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Player: Reigen

Character Full Name: Sarthe Felo'Zaram

Character In-Game Name: Sarthe

Nickname(s): Sarry, Perks

Association(s): The Ebon Blade, Silvermoon

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Death Knight

Age: 227

Sex: Male

Hair: Pale blue

Eyes: Runic blue

Weight: 180

Height: 6'7


Sarthe is normally seen in full armor. The few times he is without his armor, which is normally to get it cleaned and the rust removed, he can be seen in a simple robe when seemingly alone or anything else fully covering when he needs to leave. Sarthe never lets his axe leave his hands.

Other: Sarthe has a scarred stomach from a massive amount of felfire.


Alignment: Neutral Evil

Sarthe is normally quite and reserved. He is soft-spoken and goes out of his way to avoid situations with a large group of people, and almost never enters a major city unless receiving an order, or if it cannot be avoided. He will never start a conversation, nor does he seek to join social groups. He has no interest in either gender and carries himself with a hint of great mental weight. His shoulders are normally slouched forward and his steps heavy and dragged.

Sarthe is not power hungry, and could care less about the common mortal struggles of good and evil between each other. His only enemy is what remains of the scourge. He only views himself as part of the horde due to his race and not his personal views. While he is not a huge supporter, he does feel his own race somewhat superior to that of the others. He views the Forsaken as closer to him than the Sin'dorei as of late, due to their ability to relate to his current state.

Sarthe does not openly give into the hunger, but when alone with a stranger, it would not be above him to strike them down in order to keep his mind clear. He does feel a massive amount of regret for the actions and killings he had done under the service of the Lich King, but knows nothing can be done to atone for such things. Guilt does occasionally overtake him though.

While he does not actively seek companionship, what passes as a “friend” to him can expect a degree of loyalty from him. They can also expect quick retaliation if they dare even give off a hint of betrayal.


Sarthe was born to a single mother outside of Silvermoon in the village of Fairbreeze. He is the eldest child out of three. His mother had remarried shortly after he turned fifty, but he was given his biological fathers name rather than taking on the new name. A younger sister and brother followed not long after, much to his joy.

He and his new father got along rather well, all things considered. This was much to his mother's joy who worried about them bonding as a family. His father taught him to hunt, fish, fight and even some basic survival skills. As content as he was, he still wanted to learn about his real father. For weeks on end Sarthe nagged his parents until at last they caved in and provided him with what he needed to know. He then sought out his biological father with help from his best friend and with clues from his mother.

After three months searching, Sarthe and his friend finally found his real father, though Sarthe would later both regret and thank the experience. His father was a womanizing scumbag who at first denied Sarthe was his son at all. The resemblance of the two made it hard for such a denial to go on, and eventually the man admitted it. He attempted to show Sarthe the “good life” as he called it. This life consisted on drugs, booze, gambling and questionably clothed women. Sarthe was disgusted that such a man was his father, and soon left to leave the man in a alcohol-induced coma.

After he returned home, Sarthe was fairly distraught that such a man was his real father. It shattered his childhood vision of meeting a war hero, or even just a simple farmer. He vowed after that to set a better example for his younger siblings and began to train as a warrior for Silvermoon.

As his siblings grew older, he soon found himself working in the fields more than anything else so he could help support his younger siblings though the schooling they wanted. His brother studying to become a mage and his sister to be a Farstrider. He kept up with his training on the side, but was rather content with his life as it was. It was doing his work where he met the girl of his dreams, married, and had a couple children on his own.

As his children started to grow up, Sarthe began to step up his training as a comfort more to himself that should a situation arise, he would be able to protect his family and his people. Such skills he did not need to use for a long time, but he never allowed himself to grow lazy with his training. Eventually his mother and step-father passed away from old age, right before the first war hit.

The first war Sarthe chose not to involve himself in the first war. He decided he would rather stay at home to keep working to support his children though their classes so that they could succeed in life. Life between the first and second war passed by normally for his family. He was at the time as happy as any man could be, and would always look upon these times fondly.

When the second war came, Sarthe was out with his kin, fighting off the Orcs that were invading him homeland. It was there that he lost his best friend from his childhood to the savage beasts. It was there where he also obtained his first scar when he was met in the stomach with felfire. The damage was severe enough to where he had to be discharged from the fighting and was sent home to be taken care of by his wife and children.

Sarthe spent much time recovering from his wound. The end result was all of his stomach and sides were a burnt mess, looking far from what it should have looked like. Once he was healed, he returned back to work and back to training. Time once again passed by normally until the scourge came.

When the attacks on Silvermoon started, Sarthe's brother came to their home quickly with his sister. They were given no choice, and shoved though a portal to safety. At first, Sarthe refused to go due to his wife being gone to visit a friend, but in the end he was given no choice. He waited for days on end for news. When they were finally able to return home, he searched frantically for any signs of his wife. All he found was a charred corpse with their wedding band on it.

As upset as he was that she had passed on, he knew he had to remain strong for his children. He grew an immense hatred for the undead after that point and shunned those of the new Forsaken race. When he had heard of the Argent Dawn, he jumped at the chance to join. His children were grown and no longer needed him to support them.

He met his end on the battle field with them. He has, and forever will, wished that he would have remained dead. Instead, he was raised again, a twisted shade of what he once was. Under the command of the Lich King, he and other Death Knights slaughtered many innocents. Each life lost was another scream etched forever into his memory. What hurt the most was knowing there was nothing he could do to stop himself.

When the Death Knights were able to break free, Sarthe wanted to attempt to regain himself and thus joined with the Ebon Blade to wipe out the Scourge. After the fall of the Lich King, he found himself at a loss of what to do. No longer could he return home, not after the crimes he had committed. He thought that his children and siblings were better off thinking he had died, and stayed dead. He does drop by to check on them from time to time, though tries to remain anonymous while doing so.

Sarthe now spends his time wandering around the world, attempting to find for himself redemption, but finds himself more and more giving into the hunger and into his evil nature. The guilt of his crimes still affect him in many ways, but for the most part he has forgiven himself knowing that he was not in control of himself. He returns to the hold every now and then, but for the most part avoids areas with a large amount of people in them. He finds comfort with the Forsaken, knowing now that they are just fallen warriors like him.