House Silverfang

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Family Structure

Head of House: Leron Silverfang

Heir of House: Kyran Silverfang

Family Members:

Deceased Family Members

  • Volus Silverfang – Leron's and Zeein's youngest brother.
  • Ryidel Silverfang – Xaidan's and Ruibarra's father. Lenorius's older brother.
  • Xelena Silverfang – Ruibarra's younger sister.

House Structure

House Alliances:

Advisers Belania

Militia Command



House Trades

House Silverfang is a prominent producer of:

  • Fine Jewelry
  • Refined metals
  • Weaponry

Their cultural contributions extend into:

  • Literature
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Paintings
  • Militant training


With the rebuilding of their noble status, they did not hold back in reacquiring multiple assets. The most prominent is their manor, located on the Isle of Quel'Danas. It is complete with stables, a small training ground, and plenty of artistic resources. A smaller home is owned within Silvermoon as well as an office that serves as a trading hub between the family and others. They own and operate their own militia that serves as an extension to the Blood Elf army in times of need. To support this militia, they own a large training ground in Eversong Woods and a smaller ground in Grizzly Hills. The last or their assets is the Opera Hall owned and operated by Leron himself in Silvermoon.

House History

The Silverfangs lasted for generations prior to the Scourge invasion that crushed their numbers, prospering as merchants of fine jewelry. The oldest “living” Silverfang is Lenorius at age 726 years, even though he has never once acted as head of the family. His older brother Ryidel was head of the family, leaving Xaiden as his heir. The shift in power occurred with the Scourge invasion, killing Ryidel as well as multiple members of the family. Xaiden, who cowered in the attack, was dishonored and stripped of his title as heir. Ruibarra became head of the family after the Invasion.

After the Invasion, Leron left for Northrend to fight and refine his combat skills. Ruibarra focused on establishing an army for their own defenses, naming them the “Blades of the Silverfang”. Not long into his venture into Northrend, Leron returned home badly injured and focused primarily on the diplomatic side of the family. He strengthened alliances with other noble houses and did what he could to increase revenue until he was fully recovered. Ruibarra in time stepped down as leader to do his own soul searching, passing on the lead to Leron.

(Timeline coming soon)

OOC notes

Is this house open for membership? Yes, but family members are limited. Adopted children are welcome for Leron and Salor. PM me on the forums or ask for my Skype contact.