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This article is a guild information page for House Sunfire.
Power through the Storm

Family Structure

Head of House: Reigen Sunfire-Dawnsend

Heir of House: Merewen Sunfire

Family Members:

Former Family Members

House Structure

House Alliances:

Disliked Families

  • House Amberdawn - A recent breaking of contract has caused House Amberdawn to fall out of favor with House Sunfire. As a result, unless amends are made, House Sunfire will not aid, back or associate with any members of the house.
  • House Seregon - 'Creative' differences between the Patron and Matron of the two houses have left them on a bitter note with each other. Reigen would rather think they do not exists and blocks all contact with them.




  • The Izshani - Lead by Izshandriel
  • Edgar - Recently falling into favor again with House Sunfire, the man is to be treated with respect at all times.


House Trades

House Sunfire focuses primarily on obtaining and selling raw material such as:

  • Unrefined Ore
  • Herbs
  • Lumber
  • Food
  • Cloth
  • Oil - This is a new trade, only a few months old.


The house has a large amount of equipment that is used in operations. The most obvious would be a small fleet of trade ships with one or two mercenary ships for protection when goods are being transported. Of course, sea-trade is always at risk to pirates and more than once the house has taken a loss due to destroyed, stolen or 'lost' ships. They are not easy or cheap to replace and profits for the time a ship is gone drop a fair deal. Each ship has a paid crew to operate them as well as a loss plan for the crew-mates family should a ship be lost or a crew killed.

The estate has a fair amount of farmland in which is used to grow food to sell. While not as big as a proper farm, they do gain a bit of a profit by selling to areas of scarce, barren land. Food that cannot be sold is either marked as a loss and donated or turned into livestock feed and sold that way. There is a ship used for fishing, though it is more of a side thing than a real money-bringer.

House Sunfire owns many plots of lands outside their own borders for mining operations as well as a new drilling operation in search of oil. Most equipment is kept updated for efficiency, and they only currently own one oil drill due to the cost of owning one and complications of running them. When done with the land, they either re-sell it or make it safe to inhabit and use it as an outpost to keep news from other lands current.

House History

Age of House: House Sunfire traces back to Highborn roots, but has been around for at least seven thousand years. The true age is somewhere around eleven-thousand, though the records are fuzzy around that time.

Being loyal servants to Queen Azshara and part of the Highborne was a major factor into how the family achieved its status above the others. Though they backed away from the Queen as her sanity started to be called into question, they refused to back away from the arcane magics they believed was their right to wield as they saw fit. As such, they were expelled from the lands with the rest of Highborne.

They followed Sunstrider though their peoples hardships, though were careful to make note of the lands around them, most of all the tribes of humans that were encountered in the forest lands. When the city was founded, they used their magics to help keep the trolls at bay and quickly sent out men to search for resources to trade with the humans or bring back to make weapons out of for the less magically inclined among them.

As the kingdom grew, so did their trade, most of all when they began to ally with the other races on the land. Though this trade and loyalty, they managed to remain in the top class while other houses began to fall and break up into common classes.

As other families broke apart, the house would try to bring in the remnants of the fallen family in order to claim their lands and assets. Though this practice they managed to expand their lands, keep a tight hold on their noble title and increase their wealth in order to expand the trade that they still continue to this day.

Sunfire Timeline

  • -270 (300 years ago) - Reigen Sunfire marries into the house and secludes herself away for the most part.
    • Known sickness of the new woman brings many doctors and medical expects into the house near daily.
  • -169 (199 years ago) - Tandalyn becomes the first born.
  • -95 (125 years ago) - Gregoriel is born.
  • -93 (123 years ago) - Jyovani is born.
  • -92 (122 years ago) - Valinthiriel is born.
  • -72 (102 years ago) - Feylen is born.
  • -61 (91 years ago) - Merewen is born.
  • -51 (81 years ago) - Lydan is born.
  • -12 (42 years ago) - Sylineri, who later runs away, is born.
  • 6 (24 years ago) - Second War
    • Reigen's Husband and Step-father die to the orcs and trolls. The title of leader falls upon her step-mother who is mad with grief.
    • Reigen assumes unofficial command to see the family though the deaths, keeping the buisnesses running and preventing her step-siblings from trying to rip the power out from under her step-mother's nose.
    • After a heated argument between the family, the step-mother passes partial-power down to Reigen, seeing her as the only one who acted and kept a strong front. The blood-siblings of her husband grow angry and threaten legal action. Reigen manages to hold them off by allowing them to become branch families. They must report to her, but otherwise are independent.
    • By the end of the year, Reigen was named the legal Regent-head and the house name was changed to Sunfire. The Step-mother retreats from public to handle all private aspects of the house while Reigen fronted the public side.
  • 25 (5 years ago) Reigen goes missing after a visit of goodwill to the Argent Dawn. No body is found, however she was deemed likely to be dead. Children take control. For the next few years, other noble houses attempt to wrangle power and land away from them due to inexperience, however the Step-Mother steps in to keep them at bay.
  • 29 (1 year ago) Reigen is found at the start of the to have been captured by the Cult of the Damned and held in Northrend. A raid by the Argent Crusade frees her and she remains with them until sent home due to frail health. When she returned home, she secluded herself to recover after driving away other noble houses attempting to force the children to marry in to other families. It isn't until her step-mother dies that she starts making a regular appearance again.
    • The step-mother and former matron dies of 'frail health', though rumors speak of suicide, leaving behind her will that offers Reigen all control of every aspect. This enrages her step-siblings, who had no time to convince her to change the will. At this time, Reigen assumes full control and welcomes the challenge.
    • Valinthiriel is kidnapped and found to be willingly offering herself to a hated man. After contact is cut due to Reigen refusing to barter, she was both assumed dead and disowned.
  • 30 (Present) - The cataclysm.
    • Merewen, upon her marriage to Camillia Firescribe, took the title as heir to the house and the responsibilities that came with it. She is currently undergoing training from different advisers, however the role could be taken away if she proves unfit.
    • Jyovani, second in line, also married another noble Faelara Sunsong.
    • Reigen becomes engaged to and marries Krilari Dawnsend.

Member In-House Goals

This section is for any member of the family to edit and fill out out with their ambitions within the house.


All ends through beginnings

Reigen Sunfire, current head of House Sunfire

Role: Matron

Goals: To establish greater territory and power in Quel'thalas by taking over the lands of other nobles, arranged marriages with her children and creating alliances. She also wishes to expand her trade and buy out competition, or force rival companies to go under. One day she would like to see her line as successors to the throne of Quel'thalas, but knows such a feat would take more years than she has left to live. She seeks to keep having children until one turns into the perfect heir, but as of the moment is content to allow her children to prove who would make the best, even if they don't know she watches their doings.

Reigen wishes to leave behind a legacy on top of the lands she has so that future generations will know the might of her family. On the other side of the coin, she also uses her house as a way to further the goals of the flight she serves, using their powers to rally supporters behind certain laws and actions. Her dedication to these changes seem very off to the things she is known to want, leaving many to think she is losing her mind.

Permissions: When deemed in her right mind, Reigen may override any other person within the family be it a spoken promise or written contract. She makes and authorizes the major business transactions as well as represents the house to the Magistery and noble gathers both in the Horde and in neutral settings. She is able to grant funds for projects as she sees fit and may take an unlimited amount of coin out of the family treasury without needing to provide explanation.

Rise to power: Reigen married into the family and gained control after her step-father and husband died. Rather than attempt to cause strife to their grieving mother, the step-siblings agreed to give her part of the control over the house provided they all had an equal say and the step-mother made all the decisions regarding conflicts. Though, rather than be content with that, Reigen used her now mentally-damaged mother to strip power away from the siblings and to her. The more her step-siblings protested and tried to be rid of her, the more she was able to convince the mother that only she was calm enough to lead the house in her husbands image. Full power was granted to Reigen a few days before the step-mother died in her sleep from a poisoned drink at her own request.

Power Struggles: Though in full control, Reigen's step-siblings still try to take power from her. So far they have obeyed her orders, though wait for their chance to wrestle the title back.


Merewen Sunfire

Role: Heir to the house

Upon her unorthodox marriage, Merewen assumed the heir to the house, taking with it the weight of responsibility. Tossing her time between her involvement in the Kirin Tor, her wife, and her dear family, Merewen often finds herself too overwhelmed to properly lead the house's business. Instead, Merewen, in all her conceited nature, takes to showing her face (and body on occasion) wherever she can, making public appearances and modelling for Sindorei tabloids, and magazines.

Because of her unusual marriage, she soon became the talk of the streets, with scandals all around. Her only escape from the never-ending public questions is to fuel her self-esteem and flaunt her beauty, soaking in attention and compliments. However, as of late, she has quickly realized the importance of her noble position and strives to train extensively with the Kirin Tor, and follow any of her mother's teachings to continue the Sunfire's reputation and legacy.

Goal: Merewen strives to not only be a beautiful face for the house, but a strong fighter and a learned politician. She only desires to do her mother proud, and to provide something substantial for the rest of her family.


Role: Second in line to the house


Role: Lord Consort

Goals: Fresh to the position of nobility the Lord's goals are petite for the time, but bear potential to expand, and rapidly so. It stands that he wishes to instill a moral compass into the noble house and all of those who bear it's name, sparing the children of the house the freedom to pursue their own goals while also discouraging those in power from utilizing underhanded and unsavory tactics to gain ground over the other houses. In the long run he wishes for the Sunfire House to exist well past his years as a paragon to Sin'dorei society. To show how one should have the choice to pursue a life of their own, how a business should not have to turn to crime in order to expand their properties.

Permissions: Krilari is the one voice that can challenge the word of the Matron. He can veto decisions if she is deemed physically or mentally unfit to rule, however as he holds Reigen in check, the children of the house hold him in check. If a council of the house's children were to gather he would be forced to oblige to their decision. In terms of economics the Lord has thusfar abstained, however as time stretches onward he may make practice out of a few minor business deals.

OOC notes

Is this house open for membership? Yes.

The family is always open for more members to join! There are spots for blood relatives, branch families and guards/servants. PM Reigen on the forums or add me on skype at dminuyasha.