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Player: Reigen

Character Full Name: Reigen Sunfire

Character In-Game Name: Reigen

Nickname(s): Strider

Association(s): Silvermoon, Frozen Eye, Bronze Dragonflight, Argent Crusade, Magisters

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Cryomancer [Dragonsworn]

Age: 555

Sex: Female

Hair: Long, black and well taken care of. The hair reaches down nearly to the floor unless something is done with it. Her bangs and the bottom section of her hair is dyed blue.

Eyes: Bright Green

Weight: 101 lbs [Slightly below average] but slowly gaining more.

Scale/Height: 0.86 (5’0”) She was malnourished as a child and her body as become weak as a result. She is unable to perform many physical tasks that are easily done by others.


Reigen enjoys dressing in fine silks that flow well with her body. They often consist of many layers and are normally accompanied by a cloak with fur trim. Much of her clothing is matched with decorative sections of leather and expensive metals such as gold and silver and serve no function. Were they anything beyond decoration, they would be far too heavy for her to be able to move around with due to her weakened body. Her eyes are sensitive to brighter colors, so her own wardrobe is filled with darker colors such as blues, purples, greens and black. She does have a few brighter outfits for formal functions as well as to wear at the magistry office.

Her skin is pale as a result of her being indoors more often than not. She never really gives it a chance to color. While most scars she has gained over the years have faded, her body still has a few marks here and there. More noticeable than the scars are the tattoos decorating her body which can be seen when skin is shown. Being one of the few families that have not switched to red, they tend to be in blues, black and silvers. The most notable one would be the phoenix stretched across her stomach, side and back with the tail feathers reaching down the backs of her legs.

She’s short, reaching only a mere five feet. Her poor upbringing has contributed to this as well as the sickness that has yet to fade. Lifting things over twenty pounds proves a great challenge to the small elf, and physical attacks against her have a habit of being deadly in any form. For this reason she likes to keep someone between herself and her enemies to act as a meat-shield.


Much of Reigen’s early life was spent in seclusion due to her illness. She never learned how to properly interact with people and this has carried over into her adult years. She’s socially awkward and has a hard time opening up to new people. Either she greets them over-enthused and frightens them off, or she keeps her distance and comes off as rude. It’s a constant struggle she works on. The bit of contact she had with the ‘friends’ she gained on nobility only caused her to be judgemental of the appearance of others as well as to make remarks over anything she didn’t really agree with. It’s another habit she’s tried, and thus far failed, to break.

Reigen has grown distant from her initial love of the Horde. She now dislikes the forsaken due to their use of the plague in Southshore as well as their practice of raising undead. She wants no part in the factional conflict and would rather work with the Argent Crusade to deal with the real threats to the world. She’s still proud of her people and would die to defend her homeland, however unless the conflict reaches near Silvermoon’s borders, she will have no part in it.

She tends to try to keep in high spirits in a bleak world and keeps a mask of happiness on. Though she feels lonely on the inside, she does her best to lift the mood of those around her and help them chase their dreams while hers slip away. Much of her earlier racism has fallen apart. She no longer has the will to fight the changing world and can only go along with the flow, even if she doesn't agree with it.

Part of her has started to struggle with the knowledge that free will is an illusion. Everything that must happen will happen, no matter how much she might not wish it to. It has caused her to be bitter at times, but is also something she can take comfort in when things go wrong.


Born early and ill to her parents, Reigen was a drain on the families resources. The family was poor, the parents and five children living in a cramped one room home in the village of Suncrown, and feeding the child proved to be a struggle. She suffered from it, her body not growing properly and becoming weak for her whole life.

Much of Reigen’s time was spent indoors recovering and the girl never looked her own age. When she was able to sustain her own body, she was allowed to access the few books the family had. She focused on developing her mental abilities rather than her physical ones and was able to visit the library of Silvermoon when the caravan from the city would travel to and from there. She was taught to read there by a kind librarian and was allowed to borrow books on the promise she’d bring them back when she could.

When Reigen was at last able to go out on her own, she would spend time at a local graveyard. She felt bad that the dead were forgotten and would clean it up with the ‘help’ of the local strays she managed to attract. She was called ‘weird’ by others and was left alone. The graveyard was her sanctuary and in the end, it saved her life.

The village of Suncrown was known to take part in a ritual in which a great water elemental would be summoned. Being as weak as she was, Reigen chose to skip out on the ritual and spend her time in the graveyard. When she came back, the village was empty and void of all life. Concerned, she made her way to the lake in which the ritual would take place and saw the bodies of the villages floating in the water, her family among them.

Guards arrived not long after, rushing her away from the scene and placing her under the care of the librarian. Though Reigen was an adult at the time, medical records listed her as unable to properly care for herself because of physical handicaps. The librarian did her best to help Reigen forget what she had saw, but the dullness in her eyes only proved that there was a part of the small elf that would never come back.

She was enrolled in a school later that year in hopes that it would distract her from her loss, and distract her it did. Reigen threw herself into her studies, becoming obsessed with the arcane and it’s properties. She felt empowered by the arcane and was soon looking better than she had ever been before. She was rather skilled in cryomancy above all other things and never really had a will to touch fire after getting burnt a few times.Her mind had a never-ending thirst for knowledge and she sought it often.

She managed to catch the attention of a young noble attending the same classes as her. Despite her strangeness, there was his yearning for a like-minded individual over the ditzes his family kept pushing forward. Though Reigen felt no love for the man, she accepted his proposal of marriage as a way of bettering herself and gaining access to even more knowledge. The two were married and Reigen would come to painfully bare the man many children as far as the public was concerned. In truth, the man was infertile and would adopt the children Reigen bore in her many affairs.

Due to her new social status, she was quickly accepted into the magistry and went through her training with no problems at all. Her skills as a mage only helped her prove to the others that her size did not matter when it came to magic. Her life was relatively normal, though she did struggle with keeping herself healthy enough to function.

When she had the time available to her, she would travel avidly, collecting items from ruins and exploring the jungles of the world. Her husband allowed her to go so long as she took guards and a guide with her. When she could, she would grab old texts and items and skillfully preserve them so that others could look at them. While others in the family could not understand her passion for historical items, they did appreciate some of the texts she managed to bring home and scribe.

It wasn’t until later that she came under the eye of the bronze dragons for her collection of knowledge and trinkets. She had managed to come in possession of a near-crumbling text from a deep underground cave system. The text, which was presumed lost at some point of time, brought forth a drake in disguise in an attempt to buy it. Reigen refused to part with it. The drake was frustrated by Reigen, but took up her offer to browse though the other items she had collected. Frustration soon turned to a small admiration as the drake realized the potential usefulness of the elf. She left in a hurry to inform her Matron not only of the text, but of the entire collection the small elf possessed.

Not long after, Reigen received another visitor by the name of Minormi. The air of importance around the woman caused Reigen to be on her best behavior, showing her the best items she had in her collection. When she showed them the text and it’s translation, Minormi turned to Reigen with a bit of a job proposal. It turns out she had lost something a long time ago and needed someone to retrieve it for her. Not one to turn down what could be a good relation, Reigen readily accepted.

The next day Reigen met Minormi outside of her estates and the two walked a long ways to the river separating Eversong in two. The two parted ways as Reigen went to the last known location in which the object was. To her surprise it was at Suncrown, her home village, and the village was suddenly very populated. As she made her way through the village, she saw faces to match the names of those who had died in the freak accident years before and it unnerved her something fierce. The talk of the town made it’s way to hear ears as she searched the stands and questioned people about any suspicious activity. She knew that ritual that killed the village was to occur.

Unsure if she was in a dream or some sort of illusion, she declined to mention anything about it and followed a lead to the other side of the lake. Just as she was about to give up, she noticed an old, rusted ring in front of her, matching the description. As she picked it up, the chants of the ritual started up behind her and shivers went down her back. A sick game or not, she had to try to see if it would make any difference to warn them. Before she stood up fully, her eyes fell to the visible words on the ring.

It pained her to watch as the waters raised, consuming the villages as the lost control. She should have stopped it, she should have tried to save those people. As each scream died out from lack of breath, she felt blame upon herself for not stopping the horror.

Minormi was proud of Reigen when she returned to the present, unaltered, time and spoke highly of her actions. She took the ring back and offered Reigen a place as one of her sworn. Her lifestyle wouldn't be altered too much, she was promised, only that she would have to report any interesting current events back to her via one of her drakes and to keep searching for lost treasures. In time, she was told, she would be handsomely rewarded for good service. After what she had experienced, she accepted and was left to do her duty.

The first war came and went, the family doing nothing to aid the humans, though Reigen had made sure to seek out and secure artifacts in the area so they would not be lost.

In the second war, Reigen lost her husband to the Orcs and Trolls. While she was upset, as he was a rather close friend, she didn’t suffer too greatly from his absence. Her children were devastated as were her step-parents. During the time, she was declared head of the household because she was one of the few in the family to keep level-headed. She devoted herself to the politics of the house and managed to help keep it afloat during the time of grief. Reigen understood most out of them all that all that happened was meant to be, and took it to heart that they must push on.

When the third war came, Reigen and the family stood their ground for as long as they could against the Scourge. Their holdings came under attack, but with everyone managed to remain level-headed with Reigen shouting orders in order to drive away the band of undead. The mages, including herself, put up shields around the vault that kept her collections and none were harmed during the attack. The family had their losses, but for the most part they managed to keep their lands safe.

Sadly, Reigen wasn’t able to be around to help the family recover. The loss of the sunwell stuck the small elf hard. She had depended on the arcane to do most everything in order to keep herself strengthened and on-par with the rest of her people. With it gone, she fell into a deep depression as well as allowing her illness to overcome her once again. She was taken away from public eye in order to recover in a dark room where she was tended to by servants.

Her family cared for her, seeking out objects in which she could drain from out of fear she would pass away. Some of the family followed Kael’thas to outland and when the discovery of fel came to their ears, they took as many crystals as they were allowed to and returned with the Grand Magister in order to bring them to the estates. Fel-crystals were set up around and in the homes and the family ritually drained from them in order to regain their strength. With the aid of her servants, Reigen was able to drain from them as well and made a speedy recovery as her eyes shifted green.

With her body restored, Reigen learned of the horrors her people had suffered due to the humans. She started a ruthless campaign against the humans and enlisted many under her banner. Her men would seek out and find any humans that still remained in the lands and drive them out though any means necessary.

When the subject of joining the Horde came up, Reigen spoke out in support of it, citing the need for allies and how the forsaken and orcs were much like them, driven to desperation to survive. Though she still held a hatred for the orcs, she knew that they would be useful allies when her people had none. Her family, once her husband’s, began following her with a blind devotion after the step-mother attempted to take her own life in grief. They took her words and ran with them on the streets, doing their best to help calm the populace. Much of the wealth of the family was spent helping those in need and still without homes.

Reigen became active with helping the Argent Dawn as well, making visits to the camps in order to provide her people with motivation as well as ‘home cooked’ meals to replace the rations they were normally given. While she still disliked the Alliance, she couldn’t deny that they were needed in order to take down the Lich King. During one of these visits, the camp she was at was ambushed by the Scourge, thinking them easy prey. Imagine their surprise when the small group was able to put up a good fight.

She was one of the ‘lucky’ ones who was spared, one of the necromancers grabbing her away from the group that was to be slaughtered and raised. Forcefully she was made to drink a potion that was said to bind her very soul to the will of the cult and through them she was made to learn the art of necromancy. Rather than remain in the plaguelands, she was taken to Northrend. She fought against the lessons best she could, purposely messing up spells and acting as if she was a slow learner. The most she truly learned was repairing the already existing undead.

The camp in which she was stationed was over-run by the Argent Crusade some time later. Much to her surprise, another sworn, Krilari of the bronze flight, was there. While the others of the cult fought and fled, she found herself dragged out of there. How they knew she wasn’t a true member came later when she learned that the unit sent has been specifically assigned to save her by a higher up in the crusade. She was presented with the very same ring she had found at her trial and was told that the potion used on her was a fake. From that day on, she never took the ring off.

She joined with the Argent Crusade, not ready to return home, and worked with them to fight the war in Northrend. She served primarily as a mage to transport troops to far away locations and, thanks to the forced training, was one of the few able to mend the undead troops painlessly. The stress her body had undergone quickly caught up to her, nearly crippling her and forcing her to passive duty. After nearly losing her lift to a fire from a scourge assault, she was returned home to Silvermoon in order to recover.

The sight that greeted her once she entered the main chamber was one that enraged her. A rival house stood before her children, none of them prepared to lead, and was attempting to force them to turn over their lands and simply marry into the other family. All of her recent experiences caught up with her and the anger she displayed was far more than anything her family had seen before. In the end, the representatives of the other house were forced from her home after she had verbally assaulted them for their attempts at taking advantage of the grieving children.

Since her return, her stepmother has also died, putting her in complete control of the family. She works to keep them ahead in wealth and technology. She managed to make a full return to the magistry, using her position to help keep an eye on thing for her flight as well as to earn funding for the Argent Crusade. Between it all, she struggles to keep up with the Novalight family and their works, serving as an advisor to the current Nova and as a tormentor to Jidaeo.

Skills and Abilities

Mirror Mirror
Reigen possesses two mirrors. The full-length mirror allows her to see deep into herself to fully understand how she feels. She often spends days in front of the larger mirror, trying to understand the emotions she struggles to show. The handheld one does much the same, but is more portable.
The only thing she managed to pick up from the cult that held her captive was the ability to heal the undead. She has no power otherwise in necromancer nor does she have the desire to learn anything further.
Time Warp
As a gift for her service and struggles, Reigen has been taught a spell by her Matron. It only affects the area directly around her and her allies, allowing them to speed up their attacks. It leaves the timestream alone otherwise and is only used in rare situations. The sands to use the spell is contained in the ring she was given after her rescue in Icecrown.
Reigen excels in frost spells and has long forgotten how to cast anything with fire.
Another gift from her Matron is a staff that was made from a blackened wood by one of her highborne ancestors many years in the past. Despite how old it is, it looks as though it has never been used. It has no special effects beyond that it seems to be ageless.


White tiger
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