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Player: Calista

Character Full Name: Valinthiriel Sunfire

Character In-Game Name: Valinthiriel

Nickname(s): Val, Vali

Association(s): The Frozen Eye / House Sunfire, Silvermoon, The Horde

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Hunter

Age: 122

Sex: Female

Hair: Light Red

Eyes: Green

Weight: 122 lbs.

Height: 5'8"


--Val tends to go with the colors of Eversong, with light browns and reds. Her own hair being the color of the very trees, her choice of attire is usually something that will provide her with camouflage when traversing Eversong.

Other: --Val being slightly weaker than the average Blood Elf woman, she makes up for this weakness in speed. Her dexterity and precision allows her strikes in hand to hand combat to target the weaker points of the body. Her acrobatic abilities also further her combat skills with her legs, allowing her to kick rapidly, as well as at a high level.


--Val tends to be somewhat quiet, although she has very strong opinions. Not wanting to cause much trouble, she stays out of many affairs and has learned patience, as well as how to not let the small things trouble her. There is a graceful elegance to her movements, even when she is relaxing in the comfort of her home. She can tend to be somewhat narcissistic, considering she values beauty and outward beauty rather than inner. She tends to uphold the laws, and isn't much of a rule-breaker, but she isn't afraid to do some bad things every once in a while. Spending much of her time in the forests of Eversong, she has a great love for her lands and her people. Valuing her family above all else, though, she will do anything for those she loves most.

Alignment: Neutral


Valinthiriel was, luckily, born as one of the privileged nobles of House Sunfire. Her mother being Reigen, her childhood was of the best one could hope for. Val was inherently bright, and she had a great love for Eversong Woods. A love that prevailed until present day. She was in love with the woodlands, and was fascinated by the lynxes and other creatures that inhabited the lands. She was not allowed to travel far from the city, however, until she was able to protect herself.

Val had learned the ways of bow, and became a competent archer quickly. This was coupled with her pursuit of knowledge, which matured at a somewhat rapid pace. Only during the nights would she leave the city to walk in the forests she loved so much. Her inherent dexterity allowed her to climb the trees of Eversong with ease. From these she would look at the silent forest from the comfort of the treetops. Her return to Silvermoon would be before midnight, however.

When Val finished her training in the ways of being an archer, she was given a bow made especially for her as a gift. She instantly fell in love with the present, and decided that she would never part with it. Having been made from the very wood of the trees of Eversong, it would forever remind her of Quel'thalas. Deciding she needed to forever be learning something new, she began to learn the ways of enchanting so as to be able to enchant her arrows. The training went well, and she put the entirety of her effort into proving herself in such a feat.

Valinthiriel was especially attached to her parents and siblings, only wishing for their love and support, which she received. It was a crushing blow to her heart, however, when the Second War reared its ugly head. Her father being killed, it struck at the heart of Valinthiriel's greatest fear, which was losing her family. It ended up being detrimental to Val's psych, and she fell into a deep depression for a long period of time. When the Third War came, Val decided to fight in her father's honor.

Ending up being wounded by the Scourge at the battle of Silvermoon, she was able to barely survive the entire affair. Her body crushed by battle, she was wounded for much of recovering process. Lucky that her mother, and other family members had survived the ordeal, Val remained somewhat stable mentally. Still suffering from the horrible pains of losing her home, and the lives of her people, her addiction to magic also grew. Her recovery process slowed, and she was barely even able to practice her archery during those times. When the crystals were brought to the estate, she resumed her daily archery practice and enchanting studies.

At the word of her mother's falling, it was another emotional blow taken harshly. It haunted her for the times to come. She learned to go on in life as she did when she had lost her father, but it kept Val in a constant sadness. Her family in distress, she learned to save where she could and her lessons in enchanting ended in order to ensure that the family would not lose any of its wealth unnecessarily.

Much to her joy, her mother did return, although in an altered form. Valinthiriel did not care about such a thing, and instead welcomed her mother back. Her life felt complete once again, and the great sadness that had loomed over her had dissipated with her mother resuming her position as head of the house. Her studies in enchanting continued on, and she once again began to traverse the woods of Eversong. She avoided the Dead Scar at all costs, however, the memory too horrid for her to want to recall. Walking through the woodlands again, everything was perfect, and Valinthiriel has chosen to never let anything harm the sanctity of her family again.

Skills and Abilities

-- Enchanting -- Val's studies in Enchanting have allowed her to enchant the arrows that she uses in combat. Keeping a variety of various types of enchanted arrows in her quiver, her most favorite being one to increase the force of the blow delivered by the arrow. She is not even close to being a skilled enchanter, however.

-- Acrobatics -- Valinthiriel's great dexterity allows her to contort her body more than others are able to. She can perform various flips, and other acrobatic maneuvers if her attire permits such a thing. She can perform such feats quickly and, normally, without difficulty.