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Player: Reigen

Character Full Name: Euli'nae Kim'alah

Character In-Game Name: Eulinae

Nickname(s): Eul, Nae, Elly

Association(s): Silvermoon

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Warlock

Skills and Abilities: Standard warlock abilities with a focus in summoning. She's great at researching, working with herbs and studying almost anything within reason.

Age: 754

Sex: Female

Hair: Long and a fiery orange in color. Normally kept in a pony-tail.

Eyes: A heavily tainted fel-green.

Weight: 123 lbs

Height: 5'9"


Eulinae enjoys bright orange colors with dark reds and blacks in order to balance her outfits out. She never wears anything outside of cloth, citing something about allergies, and carries around a staff and sword. Her clothing often appears dirty and she doesn't look to take very good care of herself. Her piercings don't just stop at her ears either, the elf having her brows, nose and lips done as well. Under her robe she wars a pair of pants which are held down tight to her legs via ornate ankle and leg bracelets. On her center back is a very faded and hardly visible tattoo of a name.

Other: The warlock has the stench of alcohol about her. Hidden by her pants are burn scars that stretch up her legs, almost past her knees. They seem to have been there for a while.


Eulinae enjoys her life to the fullest, even if most of her time is spent drunk or partly drunk. She doesn't really have anything to be depressed about these days, expect when her coin runs low for her bottles. While she may be a warlock, she's not very liberal with the knowledge and avoids dressing in a grim-dark manner to give into the stereotype. She's quick to get addicted to things and gets into many toxic situations due to not really knowing better. Rather than trying to improve, she hits the bottle again and moves on to her next venture in life. She has a habit of falling hard rather easily and has yet to learn better. She's not stupid about it, however.

She doesn't really like the users of the light, finding them dull, uptight and way too strict for her style. This feeling does not extend to the Blood Knights. She dislikes all races but her own, regardless of faction, but is willing to look past this for anyone who is kind enough to buy her a drink or two. She holds a strange fascination for demons and how they work, using her own minions as lab-rats for various tests in order to find out how to best destroy them.

She doesn't indulge herself in drinking and other pleasure substances for depression, regret or any way to hide any sort of sorrows, she does it because she likes doing it.


Eulinae Kim'alah was born to two very loving parents many years ago. They lived a very average life in Silvermoon and were never overly poor or extremely wealthy. They lived well on what they had, never went hungry and overall never had any tragedy beyond family members passing of age. Her childhood was pretty normal as well, she attended basic schooling, had sleepovers on the weekends and chased boys once she was old enough to realize that she found them attractive. The last part was much to the dismay of her father who had many 'talks' with her various 'true loves' over the years. She enjoyed life and her parents never did anything to restrict that, citing that any problems were her problems unless it directly involved the authorities.

Both her parents officially became Farstriders once the organization had been formed and left to live a more quiet life away from the city. They sold their home and bought an apartment for Eulinae inside the royal exchange, her father reminding her very quickly that this was not free reign to horde all the men she thought were cute. With her parents gone, she decided to seek out her own source of funding so that she wouldn't need to depend on them so much. With a few extra years of schooling, she found herself landing a job at a research center in Silvermoon. She found she made an excellent researcher and was very dedicated to whatever task she was given at the time, even if it was something as simple as observing plant-life.

When it came to the first war, she didn't know anything was even going on unti a few months after the fact. When the second war hit her homeland and caused the forest to burn, she was upset and worried for her parents. They turned out to be fine, and she was tasked with going out to the internment camps in order to log the activities of the orcs as well as put them though tests. She didn't think much of the experiments she put them though, seeing them nothing more as an animal at the time.

She was home when the Scourge invaded her lands. She barred the door to her apartment and waited it out, having no other choice. Destruction could be heard all around her, but thankfully none of the undead monsters took the time to come knock on her door. The Sunwell was destroyed and while she felt the pains of addiction, it was no-where near as bad as those who had been casters. She would meditate a few hours each day and bare though the pain the day might bring. When fel was introduced to her people, she decided to give it a try to see that it was all about. Needless to say, she got hooked quickly. Her skin started to tint red as a result from her over-use, but thankfully a few interventions later and she was a more moderate user.

The subject of demons came up at her place of work and workers who researched them were going to receive triple the pay than what they were currently getting. Eulinae had the 'brightest' idea ever; she would train to become a warlock and summon demons in order to research them. It took a few years for her to get the hang of it, going as far as to seek out the orcs once the blood elves were in the Horde. During her training, most all of her friends enlisted in one of the many armies and deployed. She thought about joining them once she returned, but instead focused herself on her demonic research.

These days she remains in her apartment, which suffered little damage, and works on her research. She makes trips out to the Ghostlands every now and then in order to visit her parents when they are on duty, but otherwise her life is fairly normal and full of her indulgences.