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Player: imagenashyun

Character Full Name: Jyovani Baetolo'meaeio Sunfire

Character In-Game Name: Jyovani

Nickname(s): 'Jyo'. Mask names are: Aenjelo Sundagger (Blood Elf), Brother Fernan Santiago (Human), Jun’bato Fangblade (Orc), Fortissimo Clamormaker (Gnome), Jacomo Ironstove (Dwarf), Rafaelo Guarini (Undead), Leo’fon (Troll), Tiodoor (Draenei), Peytro Leafwind (Night Elf), Verdo Riverhoof (Tauren)

Association(s): Silvermoon, Frozen Eye/House Sunfire, House Silverfang; Silvermoon Army (former), Scryers (former)

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Noble; Spellbreaker

Age: 123

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, wavy mocha brown.

Eyes: Green. Due to damage in one eye when he was very young, his right eye is dimmer than the left.

Weight: 135 lbs

Height: 5'6"


Jyovani, when as himself, often wears large fancy robes that hide his general figure. Perpetually slung over his shoulder is a bag of masks, one for each known Horde and Alliance race prior to the Shattering. Should he decide to switch to one of his fabricated personas, he would don a constructed racial mask; rarely he accompanies the mask with an appropriate costume, however (as that would require an entire wardrobe).

The only mask of his with readily available garb, mannerisms, and props is that of his spellbreaker persona, Aenjelo. When he is Aenjelo, at minimal, he would be wearing a spelllbreaker helm with a white domino mask attached over where the eyes would be; if deciding on the full garb, then he would don full spellbreaker uniform, complete with shield and glaive.

Other: Jyovani's name is pronounced "Jee-oh-VAHN-ee".


Alignment: True Neutral

At first glance, Jyovani tends to come off as fairly eccentric at best or sick in the head at worst. Truth to be told, Jyovani is more than just shy--he’s outright terrified of people. Extremely avoidant and fearful of the judgement of others, Jyovani has debilitatingly low self-esteem and little trust in himself as a person, often viewing himself as weak, pathetic, and incompetent. As a result, he tends to be dependent on wearing different racial masks when meeting with other people, especially if the other person is not a blood elf.

Regardless of what mask Jyovani wears, none are presented as a split personality. Rather, they are merely channels in which Jyovani would consciously project his thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions without fear of retaliation or coming off as vulnerable. Thus, each mask is given a fabricated persona that best matches the emotions and thoughts usually associated with the respective personalities. If he felt he needed to criticize someone sharply, he’d don the gnome mask; if he wanted to be friendly, he’d be a tauren; wanted to cheer a sorrowful person, he’d be a draenei; if to be playful, a troll.

Of all the masks, the one closest to his “true” thoughts and emotions is that of the Spellbreaker’s: the Blood Elf Mask, Aenjelo Sundagger. Through Aenjelo, Jyovani channels his hatred, anger, harshness, and bitterness, especially towards anything that contributed to the sin’dorei’s misery in the past. As Aenjelo, Jyovani shows no fear in being abrasive, blunt, and aggressive--a stark contrast to his meek and sheepish demeanor.

Jyovani’s true personality, though, can be picked up by simple observations and deductions, even with the masks. Regardless of what persona he is adopting at the moment, Jyovani is fairly demure, polite, and eloquent. He would always address even close acquaintances with honorifics; always avoid speaking out of place or turn; always be mindful of posture, poise, and distance when addressing others; and always be extremely aware and attentive to how his “audience” acts and reacts to him so that he may behave appropriately. Even when he is being honest with himself, Jyovani is, first and foremost, an nobleman actor, and a person second.


Jyovani was born to Lady Reigen, one of seven children born to the House of Sunfire. From day one, he was something of a shy and avoidant one; he was well aware that he was being watched as a future lord and heir to the Sunfire name. Despite the distance Jyo had between himself and his parents, the boy was raised to represent the House as a proper noble; thus, he was pushed to academics and scholarly pursuits. For the most part, Jyovani had little to no interests in the arcane, only taking in magic as needed. History, science, and mathematics were indulged simply to pass the courses for his tutors; what did grasp his interests, instead, were the arts. Before he even reached adolescence, Jyovani was flooding his chambers with books, tablets, and scrolls full of stories, plays, and tales. He’d fill his head with fantasy, enthralled with the lives of many heroes, villains, and their supporting casts. At one point, he even created his own play, with his own masks with their own names and personalities. Sadly, the masks made were that of mixed groups; among the elven masks were that of dwarves, humans, and trolls. The reception was less than warm by the most purist of the household, especially by his mother. Feeling rather ashamed, Jyovani withdrew from his indulgence in foreign arts and went back to those belonging to the high elves.

By the time he was an adult, Jyovani would make his first attempts at performing in theater. Despite his years of studying and practice, he hasn’t made any good enough impressions to rise to the level of fame and acceptance more experienced elves have attained. After many more attempts at finding work, Jyovani was becoming discouraged at his ability to make a name for himself. A humiliating attempt at theater work was made in Dalaran where he took the role of a human as an attempt to showcase his versatility. While the attempt worked, he was otherwise mocked and viewed and desperate among elven peers. Before any real theatrical career was obtained, Jyovani stepped away from in fear he could carry the mockery to his family name.

Years would pass, and Jyovani hadn’t done anything productive; theater was just a dream. After some contemplation and observations of soldiers in the royal army, Jyovani decided to take on the role of one of the characters he created in childhood: the role of the Spellbreaker, a specific combat style based on the fact that Jyovani couldn’t wield spells well at all. With blessings from his family, Jyovani left the Sunfire estate to train. Expectedly, the young actor was approached with mockery--after all, Jyovani had no prior experience with combat beyond the prop swords he wielded as his spellbreaker character, Aenjelo. Truly hoping he can find a way in life to succeed, Jyovani takes on Aenjelo’s confidence and hardiness to follow through the training of the soldier. After serving in the Sunstrider army for years, Jyovani would eventually come home and make his family proud as a spellbreaker.

Jyovani wasn’t a spellbreaker very long when the Scourge rushed through Quel’thalas. As he was stationed there, Jyovani fought as bravely as he could, though he was gravely wounded and forced to flee and hide in Sunstrider Isle. As Quel’thalas burned, Jyovani would relive the lives of his people mercilessly taken by the undead by the thousands right before his very eyes. His time recovering in Sunstrider would seem to last an eternity until Prince Kael’thas arrived to gather the survivors. Fully knowing it was his duty to serve his Prince, Jyovani left to follow Kael’thas as soon as his physical wounds have recovered--though not his mind or soul. From there, he and the other surviving spellbreakers assisted their Prince as they formed an alliance with Grand Marshal Garithos to fight against the Scourge. Jyovani followed the troops all over--through Silverpine and Pyrewood to Dalaran, where he and his brethren were eventually thrown into Violet Hold for the elves taking the assistance from the naga. Though he and the elves weren’t there long, Jyovani was already falling into despair. He thought of home, of his family, of what he saw in Quel’thalas, and if he could have stayed in the estate or in Sunstrider Isle. By the time the blood elves were broken out of the Hold by the Prince and the naga, Jyovani was slowly becoming a shell of who he once was. With nowhere left to go or stay, Jyovani assisted the Prince as he and the others left for Outland.

The young spellbreaker followed his Prince through and through, hoping, wishing, and praying that survival and hope would come to his people. He’d had long been absorbing fel rather than just the arcane, not at all taking to mind the monstrosity he was becoming. As the years went by, Jyovani would fight for Kael’thas, with his people’s future and his family’s safety keeping him going. As he was no longer the delicate, coddled actor he was known to be at home, he made no attempts to return home during the years he was there. As he followed the troops, he felt himself succumbing to a strange sort of waking slumber, a pattern in which daily rituals involved defending the troops and pushing forward against the demons that laid across Outland. He would not awaken, however, once the orders to decimate Kirin’var was given to his troop--the move was pointless, and he knew it. Nevertheless, Jyovani obeyed, and not long after, her would also assist in the storming of Tempest Keep. More and more the young soldier would question his leader’s judgement as he is sent to assist the invasion as draenei are slaughtered and a naaru captured. The remnants of Jyovani’s fealty to Kael’thas Sunstrider were finally broken when the orders to destroy Shattrath were given to the troops. As the army there defected with the Seer, Jyovani made no resistance and did the same. By this point, the awakening did nothing to reconnect him to reality, but rather, keep him detached--the Prince and his nobleness are gone, and so, Jyovani would be as well. The Scryers were formed, and Jyovani remained among them as the Prince whom he followed fell deeper into insanity.

As the efforts against the demonic armies gathered and pushed forward by both the Horde and the Alliance, Jyovani temporarily resigned from battle to recover from his time serving Kael’thas. He stayed in Shattrath, assisting what was needed at the Seer’s library as well as providing care for the wounded and fatigued. The books that filled the library’s shelves would remind the semi-retired spellbreaker of home, especially his mother. As soon as the wars were over, Jyovani hastened back home. By the time he arrived, however, tragic news were what welcomed him back--his mother had gone missing, and the estate in general was in disarray. Fearful of what may have had happened to her, Jyovani tracked to where Lady Reigen was last seen, eventually making his way to the Argent Dawn grounds. There, he learned the fate of his mother, not realizing the truth of her fate in the necropolis approaching Light’s Hope Chapel. Jyovani departed the grounds before it would be attacked by the Scourge, not even sticking around to witness the flight of the Lich King and the formation of the Argent Crusade.

Jyovani presented the news of his mother’s death to the estate, thus beginning the family’s struggle in keeping the home together. Rather than join the efforts against the Lich King--the one responsible for what Jyovani had become--Jyovani opted to stay at home in hopes to assist the family. Unfortunately for him, the young elf wasn’t all too money savvy, and despite having left Outland, the memories of the Lich King’s destruction of Quel’thalas and Prince Kael’thas’ usurpation of Outland would block any semblance of sound judgement in money-related decision making. He would eventually stop trying to manage the estate’s finances as rival lords would harass and overwhelm the grieving children. Thankfully, a miracle would happen: Lady Reigen did return home… albeit as a Death Knight, freed from the Lich King’s bondage.

Despite not having fought in battle since the defection at Shattrath, Jyovani was, undeniably, a wreck. The opportunity to get back at the Lich King was missed in favor of trying to keep his home together. In actuality, Jyovani was too disconnected with reality to make any kind of success in defending his home from greedy predators aiming for the Sunfire properties. With Prince Arthas’ defeat handed to him by other armies and adventurers, Jyovani couldn’t attain his own sense of closure by being directly involved. As Reigen and House Sunfire worked to restore the estate, Jyovani holed himself in his chambers, basically hiding from the world. Days would pass… weeks…. months. The young elf attempted to return what made him happy before--theater and performance arts. He refined the masks he made before becoming a soldier, even the ones of races he grew to hate during his years of combat. Jyovani needed a proper outlet, a coping method. The masks’ personalities developed to the point that they were their own people, free of constructed roles within a story. In an attempt to reconnect with the world around him, Jyovani would “separate” himself into different people in his mind: Jyovani was simply an actor and the son of a noble house while “Aenjelo” was the spellbreaker who went to Outland and served Kael’thas before defecting and joining the Scryers. Other masks, such as Jun’bato the Orc, Jacomo the Dwarf, and Leo’fon the Troll, would be used to project his thoughts and feelings in other ways, hoping to come off as eccentric rather than troubled. By far, this would not make him any consistent friends, though Jyovani didn’t care: trying to keep himself from breaking entirely was more important.

As the Shattering would occur, Jyovani was mostly safe as he was at home at the time it occurred. Hearing that the world has largely changed, the young actor decided to make this an opportunity to start anew. His soul was still rather fragmented, however, and he still copes with people through his masks. He would eventually return to theater, thanks to Zeein Silverfang, whose relations were recently revealed to him. Though Jyovani was thoroughly grateful, the struggle to reconnect with people would be a continuous one.

Hopefully he’ll find his way through.

Skills and Abilities

Due to his upbringing, Jyovani is well versed in academics, especially regarding the performing arts. Though he has not necessarily mastered all domains, Jyovani is capable of music, song and dance as well as acting--especially if his role involves a combination of these. His strength lies primarily in theater and character acting, and he is versatile enough to adopt personas of other races. He can emulate accents, cultural schemas, and other poises and behaviors, though with mixed success (he tends to struggle with trolls, and his troll character, Leo’fon, is considered the most difficult to perform as).

Although Jyovani has been avoiding combat in the battlefield the past couple years, he still occasionally spars and fights; when he does, he displays the skills of the spellbreaker (“Aenjelo”). Though he never took up in-depth lessons in the arcane, Jyovani is well-versed in spells capable of cancelling, silencing, or breaking others out. Beyond spellbreaking, Jyovani’s skills as a warrior are fairly standard; he is adept with both one-handed and two-handed swords, though he often has a preference to the sword and shield.