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Player: Reigen

Character Full Name: Xera

Character In-Game Name: Xera

Nickname(s): -

Association(s): Draenei, loosely the Alliance

Race: Draenei

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Average abilities of a warrior.

Age: 987

Sex: Female

Hair: White and well kept.

Eyes: Glowing Silverish

Weight: 276 lbs

Height: 7'5"


Xera favors robes for when she socializes with others. When in battle she dresses in darker colors in order to help herself appear a bit more intimidating to her enemies. She carries around twin axes, though sets them away when in the presence of others. When important events come up, she dresses herself in the way of her people and wears the symbol of her city on her tabard and cloak. When she knows she will be required to fight, she will wear a set of plate armor, but will never travel in it because of the weight of the armor.

Other: There is a slice of her tail missing, as if someone had cut it out like a slice of cake. A thick golden tail ring usually covers the area.


Xera warmly welcomes all her fellow draenei. Anyone else is met with great suspicion and distrust. She has little to no Alliance pride, though finds herself grudgingly helping them due to her people allying themselves with the shorter lived races. Her pride for her own people is strong, however, and she would gladly do anything she could in order to keep those who still live safe. She doesn't give the races of the Horde a second glance. She avoids any confrontation with the group save for the orcs. She despises the orcs for what they did and laughs at their sob story about how it wasn't their fault. The only forgiveness she will grant them is that of a swift death in payback. Blood Elves have a similar reaction to them due to their sabotaging of the Exodar.

Contrary to most of her race, Xera does not worship the very idea of the Naaru. She has, for lack of better words, gotten fed up with the actions of the Naaru concerning their acceptance of the draenei's enemies.


Xera was born to two very vocal vindicators who spent their days and nights educating the girl about the glory of the Light and the Naaru. It was only natural for her to grow up on the belief that the Naaru had the best interest in mind for her people. She lived as normal of a life as she could on the ship, playing with the rare few children she could find. The threat of the demons hung above her head and she feared the day she should ever come in contact with one, but she was reassured by almost everyone that the Naaru would keep them safe. It was no surprise to her family or her friends that she too would choose the path of the vindicator as well.

By the time the ship had landed on Draenor, Xera had become a full-fledged vindicator under the tutelage of her parents. She enjoyed the strange new world in which her people now called home. Between training with her parents and exploring with her friends, Xera found herself loving her new home and her odd brown-skinned neighbors. She avoided the odd race known as the orcs for the most part, focusing on her own people and their needs. Life went on as well as it could be with Xera and her family moving to the city of Shattrath as soon as it would be deemed livable.

Xera and her family lived close to each other after Xera found a mate in one of her friends, one of the boys she had known from her cramped years on the ship. He too was a vindicator and it was often joked about how that their family line would be full of only the devote. Her mate was more interested in the orcs than she was and was always trading the goods he made with some of their goods. Xera never minded and found some of the makings of the orcs rather fascinating. Any such fascination was quickly wiped away the day the orcs came in with blood lust in their chants.

Her mate and family never stood a chance against the onslaught of orcs pouring into the city and chopping down anyone in their way. Xera only managed to escape by the skin of her teeth, losing a chunk of her tail in the process. She and many others fled as far as their legs could take them from the terrors of the city. She wasn't sure where they were going and simply followed what seemed to be the majority of the group. Only when they were well into the marsh did they stop and allow themselves to rest.

She suffered greatly with her people, clinging to the stories that her parents had told her of the Naaru. Each night she prayed that they would again come to save them but was starting to doubt such a thing would happen. Every day her prayers became more of a whisper as she watched those she knew become twisted. She had given up well before the whispers of an assault reached her ears. The moment such an act with confirmed, Xera was one of the first to volunteer to help front the attack. She moved with her people with a fierceness almost unbecoming of a vindicator and she was all too ready when the plan was in motion.

When the fighting started, Xera gave no mercy to those who would get in the way of her people. The hammer she had used at the time crushed skull after skull of the cursed 'Blood Elves'. When her hammer snapped after striking a wall, she used her body as a shield for the others to take cover behind and resorted to her plated fists to finish that her hammer had started. Blood rained, elves and draenei alike fell to blades, spells and open wounds. Only when she felt the ship, the Exodar, in motion did she slump down to let her body recover. They were safe, so she thought, the Naaru had again pulled though for them and she was glad to let her eyes close for sleep.

Her moment of peace did not last long before the ship started to shake violently. Xera bolted up, still sore from battle only to be knocked to the side by sudden jerk in the ships direction. Yells filled the ship about escape pods and Xera went on her way to getting as many of her people to the pods as she could. She remembers very little beyond the frightened faces of her people as they shot off in the pods. She was ready to meet her fate with those who had not yet escaped, but found herself being shoved into one of the last pods. Her pod was ejected before she could even utter a protest and soon she was flying though the air. The air would be knocked out of her suddenly, she felt and heard her own bones snapping for just a moment before she would fall unconscious.

Time passed by, though by how much Xera has never quiet been sure. She has a vague recollection but only because she has started to learn the calendar that the humans use to mark time. She wasn't healed fully and could only listen in sorrow as she heard about blood elves picking her kin off, how many they had lost in the crash and the world’s elements in fury over their disruptive of the land. She could only furrow her brows in confusion when her people pledged themselves to this force known as the 'Alliance'. She had wanted to get away from the fighting, not join these pink-skinned races in their conflict again the other races of the world.

She held her tongue, refusing to protest for the time and hoping there was an alternative motive to this action.

The news of Shattrath once more being safe brought her much joy, but the moment she saw that the blood elves had a place within the city, she was quick to anger. She questioned to all about why the Naaru would tolerate their existence in their home. She felt physically ill the moment she heard that even the Orcs were able to step foot freely in her old home. She was told that all must be forgiven, that it was the way of the Naaru. She grudgingly held her tongue once more until the Shattered Sun was formed to help. Xera reached her breaking point when the Naaru gave itself for the Sunwell.

She threw down her vindicator armor once the news reached her ears and stormed out of Shattrath with the intention of never returning. The women gave up calling on the Light, her anger over the 'betrayal' so great that she would even refuse to call upon the gift the Naaru had granted all the draenei.

Upon her return to the Exodar, Xera went about asking her friends for favors in order to piece together a new set of light armor and weapons so that she would not find herself completely defenseless. Instead of the heavy plate like she had worn before, she opted for a set of purple leather and two smaller axes for travel. She requested darker colors to help make up for the intimidation that would be lost from downgrading from plate to leather. While she does have a set of plate armor in the works, it will in no way embody the Light as her old set had and she only plans to use it for planned battles against the filth that inhabits her new, hopefully temporary, home.

Xera now travels around to aid her people when she can against the orcs and elves, avoiding any city that would require her to behave around said races.