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Player: Reigen

Character Full Name: Zoi'fon

Character In-Game Name: Zoifon

Nickname(s): Zoi, Bloodbather

Association(s): Himself

Race: Troll

Class: Death Knight

Age: 37

Sex: Male

Hair: White freshly stained with blood from the roots up. This seems to be the way he keeps it up into the large mohawk. The hair is also very dirty and matted with the blood, dirt and sometimes twigs.

Eyes: Runic blue with a hint of cruelty.

Weight: 281 Lbs

Height: 7'11"


Zoi'fon wears the armor he stole off another troll about his size, though he's had to make a few adjustments. It's normally splattered with blood and is rather dented up. For whatever reason, he's decided to cut off the bottom part of the gloves in order to allow his fingers to fit though. The same happened with his boots. He took an axe to the bottom and welded it over his ankles.

Other: His face is painted in the appearance of a skull. This is partly with war-paints and with blood. Under his eye-patch there is no eye, rather, it's a home for the various spiders he's called pets.


Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Zoi'fon is sexist, to put it bluntly. He hates women who act out of their 'place' so to speak, and is known to attack females on sight for being where he feels they don't belong. This is mostly true for troll females, as they are his own race. It's not above him to stand in the middle of a town and start to scream at a female for wearing armor.

He hates both the Horde and the Alliance and all races, even his own. He blames the Orcs for his downfall, and the Humans for causing the Trolls to accept the help of the Orcs. He would sooner eat all that came into his path rather than converse or accept them. If it wasn't for fear of re-death, he would go through town on a murderous rampage.

Zoi'fon will consume almost anything so long as it looks edible. Even though he no longer needs to eat, he does so anyway. To him, killing and eating is his way to battle the endless hunger that death knights go though. When his stomach gets full, he would vomit on others as an insult.


Zoi was born and raised as a hunter like his father and his many brothers on Darkspear Islands. He never knew which of his father's mates was the one that gave birth to him, nor did he really care which. It wouldn't have changed his opinion on any of them when growing up. He watched as his sisters from his father's several mates were given off to another male as a mate in exchange for gifts. He grew content that his place was on top and the females of the tribe would always be serving him in any way he saw fit.

When he and his brothers were of age, they were all given a mate by their father who called in favors with his closer friends. While the others simply used the females as slaves and ignored them half the time, he took it upon himself to remind the females never to step out of line.

While never a huge concern for his father, Zoi had a large and nasty violent streak, so when his first mate showed up dead a few weeks later for disobedience, no one was surprised. Zoi had claimed that she had come at him with a cooking knife, and that he had smashed her head against the rock they used as a table in defence. No one else knew any different, so no one had any reason to doubt his claim. The male even looked as if he had cuts from a knife on him.

A similar fate fell upon his second and third mate, both of who publically expressed their view on how he treated them day by day. The second female had turned up in a river and it was mistaken that she had slipped on a rock and cracked her head open. The third was found mauled to death by what was mistaken as a large creature with claws. Zoi expressed no upset over their deaths, and was eager to find a 'better' female to turn his attention to.

Zoi had many mates, most of which have learned never to disobey the troll if they wanted to live. For a long while he was happy. Days were spent hunting with his father and brothers and nights were spent with his women cooking his food while he relaxed. As time went on, he became bolder in how he worked. He would start to publicly punish and beat his mates for so much as saying something wrong on accident. It was around this time that the attacks from the murlocs and humans started. It was during this time of fighting that Zoi would start the practice of using his enemy's blood to paint his hair with, taking it out of his braid and standing it up straight like a mohawk.

Zoi would fight with the rest of the tribe, much to his mate's happiness. The more time he spent fighting, the less time he was with them and the less chance of death they had. For a while, all was good until he started to take his frustration out on them at home. Two more fell to having their heads smashed against the table, yet another lost an arm and another lost their eyes. When commenting on the abuse, other trolls would be met with anger and yelling. They shrugged it off for a large part as stress from the war.

When the Orcs came to help them out, Zoi was less than pleased. He thought of them as thinking his tribe weak and unable to defend themselves. Even worse was when Thrall and Sen'jin were captured, only for Thrall to come back without his beloved leader. To this day he blames the Orcs for Sen'jin's death and feels that Thrall should have died with him, or Sen'jin should have come out alive instead.

He felt overwhelmed by everything and, with pushing from his father and brothers, gathered up his mates and left with the Orcs. The time at sea was miserable for him, and two of his mates ended up 'falling' off the side of the boat into the jaws of the following sharks. At last, the trolls would settle upon what was known as the Echo Isles and Zoi would begin to calm down.

His violent nature to his mates started up once more when the humans started to attack the new Isles in which he now called home. This anger only increased as the Orcs came back to 'rescue' the trolls. Another of his mates fell during his fits, and the remaining ones were wounded. During the chaos, all but one ran away to live in exile rather than be with him, thus all his abuse was turned to one female.

Now part of the Horde, the trolls were told they had to give up their practice of eating others. That, he could deal with. What the Orcs didn't know wouldn't hurt them. What angered him was how fast the Trolls were ready to follow these Orcs like mindless drones. The last straw for him was when they were told that females had to start being treated as equals. His mate was rejoicing in broad daylight about this fact. A big mistake for her and the downfall for him.

That night, he slaughtered his mate and used her blood for his hair. The act was witnessed by a group of trolls and soon he was brought before council. He stated loudly that he would never treat a 'lesser' being as his equal. For such an act, he was deemed a traitor for not following the new laws put upon them by the Horde. His only saving grace was that it was a new law. His punishment consisted of him having his left eye removed and was then exiled from his home.

During this time Zoi, now Zoi'fon though his exile, would take his anger out on strangers he met on the roads. He started to feel hatred to his own race for exiling him and following the green-skins who had ruined everything. He hunted when he needed, but disliked having to do the work of women by cooking his own food. It was though passing he heard of the Argent Dawn and came to be recruited by one of them. He didn't care for the cause at all. For him, it was free food, armor and a 'legal' way to take out his anger on his enemies. He would later wish that he had simply remained on the roads.

During a scouting mission, he and the others fell victim to a group of scourge. It had been his loud boasting about all his mates that drew the evil things to his group. Most of them had nothing left to them and his 'friends' fell quickly. He stayed as long as he could, finally falling to an arrow though his left eye-socket.

While most freed death knights speak about the horrors of watching themselves kill and not being able to do anything about it, Zoi'fon wasn't really bothered by it. His only complaint was that he wasn't able to eat the corpses of those he killed. He did rather dislike how he had no free will though, so when the Lich King started to lose his grip on the knights, he was glad to yank back his freedom.

Out of his own selfish want, he joined under the banner of the Ebon Blade like other knights. He would leave as soon as the Lich King fell. His hatred carried over with him to his death and he had not forgotten everything that had happened to him. Instead, he let his anger control him and now wishes only to wipe the world free of all races, even his own race. While he knows this is an unlikely goal, he does what he can to bring the number down by one or two at every chance he gets.

To Zoi'fon, the only good humanoid is a dead one. Dead and in his stomach.