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Player: Reigen

Character Full Name: Faye Runecog

Character In-Game Name: Faye

Nickname(s): Fey

Association(s): Gnomeregan, Alliance

Race: Gnome

Class: Techno-inscriber

Age: 53

Sex: Female

Hair: Bubble-gum pink

Eyes: A lighter shade of aqua

Weight: 38 lbs

Height: 2’11”


Faye wears purple and gold robes to match her Gnomeregan tabard and cloak. There is a black headband used to push her hair out of the way of her face. A small, rather sharp, knife rests at her side.

Each of her three favorites are the same coloring and markings. Their base coat is the same purple as found on her tabard and the trim of the weapons are lined a somewhat brighter gold color.

Other: Parts of her body appear to be burnt.


Alignment: Lawful good.

Faye is well behaved for her race. While she is very curious, she does her best to respect the personal space of others and leaves when told that she is causing a disturbance. She attempts to learn things from a distance rather than put herself in danger trying to figure things out. She’s loyal to her people and fiercely believes that technology and magic can co-exist if done right.

She has no outright hate for any race, though is wary of those under the horde banner. Feya also has little to no tolerance to any who get in the way of her work, even if they are trying to help. She’s heard just about all the jokes that the other races could say about her kind and has learned to ignore such ignorant words and actions.


Feya was born to a line of inscribers, magi and engineers. From a young age, she was always curious about everything that her family was doing and would often get involved. After ignoring a warning about an unstable invention and it blowing up before her, she quickly learned that some form of safety guidelines was a good idea to follow. She also figured out that when she was told to leave for any reason, it was normally a good idea unless she wanted something to blow up in her face.

Once she was of age, she was introduced to the arcane by her family and taught by them instead of going to any sort of school. Rather than focusing on any school over another, the family prided themselves on being a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ when it came to magic. She was taught about the benefits of each, though the drawbacks of casting were never really explained to her. Feya found herself enjoying her lessons on inscription and engineering more than her education as a mage. Her mind was always at work for a way to combine the two.

Some of her family left to Stormwind once it was reclaimed in order to help build technology for the humans. By then, her lessons were done for the most part and she simply needed to practice on her own to keep up with the times. She found work on making various objects to aid in stress-relief for overworked gnomes and offered to listen to their problems while they messed around with their purchases. After hearing of one allowing himself to fall into one of the machines, she started to work on a more social-oriented profession. Though not all that popular for the gnomes, Feya took the time to learn the ways of counseling for those in need.

The idea hit her when she was polishing off one of her guns on her inscription desk to carve runes into the metal of the gun. Sadly the metal made it hard to do anything of the sort and she knew she would have to practice, so practice she did. She gathered up small metal sheets and took them with her wherever she went so she could better learn to carve in the substance. It became a relaxing hobby for her to do in-between counseling sessions. Some of her patients would request her to do so while they were there and even more offered her tips for how to get the curves just right.

It was during one of her sessions that the troggs began their invasion. She and many others were quickly called to arms and fought their hardest. They were pushed back far due to their surprise but fought still as if they had nothing to lose. They were given a small moment of respite when the outside gnomes came to fight, but sadly even a number increase did not help them. Feya was pulled back from fighting when one of the troggs used a freshly forged piece of metal to burn her flesh.

Someone had the bright idea to use radiation and to this day she’s not quite sure who. When it started, most of the gnomes inside took it as a sign to flee, though the ones who had been deeper in never made it out. Her family that was still inside had been part of the casualties, though some managed to make it out. It didn’t make her feel any less heartbroken about the loss however. What got to her the most, however, was seeing the broken faces of her fellow people now that their homes and kin were lost to them.

Feya was ever thankful to the dwarves for opening up their home to them, even if they showed up a bit unannounced and looking rather defeated. The little gnome sold off most of her possessions in order to afford housing within the mystic ward of Ironforge. From there on she did any job she could in order to furnish the house with a bed and tables. Food was a second concern to her. Once she deemed the home presentable enough, she opened it up for counseling those who were distressed by the loss. She never outright charged for the service, but made it known she was open to donations in order to work on group counseling projects.

She never partook in any of the Northrend conflict, though she knew most of what had happened from the returning soldiers seeking her aid. When not working with the traumatized, she found odd jobs to earn up personal funds so that she could start back up with her engineering and inscribing. With the help of a few dwarves, she managed to recently inscribe three weapons after many failed tries. With the success of her first weapon, she split away from the surname that she had carried before and deemed herself Feye Runecog.

She now spends her time working on her projects and selling off some of her products for stress. Most of her time, however, is still devoted to aiding those who need help coping with their experiences.

Skills and Abilities

Rather than put her inscriptions upon paper, Feya takes her time to carve them into the technology she crafts. Her favorite crafts are the ones that are the most noteworthy. As with all technology, these weapons tend to fail during the most inconvenient of times, even more so due to being mixed with the arcane.

Flamespitter: A heavy gun in which spits out flames instead of bullets, much like a flamethrower.

Electro-sticks: Two sticks, metal at the end and rubber at the grips, which are inscribed to emit arcane lightning when activated. Mostly used to subdue upset patients though the charge can be deadly if needed.

Ice-pelter: Almost like a machine gun, this weapon is inscribed to fire fourth rounds of small ice shards when the handle is cranked. This weapon can be mounted on her Mechanostrider and her flying machine.