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Faelara with Bah'to and Chomp

Player: Erynn

Character Full Name: Faelara Sunsong

Character In-Game Name: Faelara

Nickname(s): Fae

Association(s): Silvermoon, Argent Crusade

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Hunter (Noble)

Skills and Abilities: She has -quite- the knowledge of beasts, and is known to be very good with them. Her skills with ranged weapons also seems to be quite well.

Age: 128

Sex: Female

Hair: Light-Red

Eyes: Light Fel-Green

Scale/Height: 0.86


Usual Garments/Armor: She's mainly seen in a dress these days. She is also always seen with a rather beautiful gold necklace, which drops down into her bosom. At the bottom of it is a ruby that seems to almost look like it has a living flame at it's center.


A woman known for her big heart, Faelara has grown into the motherly role over the recent years. She's now the kind of person that would have great pleasure in assisting with someone that seemed to be in a distressed state, or would go out of their way to help someone. Race wasn't something she particularly cared for either, as long as they meant her no ill will she is relatively fine with anyone, and will always go that extra length to try and befriend them. Unlike her earlier years, she can operate surprisingly well in stressful situations. She also seems to have a bit of a cheery aura about her, it's very rare to see her without a smile on her face. To her, family and friends are everything.

Alignment: Neutral Good


The youngest of seven. This is what Faelara was known as in the Sunsong family after she was born. She was also known as the strangest one as well, mostly because she grew to be different than everyone else she lived with. Where they all got tall, she stayed short. It appeared that she had gotten a rare sickness from her family that cut off her growth at a certain point. She was one of the lucky ones to be born into a rather large noble house, but she wasn't one of those that you would pick out to be a noble. Her way of acting was very non-noble like, but it wasn't rebellious in the slightest.

At a young age, she began her studies and training to be ranger, but something felt off about it to her. It was true that she had the natural skill and potential for it, but this was all shoved aside as she learned of beast taming and having a companion in general. The first beast she was able to tame was a small lynx cub she named Thuras. Being in her late nineties when she finally tamed him, this helped her get a good grip on responsibility. They grew together ever since, and it had gotten to the point where it was almost as if they could read each other's mind. Thuras would always accompany her in tasks, and even fought with her whenever she were to be forced to defend herself. One thing she was never too keen on doing was killing. She could hurt, cripple, and even trap her foes, but she never did want to kill them herself. Thuras was able to fulfill that part for her however, and this only made them -that- much better as a team.

Through her years in Quel'thalas, she formed strong bonds with her family, and they in return returned the love she gave with love of their own. All but her eldest brother, Faelion. She had learned he was given away at birth because of financial problems and was thought to have been given a better life, which was everything he -didn't- have. Upon hearing this from him, Faelara tried her hardest to get close to him, to no avail. He pushed his biological family away, but this only worked to strengthen Faelara's efforts.

The day the Scourge attacked was the worst day of Faelara's life, everything that she could lose was almost lost on this day. With Thuras at her side and her orders from her father to get out of the city, Faelara set out for one thing, Faelion. He had to know, and she wanted to be -certain- he knew, as she knew what state he was in at this time. Her heart was heavy as she saw him and she could tell from the look of him how depressed he was, how low he was at this time. This only made her wish he would live even more, she wanted to help fix this in him. She told him of the Scourge attacking, and immediately left afterwards. Faelara and Thuras met up with her other brother, Relian, near the edge of the city. They were almost out of the city, but there was one thing that came to ruin this for them. High-pitched screeching came from above as stony monstrosities came down upon Relian, the poor elf being torn apart before Faelara's eyes. She merely sat stunned as she watched one of her beloved siblings die before her in such a terrible way, and the same was not far off of happening to her. They quickly turned to her, but there was one obstacle in their way, the massive lynx that Thuras had grown into over the years. She didn't want to believe it, but she knew she had to take this chance to leave, and she knew it was going to cost her another one of those dear to her. Tears burning her eyes, Faelara pushed herself up and left, only the sound of burning buildings and gargoyle screeches filling her ears as she took off. There was a piercing roar from behind her, and she knew that Thuras had just fallen to the gargoyles. To her horror she was blocked off by one of the stray gargoyles, and it was this gargoyle that had managed to attack her. It's claws scratched at her face until it had finally gotten to her eyes...

Everything went black for her, but she wasn't dead yet. She fell to the ground and screamed until she eventually passed out from everything that had happened. She awoke two days after in a tent, her eyes had been healed but the sight remained lost. In a way, she had gotten lucky to get out with her life and only minor damage to the rest of her, but this didn't stop the depression that set in soon after she realized her family, friends, and Thuras were all gone. Many times she debated to finish it there, simply give up and join them in the afterlife. There was something that kept her going, however, and she did just that. She spent years getting used to having no sight, and eventually got somewhat adept at moving.

She found herself in Ratchet at some time, at the time she didn't know she'd been fooled into being left there, but she somehow survived there. The goblins there seemed to like her quite well, rather than exploiting her, they helped her here and there. It was many months before she ended up in the Stormshade Clan, whom took care of her for a long time following. They had first been in Ashenvale, where the impossible happened. Her brother Faelion had shown up. Faelara happened to be quite different when it came to elves, so there wasn't a question if it was her or not, rather -how- it was her, and why she was here. The news of her brother still living brought a happiness to her that she hadn't felt in a very long time, and this helped to break away a bit of that depression she masked with her smiles and seemingly cheerful attitude.

After many months the clan found themselves in Mulgore, where one of the members helped her navigate into the wild. What they found was something unexpected in Mulgore of all places. Before them was a worg, but not just -any- worg, but one of those mainly found in Northrend. What they hadn't known about this worg is that his old owner had succumbed to his sickness prior to him running into them. The poor worg, which didn't seem to be -too- old, had wandered the plains carefully, simply trying to find a new way to live. Using what she learned long before, as well as her natural experience with beasts, she was able to befriend him. The name she gave him was Bah'to, a name she remembered her father mentioning before. One could say that meeting Bah'to was the best thing that could have happened to the poor woman, as everything about her personality changed from half faked to completely real. She was -much- happier, and talked more. Bah'to was a bit iffy with anyone new, but ultimately protected her to the best of his ability.

It wasn't much later that her brother left at random, and this seemed to hit her in a bad way. She was saddened, but she felt she too should leave and go out with Bah'to, going where they could go. She traveled for a long time, meeting people left and right. Her ability to befriend people really shined in this time, and she had even found herself someone that could help her with one of the problems she had been struggling with through the many years that had followed after the invasion. The said individual only wished one thing, her help. She agreed without any doubts at all, and after assisting with what she was asked to do, to the best of her ability, her eyesight was restored. It was after this individual helped her that she had turned to helping the Argent Crusade in what way she could after getting used to seeing again. Though she lost her nobility in the past, she was recently connected with a part of the Sunsong family she didn't know existed. With this new chance at nobility, she'd be granted more money than she herself knew what to do with, as well as adoration from the lower class.