sought out another succubus in order to bind within herself. The elf was also rather vengeful and tore off the horn of the succubus before killing and trapping the demons soul within. This time she took the heart, the soul and a bowel of it’s blood with her. The horn was delivered to her master as soon as she returned to the camp. With the soul in hand, her master had her kneel while he prepared for his part. Once more pain would take hold of her body as she felt it’s soul enter her body. With the binding complete, there was only one task left.

As Tshauria held herself at bay with the soul of demon with her own, her master started to explain to her the patterns of a demon hunter. Her own rage was fine without needing any more and she had about to choose when the word ‘shadow’ crossed his lips. Despite his warning about it, her mind was made up and none of his warnings could change such. With a sigh, he agreed and made the preparations for the marking.

Around an hour later the elf once more endured pain, her master standing over her and burning on the markings that would bind the demon within her even further. Now able to have a stronger control she was allowed to recover under her master for a few days while she was vulnerable. After a week passed Tshauria would wake up to find herself alone, her master long gone on the promise that she would never seek him out again. She was left with her new blades and an empty feeling of satisfaction. She was now an outcast to her people, an outcast to the world.

Time would pass, her connection with the world waning down and her sanity falling with it. She now stalks the wilds, cutting down any demon or warlock that dares get in her way. Though, lately, she finds herself unable to turn her blade away from the innocent travelers, the mark of shadow burning deep in what is now the shade of her heart.

Skills and Abilities

Mana Burn - Able to drain the mana of a target in order to use for her own abilities.

Immolation - Able to burn her enemy with fire.

Drain Demon Soul - Drains a demons soul after it is slain.

Spectral Sight - Though her cursed gaze she can see Fel-users, demons, undead and arcane users.

Shadow Mark - Due to her pattern Tshauria is able to move with little noise, making her silent but deadly killer.