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Player: Scout

Character Full Name: Sylineri Dawnflame

Character In-Game Name: Sylineri

Nickname(s): Syl, Syli, “Silly”

Association(s): N/A

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Mage

Skills and Abilities: Mainly fire magic, but also some illusions, teleportation, invisibility and enchantments.

Age: 43

Sex: Female

Hair: Red; long and slightly unkempt, but mostly straight.

Eyes: Fel green.

Weight: 146 lb.

Height: 5’ 9”


Usual Garments/Armor: Typically, reasonably tight clothing ideal for movement. Most of her clothing is of average or worse quality, and tends to be worn from constant use.

Other: She carries a non-magical quarterstaff and a leather bag with her. She possesses various props for dancing, including torches, fire fans, fire poi and a fire whip. She otherwise has very little material wealth, and hardly any money—just the essentials she needs to live.


Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Sylineri is light-hearted, friendly and compassionate. She’s flamboyant and outgoing, and isn’t afraid to present herself to others and insert herself into conversations, even if she doesn’t know any of the people involved. She can sometimes come across as naïve, but she is typically acutely aware of what actions she is taking, and the consequences thereof. However, her desire to help others and make them feel happy has gotten her into serious trouble before. Despite this, she maintains a positive outlook whenever possible, sometimes even ignoring glaring flaws in people’s character to see their better qualities.


Sylineri was born to a couple of mages in Silvermoon from a noble family. She was brought up in high society, expected to follow etiquette, but she didn’t enjoy the stifling nature of noble life. When she was younger, she had more reign of freedom, but as she grew older, more and more her desires conflicted with what was demanded of her. Despite this, her parents had high hopes for her as a magistrix.

When Sylineri was eighteen, her parents sent her to Dalaran to learn from the wizards there, so that she could obtain accreditation from the Kirin Tor. She served as an apprentice at the mage academy there, learning the basics of arcane magic, but she had trouble with the concepts and fine points of arcane spellcasting. She repeatedly found herself frustrated with the classes and her mentor, and repeatedly felt nervous and out of her element. The stress built up quickly, and she became more and more secluded.

Only a year later, Sylineri ran away from Dalaran, stealing away in the night. She had no goals or plan, but the city had made her miserable, and all she knew was that she needed to get away. She was ill-prepared for the road, but as luck would have it, she very quickly stumbled across a troupe of travelling performers. Still clad in her apprentice robes, she begged them to let her stay with them. The performers had no qualms with allowing the young elf to travel with them.

Sylineri found performing fascinating, and it wasn’t long before she asked the maestro of the troupe to teach her how to perform with them. Performing took to her much more easily than the wizardly magic of the Kirin Tor, though she found that she learned more magic over time as she experimented with it. She learned all sorts of performance arts from her new companions, including acting, storytelling, dances and singing. She took best to dancing and singing, but particularly enjoyed performing with fire. Her magic took a similar form as well, more and more fire spells revealing themselves to her. She loosened and opened up during this time, not so pressured and stressed as she had been before.

Sylineri remained with the troupe until the Third War, when the Scourge invaded Lordaeron. Many members of the troupe fell to the undead masses, but Sylineri, the maestro, and several others managed to escape. Sylineri had never been taught how to fight, even if she knew the magic required for it, so she was unable to do more than watch as her friends were killed by the Scourge, paralyzed by fear. They ran to the Hillsbrad Foothills, and once they were safely in Southshore, the maestro disbanded the troupe. With so many of his friends dead, many of them people he had watched grow up, and also in his old age, he decided that it would be best to retire, rather than start anew.

Sylineri wandered on her own after the Third War, playing for money where she could, and spending most of it on mana potions to stave off the arcane addiction. It wasn’t long before that became infeasible as well, however, as tension mounted against the high elves and they were slowly rounded up. Sylineri joined up with a party of refugee blood elves that attempted to run from Garithos’s thugs, but in the end, they were ultimately captured, and she with them.

After Kael and the rest of the blood elves escaped from their prison, Sylineri went with the remaining blood elves to Silvermoon as they rebuilt it. She couldn’t stay put, however, as she had grown accustomed to the wandering she had done for so long. As soon as she was able, she started wandering again, first in Quel’thalas, and then beyond in the rest of Azeroth, looking for more people to share her dances and songs with.