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Player: Reigen

Character Full Name: Zita

Character In-Game Name: Zita

Nickname(s): Zi, Zit

Association(s):The Horde, Darkspear

Race: Troll

Class: Shaman

Age: 35

Sex: Female

Hair: Parted into three Mohawks with two braids down each of her shoulders. The roots are a dark blue while the ends are more of a teal.

Eyes: Blood-shot Red

Weight: 210lbs

Height: 7'0"


When relaxing, Zita wears simple cloth robes without any weapons on her. She proudly wears the symbol of the Darkspear with any outfit she might have. When strolling around, she might wear a leather robe in case she might get jumped and when expecting a fight, she wears lighter weight mail armor and carries around her weapons.

Other: Zita has a constant twitch in her right hand.


Alignment: Neutral

Zita is relatively laid back in almost all aspects of life. She'd almost always choose something else rather than violence as it breaks her chill. She will react rather violently to threats against herself or the Darkspear and does not tend to joke around about such matters. If she wishes something terrible to happen to a person, she will let them know straight out. She tends not to bring her shaman abilities into grudge matches in which she starts, and will instead use them only to defend herself. Zita enjoys making dolls of people she's met, roasting raptors over a warm fire and long walks on the beach.


Zita was born on the Darkspear Islands many years ago. She had always been rather unhappy with her place in life, having men dominate what she did. Zita had always admired her mother for breaking some of the gender restraints by becoming a shaman, rather than sitting around doing slave work. When Zita had grown up a bit, she begged her mother to train her as well so that she might be able to some day break those restrains as well. Eventually her reasoning changed,she kept training in shamanism in order to better be in touch with the world around her and so that she might better understand the might of the elements, the will of her ancestors and to aid others with the healing powers of the Loa.

One of the hardest times in Zita's life is when her mother was dragged off by the Murlocs and sacrificed to the Sea Witch. Gone was the little bit of safety and comfort she had in her family and she was soon handed off by her father to be mated with another Troll. Every day when they would run off to fight the humans as well as the Murlocs, she would hope darkly that her mate would see a bloody end. This, sadly for her, was not the case. When raids were made on the Trolls she would aid in the defense, but never was she allowed by her mate and father to go out and fight with the boys.

Things started to look up with the arrival of the Orcs. When Thrall and Sen'jin teamed up and the Orcs started to help the Trolls, she started to loose hope of her mate dying. The two leaders went missing for a time which only added to the chaos of everything. Eventually Thrall returned with the news of Sen'jin's death. When the offer came for the Trolls to leave with the Orcs, Zita was eager to go and leave the chaos behind, taking only a dress her mother had worn. Her mate and father stayed behind to fight off the Sea Witch and her Murlocs. Thankfully the fates smiled on her this time, she wouldn't see them again, though she is unsure if they live or not.

Eventually she and the others settled upon the Echo Isles. All was well once more until once again the meddling humans came in and drove the Darkspear away from their home. This time she was able to fight as much as she pleased, but ran with the others instead of trying to oppose the humans for too long. The battle caused her right hand to get cut along a nerve, while it was healed, it held a constant twitch. The Orcs once more pulled though again and the humans were defeated by the might of the Horde.

The second hardest time in her life was when she watched her friends and people being enslaved by Zalazane. She was forced to leave home for the third time as the new leader, Vol'jin, ordered an evacuation. She left nearly all her belongings behind save for a dress her mother had. She helped with making the new settlement on the shores of Durotar, said place called Sen'jin village after their slain leader.

She stayed around there most of the time, but was soon to wander off when she felt the pressure from others to find a mate. After her first experience with one, she was not too keen to bind herself to another male. She found her way to Stranglethorn Vale and from there on made her home in the jungles.