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Call me "Immy".

I'm a Gamemaster at the forums. I often hold events at a near monthly basis and lead two guilds: <The Love Exchange>, which is my vehicle for casual and storyline social RP, and <The Cenarion Circle>, with limited availability for non-druids. In my life outside the server, I'm a psychology student at a California State University with a Bachelor's Degree, and I work in two jobs: as a care provider for a special needs facility, and as an ESL and English teacher for grade school and high school students. Due to school, work, and family life in general, my RP availability tends to be during some afternoons and usually the late hours of the night Server time.

When I am unable to get in-game, I also do RP via Skype. I recommend Skype RP for players who wish to RP with me during hours I am cannot log into WoW.

As a GM

My strengths as a GM lie predominantly on community relations, character consultation and advice (independent of lore), and event and story management and coordination. Despite my limited hours, I am always available to help players in Skype for any needs players may have. I also do minor building and some roleplay advice regarding draenei, night elves, orcs, tauren, gnomes, priests, rogues, shamans, and hunters.

I am, in addition to helping with lore, very strong with individual or group character development and story coordination. If you want to learn how to make your characters more engaging, how to break into a new archetype, or wish to overcome a major character flaw you cannot overcome, then I am your GM. As an experienced writer who has taken past courses in literature, I can assist you in developing character and story so that your RP experiences would be great.

If you speak English as a second language (ESL), I'm also a staff member you can come to regarding any flaws in your understanding of English. I am an ESL teacher and private tutor, so if you have a hard time regarding introductions or profiles, or just communication in the community, I can assist you directly.

As a Roleplayer

I am a writer first, artist second, and an RPer third. For this reason, I have a tendency to roll characters with a story --either as a backstory or in present-- rather than concepts or game models with a personality. I also have a tendency to roll at least two or three characters of the same concept or archetype when most players would prefer only one. I get very bored and even irritable if I focus on only one character at one, long period of time. The reason for this is because I have a wild imagination where satisfaction in character development is fulfilled in small, short, humble bursts through distributed numbers--in other words, I don't want 20 heroic traits in one character when I could just divide them in 5 of the same archetype. It's also for this reason why I have little problem circulating RP between my 15+ characters.

I consider myself a fairly humble RPer who tends to favor background or supporting side characters who can play as foils to other players' toons. In films and TV shows, my favorite characters are almost never the hero but his sidekicks or supporting team--thus, I tend to view my characters the same way (which is also why their numbers are so large and why I circulate between characters often). I tend to favor either a naive, inexperienced youth or a troubled middle-aged or elderly senior. My characters tend to start out on the weak or shy side to excuse character blunders OOC as well as to better mold the character to the world as I become more comfortable with them. They also tend to be straight men--I am predominantly a female-to-male crossplayer who finds the most RP fulfillment in playing across the spectrum of socially-identified masculinity while exploring romance.

My current main characters you'll often see me on in the server are: Kantado Starseer, my heroic Druid of the Claw bard.

Profiled Characters (Primary)

These are the characters who are most active and the ones you are most likely to see me on. They are specifically built to fit in almost any RP regardless of the races, classes, and locations involved.

Druid Buhayos, Keeper of the Grove[1]

Profiled Characters (Secondary)

They get plenty love and are active at times as well, but as of current, they are not involved in anything that would get them frequent enough RP. If you wish to RP with these characters, you must request them or provide me an opportunity to pull them from the bench.

Draenei maleMage Kapre (Outdated profile; awaiting rewrite)

Orc maleShaman Mahen'tosh Blindthunder

nightelf maleDruid Kantado Starseer

worgen maleHunter Lord Willelm-Anthony Salsborough

Draenei femalePriest Diwaata (Outdated profile; awaiting rewrite)

goblin femaleRogue Imagen Ashyunixx

Bloodelf maleWarlock Urameil Sol'burnne (Outdated profile; awaiting rewrite)

Bloodelf femaleMage Jami Al'Salma (Outdated profile; awaiting rewrite)

tauren maleHunter Tibalan of the Earthhand

undead maleRogue Arnaldo Gallo

human malePaladin Stefano Ricci (Outdated profile; awaiting rewrite)

human femaleWarrior Inspector Elsamina Hunter-Colemann

human malePaladin Lieutenant Kogan Randoff Hunter (Outdated profile; awaiting rewrite)

human malePriest Brother Kitson Rudoff Hunter

human malePriest Father Gunther Colemann (Outdated profile; awaiting rewrite)

Bloodelf maleWarrior Jyovani Baetolo'meaeio Sunfire (Outdated profile; awaiting rewrite)

worgen maleRogue Adrien-Rene Genet

orc maleWarlock Rets'nis

nightelf maleDruid Madahon Vinesong

draenei malePriest Anchorite Nytamuur

gnome femaleWarrior Sgt. Pulline Shockblast

Other Characters

These characters don't have profiles but stick around for any RP anyone wishes to have. They will obtain profiles if players like these characters enough for them to become mainstays.

draenei maleDeath Knight Polore

worgen maleDruid Henrick-Daniel Salsborough

Bloodelf femaleMage Anaka Pyreblade-Dawnsend

draenei maleHunter Taraak

troll femaleHunter Asul'na

dwarf maleShaman Emmir Thunderroc

orc maleWarrior Roekis

Retired/Semi-Retired/Text-Only Characters

Removed from my account. They can be rerolled upon request.

human maleRogue Dr. Geraldino "Dino" Galleani (Deceased)

Bloodelf maleRogue Jan'bastos Pyreblade (Deceased)

human femaleRogue Aimee Herzog (Retired)

human femaleRogue Haydee Herzog (Semi-retired)

bloodelf femaleHunter Imani Al'Salma (Retconned to be Imagen Ashyunixx)

human maleWarrior Parker Crews (Standby)

human femaleWarrior Mallory Appleflow (Standby)

Bloodelf malePriest Frascona Darkdawn (Standby; Text RP available)

human femaleRogue Belladonna Gallo (Deceased)

orc femaleWarlock Mana'gal Blindthunder (Standby; Text RP available)

human femaleMage Serena Adele (Retired; available as an NPC)

bloodelf maleRogue Carsynne Sunsong (Existence retconned)

bloodelf malePriest Saraphiel (Standby)

gnome maleMage Marti Seascholar (Deceased)

undead femalePriest Blanche Multo (Deceased)

nightelf maleDruid Awit Forestsong (Retconned to become Madahon Vinesong)

nightelf femalePriest Maganda Moondream (Existence retconned)

human femaleWarlock Georgetta Bisen (Retired)

bloodelf femalePriest Aereal Sunsong (Standby; Text RP available)

orc maleWarrior General Kat'ca Bloodscar (Retired)

draenei femalePriest Melodi (Standby; Text RP available)

draenei femalePriest Patisha (Standby; Text RP available)

gnome maleMage Morfo Skyscholar (Standby)

dwarf femaleWarrior Ravyn Seaforge (Standby)

human maleWarrior Nigel Sarunne (Existence retconned)

dwarf malePriest Ryano (Standby)

nightelf femalePriest Sunita Moondream (Standby; Text RP available)

dwarf malePriest Bundoc Lightsmith (Composite into one character with Lola)

dwarf femalePriest Lola Silverforge

troll maleMage Turata (Standby; Text RP available)


<The Love Exchange>: Dating, Marriage, and Family business. Vehicle for social RP and events with specialization in holidays and parties.

<The Cenarion Circle>: Lore druid guild with the players representing their own branch.

<The Red Glove>: Syndicate-like crime organization focused on slavery, assassination, war profiting, and other seedy activities. Story-bound. No longer available as a player guild.