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Family Structure

Head of House: Nova XV, Thalion Novalight

Heir to the House: Undecided

House Members:

The Novalight Family Tree [1]


How did the family rise to nobility?

The Silverstar bloodline was bestowed the honor of Nobility shortly after the city of Silvermoon creation. They were awarded this honor due to repeated valiant efforts in the battles against the trolls. Their fourth generation heir was the child of, Selena Silverstar, and common blood Jidaeo Novalight. Railyn Hamari Silverstar became the head of House Silverstar after her mother's death. So enamored with her father, his adventures and accomplishments she changed the House name to Novalight. The head of the house was given an official Regal name "Nova" after her father's nick name given to him by his allies and friends. This happened in -5,999.

How does the family sustain its wealth?

The family founded a large sum of money over the early years, by buying out craftsmen and having them work for the family. Early on being known for Jewelry and Tailoring. As society and families evolved, they began to work heavily with the underworld of society. Trafficking, smuggling, murder, Kidnapping, Extortion and other things as well as an expanding legal front of wares. This went on from -5,072 to about -102 when Zariel and his three siblings became Novae and controlled every asset of the family. Hiccups where crimes were caught were met either with self-sacrifice or an admittance to the crime from a non related member. Suspicions of the House's wealth came into question which caused them to start holding philanthropy banquets. Currently the family trades legal wares ( Jewelry, Tailored goods, or Phoenix Knight assistance.)

What sort of assets does the family have?

One large bit of land where the branch family lives, It is more like a gated community with houses, courtyards, stables and the like. A considerably smaller estate is quite far away on the other side of Eversong. This estate Houses Jidaeo II and his immediate family. There is also a Harbor for Zariel's ship, The Phoenix Dawn[2] and the Zeppelin[3] given to Jidaeo II by his father the XII. They have an Inn created during the reign of the Four Novae, called The Four Suns Inn[4]. They still maintain a few tailoring shops and Jewelry shops. They have an organization known as The Light of Nova, which acts as a hub that the Nova can command from. Composed of advisers, and different 'divisions' bring together information and handle different responsibilities. For example one such division focuses on Public relations and image. The War Division handles protection of the grounds, and civil disputes or contracts hired of the family.

The Royal Guard of exceptional members, protecting primarily the Nova, and deploy-able on high risk missions are known as the Phoenix Knights[5]. This group is much smaller in number but highly trained. This is currently lead by Jidaeo Novalight III.

What is the family known for?

The family's gaudy persona and smug members. The Novalights despite their philanthropy would be suspected by keen eyes of society of aforementioned crimes but no traces have been drawn to the family. The exploits[6] of their progenitor Jidaeo Novalight I have been told. As well as some of the exploits[7] of Jidaeo Novalight II and his family. Also a public family feud[8] between house Seregon and the Novalights went on for quite some time. The current Nova was put on trial[9] for murder but wasn't convicted. Also there was a banquet called The Requiem of Remembrance held in memory of those lost in the War against the Lich King. This was attacked and became later known as The Sholazar Massacre[10]. They also have quite a few members of the House that are Death Knights. Rumors are that the House is a bit cursed for their deeds of the past. Ever since Zariel's leadership, the family has done more for the community than it has in many hundreds of years.

How old is the family?

House Silverstar predates the change, but the family became known as House Novalight at -5,999. Novalight Timeline[11]

House Allies

Is the family open for members to join?

Yes, contact ThePharaoh on the forums.