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Welcome to the Conquest of the Horde wiki! This is a collaborative source for all knowledge about the Conquest of the Horde World of Warcraft private roleplaying server. To begin browsing our site, select any of the links from the left side menu. If you would like to help us build the site, you can learn how to read over the community portal or look through our guide to helping out.

Despite the name of the server, Alliance characters are equally as welcome as Horde characters. In addition, Common and Orcish are set to a universal language that can be understood by both factions. Emotes can also can be universally seen.

While Conquest of the Horde isn't exactly Blizzard-like, the server doesn't have absurd increased rates.

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There are currently 3,858 articles.

The Administrative Overlord
Before you can begin playing on this server, you must complete some very easy steps. Even after your account has been created, you will need to continue doing more in order to access the entire experience.
Conquest of the Horde is unlike Blizzard's retail servers -- sometimes drastically so! We possess rules unique to our server, updated content and zones, and even a history that goes far beyond what has been developed by the staff at Blizzard.
As players spend more time on Conquest of the Horde, many of them want to find ways to interact and give back to the community.


Horde battle standard.

Conquest of the Horde is a private World of Warcraft server that focuses primarily on roleplay within the Warcraft setting. All members are expected to roleplay. For more information regarding the rules of the server, read the the rules article.

This is not an 'insta-85' server, per se. Nor does Conquest of the Horde have oodles of custom items. Leveling to 85 is still done, but only after a certain point. Be sure to read the FAQs for more information on that, and other things!

How to begin on Conquest of the Horde

  1. Read over the rules, FAQs, and policies.
  2. Check the Connecting to the Server global announcement on the forum.
  3. Post an introduction. Make sure to read the stickies in the Introductions forum.
  4. Once the introduction is approved by a GM or Forum Helper, create a server account. The login name and email must match your forum login and email (it's case-sensitive!); please ensure your password is alphanumeric to prevent any issues with logging in.
    • Note that if you've failed to follow the previous step you'll receive an error!
  5. Read the information on connecting to the Server as well as information for once you're connected.
  6. Read the information on creating a Character.
  7. Get out there and RP!
  8. If you like the character you're RPing, write up a profile and post it.
  9. RP more! Be active around the server! Once at least a month has gone by (and you've been active during that time) and you've had at least one character approved, fill out a Grunt Questionnaire.
  10. Profit.


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Yancy Boltwing was born in the great city of Gnomeregan. Like many Gnomes, he took to engineering like a fish to water, studying the intricate systems of moving parts and learning how things worked together. This would be a theme of the years to come, as Yancy came to strongly value working with others to achieve his building goals. He got along well with not only his fellow Gnomes, but with their neighboring Dwarven allies, enjoying their storytelling and especially their ale.

The first time Yancy laid eyes on an aircraft, he immediately fell in love. When the pilot noticed his fixation, he offered to give the Gnome a ride in the gyrocopter, as she was looking for some repairs and upgrades and wanted him to see first-hand some of what she wanted improved. And Yancy reveled in it!



  • ... that Castor Rookwood has the big daft grin of a ten-year-old boy?
  • ... that Lyraella Dana'no creates and modifies her own weapons and, as such, she is a great engineer and knows her way around engineering?
  • ... that Macha Ylenn typically has a whip or chain on her belt which is occasionally used in garroting enemies?
  • ... that Leana Sanluir was born with her twin brother, Raluis, before the invasion of the Scourge?
  • ... that Khrystine Velveto likes to wear a dress now and again?
  • ... that Sanot Brycewind's skills have made him cocky, as he as only ever failed twice in his long career of being a Bounty Hunter?
  • ... that Asha Harte still fights side by side with her shield-sister and companion, Aliz Bastian?
  • ... that Zarzul'fonis quick, but never subtle?
  • ... that Tanessa van Duquesne serves her family more as a bodyguard for now, but she plans to bring recognition to the Duquesne house?
  • ... that Xanthe Novalight will frequently use nature and animals (in the form of metaphor, stories or direct observation) to more explicitly express herself and her opinions?

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